Today is death anniversary of Henry Gray, father of Anatomy, surgeon, who was born in year 1827.
He was an English anatomist, a product of St. George’s Hospital medical school. At age 25 he had been elected Fellow of Royal Society, at age 28 wrote the famous comprehensive anatomy book having 750 pages and 363 figures.
Gray and his friend Henry Vandyke Carter did dissections on human bodies and organs for 18 months before writing the book where the illustrations are from Vandyke.
In1861 Henry Grey was engaged but died of small pox before his marriage a disease he got from his nephew whom he had nursed. His nephew survived but he succumbed to the illness at a young age of 34.
Let us remember and appreciate his contribution to the study of The Human Body! The day he died, he was supposed to appear before the selection board of St
George Hospital for appointment to post of Assistant Surgeon.

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