Ramdev gameplan

Corona is a virus infection of neo corona virus. The fact that it is new to human make it more lethal. The fact that it may not be natural and made in a Chinese laboratory from which it leaked makes it highly infectious. The fact that only 2 % of people infected with it die, made the infection into a pandemic. Consider Ebola infection. It was also air borne and highly transmissable. The fact that 50 % of those infected died quickly, made mass infection impossible as those infected carried the virus to their funeral pyre or graves.

The story of prognosis of corona can be simplified in to 80 % and 20 %. 80% of COVID patients do not require anything ; Neither Allopathy nor Ayurveda . So, whatever medications you treat these 80% with , it is bound to give you excellent results because these patients would recover anyways. Do anything or not. According to Ramdev, here was the perfect slot for his ayurvedic medicine, coronil. That’s plain fooling people or it is being used as placebo. The Allopathic drugs like Ivermectin, doxycycline, HCQ, Flavipiravir were tried out of desperation as emergency use utilisation at the beginning of pandemic, not after rigorous trial, but as more and more data showed the futility of these drugs, more and more of evidence-based practitioners have stopped utilising them. If it is still being used by some , it’s because of individual practitioners out of fear of being accused of not doing anything . You can hold the individual practitioner responsible but It’s not the fault of science itself.

About the rest 20% of covid patients. These are the patients who get serious and may require treatment. Out of the 20 % 10 % can be treated at home, using oxygen, antipyretics, vitamins etc.. The remaining 10 % need hospitalisation, and 2% of them will die from the complications of the disease, whatever you do or don’t do with the present armamentarium of drugs. How many of these patients whose blood oxygen goes down have been treated at Inpatient facilities at Ayurveda Hospitals? Why is that none of the Ayurvedic practitioners have setup ayurvedic hospitals?

So, what exactly is the game plan of Ramdev. Treat the millions of covid patients with a placebo or coronil, who account for the 80 % of cases. 100 % will recover. He will thereby get lots of accolades for his coronil or placebo. His revenue which are sinking now will improve. Send the rest of 20 % of cases for treatment to a modern medicine facility. Out of these 20 %, 10 % will need serious ICU care and 2 % will die. So Ramdeo will start shouting bloody murder on the head of the practitioners of modern medicine.

In the facilities of modern medicine, 80 % of patients who have been admitted to hospital have been cured. 20 % of those admitted have to ICUs might have died ; but that is our limit of what we can be done with the current medications we have to fight covid. Is Ramdev, and other Ayurveda-acharyas even willing to touch the remaining 20 % of serious covid patients. Here they conveniently either refer the patients to the modern medicine centres or use holistic care where modern medicine is being administered with coronil. Why?

Ramdev has a covid centre in Haridwar, which he calls holistic approach centre. Here modern medicines are being used, along with the placebo or coronil. So, the question that arises is. When Ramdev has a dedicated covid facility at his disposal at Haridwar, why is he changing colours and calling it holistic care. If he had enough confidence in Ayurveda, he would have been administering them only coronil and no other medications. It would have been a test for ayurvedic treatment of coronil. Are ayurvedic medicine being used in modern medical set ups. Then why vice a versa. Why is he promoting coronil as post vaccine drug. Simply because he knows that the vaccine will do the work and his coronil, being a placebo, will improve his revenue.

This game plan of Ramdev about caring for the diseases with good prognosis is not new. Once, one of our professors of Medicine developed malignant ascites. Modern medicine held no hope for him. He came to know of a practitioner of Ayurveda, in Dehradun, who dealt with malignancy. I was deputed to talk to him. I remember the conversation with him. He said that he only takes in cases of a particular type of blood cancer. The rest are conveniently referred to Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai. Which type of blood cancer did he treat! The one with the most favourable of prognosis anywhere. Nothing wrong in trying to treat within one’s own limitation. He is at liberty to choose and treat whatever cases he want to treat, or not to treat at all. The singularly crooked thing would have been had he later alleged that Tata Memorial has killed lacs of patient who went there. Or he had started using modern anti-cancer drugs along with his pills.

Ramdev is doing just that. He wants to do nothing worthwhile. Go for profits by selling a placebo, in cases of covid which has a self-limiting infection. Refer the others serious cases to modern medicine. Then start the blame game. That is being cunning and it may be a business maneuver but has nothing to do with science.

So, the modern medical practitioners are fighting his statement, that lac of the people have been killed by the allopathy and it is a failed science, his cunning deception and the blame game he has heaped on modern medicine.

Not Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unnani, Siddhi, placebo therapy or Slap therapy. Why should we? If it helps you, go for it.

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