Get in shape

Christina Hensen, owner of Pysique 57 in NYC has dedicated her life to fitness and helping others reach their goals. She has a full schedule of teaching classes 6 days a week and also modeling for fitness magazines in her spare time. One of our writers here was lucky enough to take one of her glasses and then have a sit down with her where she shared some of here favorite drinks for keeping her figure and agreed to let us share them with our readers. So here you are, in no particular order.
Tomato Juice

While almost all fruit juice is high in calories and sugar, tomato juice can provide a healthier alternative. Coming in at just over 40 calories per serving compared to apple juice which has over 130 calories, tomato juice also provides more nutrients and fiber which may help curb hunger.
Black Coffee

When looking for energy be sure to steer clear from most energy drinks which are packed full of sugar.  Coffee if drunk with out any creams or sugars is a zero calorie drink.  Studies have also shown weight loss benefits, decreased appetite, and increased mood and productivity.
Green Tea

Green Tea is an awesome choice when you are looking to trim inches off of  your waistline.  It is packed with powerful antioxidants and can provide a small boost in energy due to its caffeine.  If you go this route it is best to drink at least 3 times each day and best of all it will not stain your teeth like coffee.
Detox Water

While a little more boring than the others, detox water does provide a bit more flavor than just plain old water.  It also can add a small amount of nutrients.  It is recommended to drink ice cold as it has been shown to increase your bodies metabolism.

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