The press has gone hammer and tong aginst doctors.The basic
assumption is the erroneous guideline of MCI which states
that the Doctors must as far as possible write only generic
brands,.Technically all the medicines in india or most of
them are generic as they are not made by patent holders and
are therefore cheap.Still some of them are manufactured or
marketed by reputed companies and are worthy of trust and
are widely used in India and abroad.So let us call them
generic branded drugs as opposed to the generic ones who
have poor marketing like those made by the now defunct IDPL
or drug companies who supplymostly to the government

The public must be made to understand that the question or
the crux of the matter between generic and branded generic
and real branded medicines is bioavailability and hence
efficacy of the drug

Going by the analogy of ammir khan there is no difference
between lagaan and himmatwala ,and no difference between aaj
tak or doordarshan.But there is a difference both real and

The suspicion arises as to who may be backing these sting
operations and the mci regulations.A bogey of generic
manufactures who want to capture the private sector pie.

The pharma sector better take note of it and organise media
events to project its view point before it is too late.

The doctors have little to loose except their gifts.The
phrma companies will loose all the business if generic
becomes the rule.

The misguided MCI guide line about generic must also be


English: Generic Propecia 1mg tablets (Micro L...

English: Generic Propecia 1mg tablets (Micro Labs, India) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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