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error of judgement

Supreme Court held that an error of judgement is not amount to Criminal Negligence. Huge relief for doctors as Supreme Court quashed criminal case registered against doctor on the allegations of negligence. Summarty In a very recent judgement pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 6 April 2014 in Criminal Appeal No. 636 of […]

 how the brain really works.

Published: February 2014 Picture of the human brain, top view Secrets of the Brain New technologies are shedding light on biology’s greatest unsolved mystery: By Carl Zimmer Photograph by Robert Clark Van Wedeen strokes his half-gray beard and leans toward his computer screen, scrolling through a cascade of files. We’re sitting in a windowless library, […]

बेयर फुटेड डॉक्टर-एक व्यंग

———————– रोज रोज मीडिया की दुत्कार ,कि डॉक्टर पेशेवर हो गये हैं! सरकार द्वारा डॉक्टर्स पर लगाम लगाने के सतत प्रयासों और नये नये कानूनों के कारण ,मेरा भी ह्रदय परिवर्तन हुआ और अपराध बोध से ग्रसित हो मेरे मन का विरेचन हुआ। मुझे हमारे पूर्वज चिकित्सकों ,चरक ,धन्वन्तरी और सुश्रुत की याद आने लगी! […]

Placebo effect is real

  by Benika Pinch figures by Kaitlyn Choi If you watched the Rio Olympics, you probably noticed that several athletes, including swimmer Michael Phelps, were covered in bizarre circular marks. These bruises were caused by cupping, a therapy that uses suction to pull skin upwards into a circular cup, with the intent of increasing blood […]

Behavioural conditioning as the mediator of placebo responses in the immune system

Sabine Vits, Elvir Cesko, […], and Manfred Schedlowski Additional article information ABSTRACT Current placebo research postulates that conditioning processes are one of the major mechanisms of the placebo response. Behaviourally conditioned changes in peripheral immune functions have been demonstrated in experimental animals, healthy subjects and patients. The physiological mechanisms responsible for this ‘learned immune response’ […]


The nocebo effect is when a negative expectation of a phenomenon causes it to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would. A nocebo effect causes the perception that the phenomenon will have a negative outcome to actively influence the result.[1][2] Mental states such as beliefs, expectations and anticipation can strongly influence the outcome […]