How to identify a quack like Ramdev

Much unwarranted debate has been going on concerning and even evaluating the roles of allopathy and Ayurveda in general, and in the treatment of COVID-19 in particular.

At the outset I wish to put this argument to rest from a qualified medical practitioner’s viewpoint. Scientifically speaking no discipline in itself is superior to the other. The particular branch becomes relevant and prolific commensurate with its caring and nurturing. Saddened to acknowledge that the glorious science of Ayurveda has lagged miles behind Allopathy in the modern era. On top of it a few fraudulent profiteers to meet their own ends are exploiting and doing irreversible damage to this great discipline. Branches of medicine have common goals of achieving healthy lives and so are immensely synergistic rather than in rivalry as is being time and again projected for deplorable selfish agendas.

The present salvo stems from the over ambitions of a person who has been giving training of yoga to the masses. Yoga has been in India for centuries with its principles well laid down,and is being taught by many gurus at several centres; yet the credit for spreading it far and wide deservedly goes to him. Consequent to the large following greed took over and he runs a flourishing business house amassing wealth unknown to any previous ‘guru’. Any person is free to reap the benefits because of his stature and popularity and that should not raise many questions.

But the modus operandi of his work which involves abusing and raising questions on allopathy and medical professionals; suggesting people that allopathy is responsible for several death;and the allopathic professionals do not want the rise of Ayurveda are some aspects which are unpardonable when the country is grappling with the worst pandemic of the century. It does not require great thinking to decipher that all his activities are simply directed to promote his products and further swell his purse.

He also is very vociferous about the chronic ailments for which he says there is no permanent cure in allopathy such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, arthritis and the like. Again behind this is the desire to market his products for the same. Though fraught with danger, as an example let him be allowed to completely cure a few (or even one) diabetes type 1 patient which he often boasts of, under the watchful eye of an endocrinologist (lest the person lands in ketoacidosis) and his miracles will be there to be seen by one and all. The blood sugar levels and the permanent cure will be all to obvious. But remember these people are very shrewd and will dig escape tunnels first such as prolonged time needed, difficult case given etc etc..

As we all know, I’m just enumerating a few tell tale signs of a quack for any branch of medicine

The liking to treat mildly ill patients which have a great chance to recover on their own.

The preference for chronic ailments that linger on without any discernible outcome

To shy away from emergencies or serious patients which exposes them instantly.

Convincing that their treatment is 100% effective (shat pratishat) so that the gullible sufferers fall in their trap.

They also specialise in convincing that the treatment is long drawn out so that it gives ample time to milk them and escape early results.

They even put conditions of specific diets and restrictions which the patients is unlikely to hold on for long and hence they cannot be blamed.

These people could be best ignored but comprehending the potential risk to the society it perhaps becomes necessary to expose the deceitful tall claims. They have tarnished the image of Ayurveda much more than Allopathy if evaluated in the right perspective. It is the duty of the society, the entire medical fraternity across all disciplines of medicine and the establishment of the land that such ulterior motives are dealt with early before they reach Frankenstein’s proportions and challenge the entire system. Beware!!

Pradeep Singh @ 76

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