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What Happens When Parents Are Rude in the Hospital

FEBRUARY 27, 2017 The Checkup By PERRI KLASS, M.D. The neonatal intensive care unit is a place full of tiny, vulnerable and critically ill infants; fearful and anxious parents; and busy doctors and nurses working to save lives. But if a parent of a sick baby says something rude to the medical staff, the quality […]

Rude doctors

The Checkup By PERRI KLASS, M.D. Just how much rudeness is there in the hospital, and who bears the brunt of it? A few weeks ago I wrote about a study that looked at what happens to medical teams when parents are rude to doctors. In these studies of simulated patient emergencies, doctors and nurses […]

Dopamine system 

Dopamine (DA, contracted from 3,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine) is an organic chemical of the catecholamine and phenethylamine families that plays several important roles in the brain and body. It is an amine synthesized by removing a carboxyl group from a molecule of its precursor chemical L-DOPA, which is synthesized in the brain and kidneys. Dopamine is also synthesized […]


Effects of cholecystokinin on the gastrointestinal tract. Cholecystokinin is secreted by I-cells in the small intestine and induces contraction of the gall bladder, relaxes the sphincter of Oddi, reduces of gastric acid secretion, increases bile acid production in the liver, delays gastric emptying, and induces digestive enzyme production in the pancreas. Cholecystokinin (CCK or CCK-PZ; […]


Group of physiologically active lipid compounds E1 – Alprostadil I2 – Prostacyclin The prostaglandins (PG) are a group of physiologically active lipid compounds having diverse hormone-like effects in animals. Prostaglandins have been found in almost every tissue in humans and other animals. They are derived enzymatically from fatty acids. Every prostaglandin contains 20 carbon atoms, […]

How does the opioid system control pain, reward and addictive behavior?

EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY      The opioid system controls pain, reward and addictive behaviors. Opioids exert their pharmacological actions through three opioid receptors, mu, delta and kappa whose genes have been cloned (Oprm, Oprd1 and Oprk1, respectively). Opioid receptors in the brain are activated by a family of endogenous peptides like enkephalins, dynorphins and […]

Endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors located in the mammalian brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems, consisting of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors. Known as “the body’s own cannabinoid system”,[1] the ECS is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory, and […]

the D word

Interview: A depression survivor talks about her guide to living with the diseaseShubhrata Prakash, an Indian Revenue Services officer, has written a book ‘The D Word: A Survivor’s Guide To Depression’. The Health Collective Published Apr 07, 2017.   Interview: A depression survivor talks about her guide to living with the disease Diagnosed with depression […]


It’s official. Practitioners of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) appointed in Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in rural areas of Karnataka can practice allopathy “during emergencies”. A Government Order to this effect was issued on Thursday. With this, Karnataka has joined the list of 13 States, including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, […]


Scientists are getting close to proving what yogis have held to be true for centuries — yoga and meditation can ward off stress and disease. John Denninger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, is leading a five-year study on how the ancient practices affect genes and brain activity in the chronically stressed. His latest work […]

9 things you should never tell a patient under treatment for depression

Harish Shetty  Image result for deepika padukone pictures Nothing is wrong with you ! This is devastating for a patient. Just because all the physical tests are normal would not mean that everything is ok. M.R.I scans do not detect depression. Physiological changes in the brain is not detected by the scans and blood tests.Moods […]

error of judgement

Supreme Court held that an error of judgement is not amount to Criminal Negligence. Huge relief for doctors as Supreme Court quashed criminal case registered against doctor on the allegations of negligence. Summarty In a very recent judgement pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 6 April 2014 in Criminal Appeal No. 636 of […]

 how the brain really works.

Published: February 2014 Picture of the human brain, top view Secrets of the Brain New technologies are shedding light on biology’s greatest unsolved mystery: By Carl Zimmer Photograph by Robert Clark Van Wedeen strokes his half-gray beard and leans toward his computer screen, scrolling through a cascade of files. We’re sitting in a windowless library, […]

बेयर फुटेड डॉक्टर-एक व्यंग

———————– रोज रोज मीडिया की दुत्कार ,कि डॉक्टर पेशेवर हो गये हैं! सरकार द्वारा डॉक्टर्स पर लगाम लगाने के सतत प्रयासों और नये नये कानूनों के कारण ,मेरा भी ह्रदय परिवर्तन हुआ और अपराध बोध से ग्रसित हो मेरे मन का विरेचन हुआ। मुझे हमारे पूर्वज चिकित्सकों ,चरक ,धन्वन्तरी और सुश्रुत की याद आने लगी! […]

