Tally for doctors

These days , I have received many queries from different doctors who want to know how they can keep their records in tally 9 . So, today, I have made special tally tutorial for doctors and medical professionals who are interested to maintain their records in tally by themselves .

A doctor can easily maintain their records in tally 9 . Tally 9, the accounting software provides all facility to doctors for recording all transaction of their medical profession which are given step by step .

Aim of this tutorial

• Guide the doctor for recording of transactions in tally 9
• Provide steps to the doctors for recording of transactions in tally 9
• After this doctor is enable to do all voucher entries by himself in tally 9

Ist step

Create company for medical profession :-
Tally → Company Info → Create → fill the form of creation of company → Accept the form
when you fill the form of company creation , you have to select maintain option as Account only because , a doctor does not purchase or sale of goods he is not businessman but he is service provider . So no need to select Account with inventory .

2nd Step

Creation of ledger accounts of medical profession :-

This step is relating to creation of ledger of medical profession . In medical profession , doctor does not sell the goods so first of all change the master group of Sale Account into Professional fees Account
for this

Gateway of tally → Account Info → Group → Alter → select Sale Account → write professional fees on the place of sale account and accept this master group

"Now , If doctor starts new profession , then there is no need to show opening balance in ledger creation but if doctor is old and convert all his accounts from manual to tally 9 , he has to write opening balance of his different assets and liabilities in ledger creation of tally 9 . "
Change Feature – F11
Maintain cost centre = yes
Change Configuration – F12
Use Advance entries in master under heading of Account Master = yes
Create Cost Center of each patient separately
Every cost centre must be for every patient .
Account Info → Cost Center → Create
Now create ledger
I am giving some examples :-
Gateway of tally → Account Info→ ledger → Create → Write following account under different groups
1 Capital of doctor Account ( under Capital Account )
2 Equipment Account ( Under fixed Assets Account
3 Furniture Account ( Under Fixed Assets Account )
4 Consultancy Fees of Doctor Account ( Under Professional Fees Account )
5 Operation Fees Account ( Under professional Fees Account )
6 Gifts from patients Account ( under Indirect income )
7 Inspection fees Account ( Under professional fees Account )
8 Income from nursing home ( Under indirect income )
9 Other professional income ( Under professional fees Account )
10 Expenses of medicine purchases ( Under indirect expenses )
11 Office Expense ( Rent , lighting , water , salary of employees , telephone expenses ( Under indirect expenses )
12 Depreciation on operation and exra- equipments and furniture and on other fixed assets ( Under indirect expenses )
13 Motor car expenses (under indirect expenses )
14 Stationery expenses (under indirect expenses )
15 Conveyance expenses (under indirect expenses )
16 Any other expense ( Under indirect expenses )
A doctor does not require to calculate gross profit because he is neither salesman nor sell any product . So all expense will go under indirect expenses , there is no need to send any expenses under direct expenses group .

3rd Step

Pass the Voucher Entries in Accounting Vouchers
When any transaction happens
Ist when fees received from patients
for entering data in receipt voucher , take the following steps
1 Select accounting voucher at gateway of tally 9
2 Press F6 for receipt voucher
3 Press F2 date and enter current date
4 Select consultancy fees at ledger account
5 Enter Amount
6 Select the patient name at cost centre allocation
7 Enter brief case history , findings in voucher narration after this feed other voucher entries .
F4 – Contra Voucher
If a doctor deposit amount into bank or withdraw from bank at this time enter data in contra voucher
F5 Payment Voucher
All data entries relating to payment of all expenses
F7 Journal Voucher
All other voucher entries except above .

4th Step

Get the financial result from tally 9

Tally 9 is system which provide the financial information to doctors automatically in following way
• Brief history of patients
Display → statement of account → cost centre → cost centre break up
• prepare of income and expenditure Account ( Change profit and loss account into income and expenditure account by going to alter position of groups )
• Prepare balance sheet
• Getting print of each report


  1. Rukmini Rongpipi · · Reply

    It really help me to understand in depth about this course. Am glad 😊.


  2. hlo! You explained about tally is very simple way. that’s so amazing and we like this. i want to gain more knowledge about the course and I am so lucky to have your blog only by one click. please give more details about this course.

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