Ten testaments

Ten Testaments to Run Stress Free Private Practice*.
This is more relevant today in view of the Newer Hippocratic Oath being adopted by New Zealand Medical council with self health of Doctor himself being given the top priority over that of anything else.

In view of adoption of new Hippocratic Oath for doctors here are few Pearls of Wisdom for doctors:

1)Your health is primarily important… If you are well u can make others well.

2) Patients are there for you… You are not there for patients: often we forget this. Patients need you much more than you need them…. Your time for them should be fixed…. Let them come as per your prescribed time….

3) Take breaks: Only breaks most doctors take is in conferences… Imagine what… There also they want to learn and enjoy both, at the end neither is fulfilled…

4) Set limit on your outreach activities: On Sundays when people are enjoying, most doctors are running around places to do 'Visits' to peripheral centers so that they can reach out to more and more people…

FOR WHAT and At What cost?? …. Think twice before compromising ur personal time and space for professional demands…. Sundays or holidays are only time when your whole family can be together…

5) Don't lay eggs in too many baskets: Even on routine days, I see my colleagues in cities running two three OPDs at different parts of city… Getting 3-4 attachments to Corporate hospitals… Admitting patienta at multiple places…. As a human being, we have limits to keep track of activities, we have only 24 hours and we can prioritize activities within that time….. Here, often doctors are short of time… if they get stuck at one place (which often is the case)… All schedule ahead gets upset….. Causing immense stress and burden of waiting patients at other places…..
So its advisable to 'keep eggs only in those many baskets which you can keep track of… Otherwise it will spoil eggs or yourself.."

6) Keep reminding Youself "what is the aim of my earning? And am I achieving that 'aim' right now?"….

Often earning is done to enjoy LATER… And that later is hardly defined for doctors as there is no retirement age for these professionals…. So, if you are earning to enjoy, do it right now, as much as possible… Keep your passions and hobbies alive… Have some sports or music or whatever you like in your daily schedule…..

7) Don't keep on accumulating wealth for ur next generation: Often I see elderly doctor couples who had accumulated lots of property for their children…. But their children are living abroad or in other big cities for better life of theirs….. They are hardly bothered to stay in homes this couple had bought for them…… So make your children well educated and make them stand on their own feet…. Let them live their life as they want to CREATE it…. Dont try to create their life……

😎 As a professional: Be ready to seek professional help…. Either for your own health or for your profession… Be willing to employ other doctors to run your business…. By sharing ur earning you are 'off loading' lots of stress. Seek professional opinions of other specialists whenever in doubt, even keep professionals to manage ur taxes, legal liabilities etc….

9) Have relations beyond professional ones:
Often doctors are friends with doctors or their own clients … When they meet outside business , the discussion is often on buisiness…. This doesn't fulfill intention of meeting out… Or outings. . …

10) As a human being , our life is to contribute for other people… So doing regular activities beyond profession keeps one alive in different spheres of life…. it also helps us to understand life of other people in society in a better way.

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