Placebo effect is real

  by Benika Pinch figures by Kaitlyn Choi If you watched the Rio Olympics, you probably noticed that several athletes, including swimmer Michael Phelps, were covered in bizarre circular marks. These bruises were caused by cupping, a therapy that uses suction to pull skin upwards into a circular cup, with the intent of increasing blood […]

Behavioural conditioning as the mediator of placebo responses in the immune system

Sabine Vits, Elvir Cesko, […], and Manfred Schedlowski Additional article information ABSTRACT Current placebo research postulates that conditioning processes are one of the major mechanisms of the placebo response. Behaviourally conditioned changes in peripheral immune functions have been demonstrated in experimental animals, healthy subjects and patients. The physiological mechanisms responsible for this ‘learned immune response’ […]


The nocebo effect is when a negative expectation of a phenomenon causes it to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would. A nocebo effect causes the perception that the phenomenon will have a negative outcome to actively influence the result.[1][2] Mental states such as beliefs, expectations and anticipation can strongly influence the outcome […]

Faith healing

Faith healing is based on belief and is about as far as you can get from science-based medicine, but it is not exempt from science. If it really worked, science would be able to document its cures and would be the only reliable way to validate its effectiveness. Miraculous cures continue to be reported on […]

The science of placebo

PlacebonexWe frequently write about placebo effects here on Science-Based Medicine. The reason is simple. They are an important topic in medicine and, at least as importantly, understanding placebo effects is critical to understanding the exaggerated claims of advocates of “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM), now more frequently called “integrative medicine” (i.e., integrating pseudoscience with science). […]

The naked guy

ANDREW MARTINEZ | B. 1972The Naked Guy By JASON ZENGERLE Andrew Martinez wanted to be called the Militant Nudist, but the nickname never stuck. He was simply too gentle, too agreeable for it. In the summer of 1990, when he was 17 and had fallen under the nonconformist spell of Henry David Thoreau, Martinez took […]


It is a very disturbing news that a dynamic, intelligent son of a poor family has left for the unknown journey because of a negligent doctor. Where has all the humanity gone, why are they just filling their pockets and not doing their task efficiently when they are so well paid? REPORTED AS RECEIVED: He […]

How to interact with paranoid person

Living with a person who eavesdrops, feels rejected for no reason, seeks endless reassurance (but is never reassured), thinks others are looking askance, sneaks into private communications, and makes false accusations takes a toll. While many of us may feel suspicious, rejected, excluded or hypersensitive from time to time, chronic paranoia in a functioning person […]


The long awaited Goods and Services tax (GST) Bill has been passed by both houses of India. There will be significant improvement in Indian Pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain efficiency as well as a decline in manufacturing cost of Pharmaceutical products.               Goods and Services tax (GST) Impact on Pharmaceutical […]

How do you communicate with a narcissist?

G. B. ~~~~~~~~~~ Response: Dear G. B.: Let’s begin with some basics. My response to your question has four parts… Words of caution. A Narcissist’s Characteristics. How To Talk To A Narcissist. How To Get What You Want From A Narcissist. ~~~~~~~~~~ Words of caution. Before proceeding with details about how to interact with a […]


Death, serious illness, accident situations which create complete emotional turmoil are witnessed only at one place and that is a hospital. It is natural to feel frustrated, helpless shocked, dumb stuck and sad when one loses a near and dear relative or a friend. Unexpected and unanticipated incidences make the emotional trauma more profound. Even […]

Healing power of faith

   At the University of Florida, Parkinson’s disease patient Russell Price undergoes surgery to implant a deep brain stimulation (DBS) lead that will deliver electrical impulses to motion-controlling parts of his brain, treatment which has been shown to provide substantial relief from symptoms in appropriately selected patients. Additional improvement in some patients may also derive […]


Unlocking the Healing Power of You Science is showing that how you feel isn’t just about what you eat, or do, or think. It’s about what you believe.     At the University of Florida, Parkinson’s disease patient Russell Price undergoes surgery to implant a deep brain stimulation (DBS) lead that will deliver electrical impulses […]

The new science of exercise 

Ever since high school, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky has blurred the line between jock and nerd. After working out every morning and doing 200 push-ups, he runs three miles to his lab at McMaster University in Ontario. When he was younger, Tarnopolsky dreamed of becoming a gym teacher. But now, in his backup career as a […]

Selaginella bryopteris

Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Division: Lycopodiophyta Class: Isoetopsida Order: Selaginellales Family: Selaginellaceae Genus: Selaginella Species: S. bryopteris Binomial name Selaginella bryopteris (L.) Baker Selaginella bryopteris (Devanagari:संजीवनी) is a lithophytic plant that is native to India. It is used medicinally in India and is one of the plants that is considered as a candidate to be […]