India’s Most Persecuted Profession

By Dr. Mohan Ranawde, MD(Medicine)
The field of Medicine is now deemed the most dirty and corrupt, as per new laws and regulations which are pouring in. People are now openly expressing their perceptions not only physically but also through media discussions and through new populist regulations.

At every nook and cranny, they want to reign you in and see that you live in constant fear. 
There are a lot of departments now to exercise their control over what you do; rather than doing what you can do best, that is seeing patients, you now have to worry about all these vultures ready to swoop over you.

At one end Government and the media are hell bent on tarnishing the image of the doctors and at the other end newer autocratic laws are being framed (as in WB) to ensure that the doctor will constantly be under the threat of persecution.

There was a time when all the doctor cared to think was about the medical disease and the right way to approach the illness.

Now, the disease and diagnosis has taken a back seat, instead how best could one defend ones action in the court of law, giving all the best to fill the PCPNDT form, writing all prescriptions in CAPITAL and in generic, and if you fail to…well, now the patient has a new weapon to flog you!!
There is one other profession which is equally persecuted by the media and Bollywood, that is the Police department. When we think of the policeman the image of a corrupt, pot-bellied, pan eating thug, willing to fleece you dry conjures up .

Unfortunately, in an emergency, there are only 2 professions which come to the mind of the lay public either the Doctor or the Police. In an accident or crisis people don't think of God or Modi, they just want either the police to be on their side or be in a hospital as urgently as possible. Unfortunately both the professions are deemed as the most corrupt.

If the Police and the doctors stop work for a week, the nation will be in a utter chaos. 
If the politicians, journalists and celebrity social workers stop working for a month, nobody would even notice.

Unfortunately the later are controlling the former. 
The reason is the latter have power both judiciary and that of misinformation. The former stands unorganised, mostly because of altruistic misconceptions about their profession, the lack of any serious organisational leadership, the multiple fractions within the profession and the disease of near-sighted ness that almost every doctor carries.

The day when the medical profession stands united in one voice is the day, when the likes of Mamta and Modi could be ordered at the negotiation table, not the other way round .
That will also be the day when impractical ,power hungry think-tanks at the NITI Ayog would be asked to stand down with their stupid ideas.

Hope this profession sees a new leader, charismatic,devious and knowledgeable enough to take this profession back to where it belongs.
Arushi Talwar was murdered in her room in 2008.The servant Hemraj was found dead on the terrace the next day. The clumsy UP Police fouled up the evidence. The CBI determined that as they couldn't find any other suspect, the parents Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Nupur Talwar were the only people who they could have the guilt on and the Magistrate sentenced them to Life imprisonment.Today, the Allahabad High Court revoked this sentence and set them free as there was no tangible evidence proving their guilt. Was their lawyer who failed to save them fined? . Was the Magistrate who convicted them causing their incarceration for over 8 long years prosecuted? He was not because he acted in good faith and adjudicated on the available circumstantial evidence. Unfortunately, doctors do not have this privilege. They have to take a life and death decision to save a serious patient or one with severe complications within a few minutes. We also act in good faith. Yet we are assaulted, prosecuted, fined or jailed–sometimes murdered. . The goalposts are shifted and the yardsticks are different for us –we are fighting a hard battle against this injustice

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