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Worse than Death

(C) Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Doctor, I have started to die. Can you help me somehow?” he asked, calmly. In his late twenties, a handsome young man, well dressed, but with a certain painful gloom upon his face that was a mismatch to an overall nice and clean appearance. What could this be? I started thinking, […]

Treating Headaches in Psychiatry

We know that headaches are common in the general population, but they are particularly common among patients with psychiatric problems. According to one review, (Pompili M et al., J Headache Pain 2009; 10(4):283-290) patients with depression have a 46% lifetime prevalence of migraine, while bipolar patients have a 51% prevalence. Patients with migraines have triple […]

What is unethical…

After GBM I realised.. everyone is unhappy..  Physicians are unhappy about Surgeons treating DM, HT, thyroid diseses themselves .. Surgeons are unhappy about Physicians developing Medical ICUs and treating surgical diseases.. Gynacs are as such frustrated with PCPNDT and cutthroat competition, surgeons doing hysterectomies.. Opthalmologists are frustrated with optimetrists and Free NGO cataract camps… Radiologists […]

Retail margin on generic drugs may be as high as 1,000%, claims study

Pharmaceuticals By Durgesh N. Jha, TNN | Updated: Apr 19, 2017, 09.13 AM IST Ironically , India is one of the world’s largest exporters of generic drugs. If you think doctors prefer to prescribe expensive drugs when cheaper options are available, you are only partly right. A study in Indian Journal of Pharmacology found that […]