professional jealousy


There has been a lot of hue and cry in the recent times about how medicos are being assaulted all over the nation. No other professional group has faced such brazen attacks except perhaps security and armed personell. Why is nobody scared of thrashing docs?? Some points

1) the average medico is deep inside the same insecure nerd who has been prodded along like prized cattle, waiting to be displayed before discerning relatives as a trophy. This destroys all self esteem and makes academic achievement at all costs the only goal of life. In the long run, such individuals become highly insecure and their entire career and life becomes a compensation for that insecurity. No other profession idolizes this insecurity like the Medical field

2) this insecurity manifests later on in toxic forms. It is professional jealousy towards colleagues which shows up as back biting and canvassing of the worst kind in front on non medicos. But the worst way undoubtedly is the treatment of junior colleagues. Emotional manipulation, physical and mental abuse, constant belittling is encouraged as the norm, even if the candidate makes every academic and physical effort to do his best ( most of them indeed do). Never mind that every year in every premier institute, there is at least one suicide. It hardly matters. ” bechara kamzor tha, load le nahi paya”, “kyu aya hi course karne jab kabiliyat nahi thi to” ” itne me hi fat gayi”. It is punishment that senior colleagues inflict upon their juniors since “hamne marwai thi ab tum bhi marwao”. Tolerating this abuse quietly becomes a defence mechanism, thinking “seekhna hai”. And when u become a senior, the same cycle of abuse continues.

3) at the same time, while bashing your junior colleagues, sucking up to higher authorities becomes an art. Your face becomes of a certain shape while trying to fit into their assholes. If a neta, ips or ias comes along, he must get the best of medical attention. No matter if the same neta tomorrow creates a ruckus for some pt tomorrow in casualty. He is not a defenceless junior out for his degree, he can get you bashed up or arrested.and of course, you would yourself have some political ambition. IMA, some political party post or who knows, even a MP or MLA!!

4) as a senior, you encourage the same hierarchical food chain you have risen to the top of. You encourage patients and the supporting staff against your own junior colleagues, do not back them up coz ” bhai strike kar dia to kaun kaam krega” ” tum to 3 saal me degree leke chale jaoge, inke saath to Hume hi kaam karna hai”. Your junior feels like he is an indented labourer, only born to hear abuse. He would not mind working 36 hr shifts, but would love to hear a single word of appreciation that would boost his morale and crashing self esteem

But no. You are a prima donna. On the streets, you are just ” some doctor”, so in the hospital you must be treated as Vishnuavatara himself. And your whole life is towards that questionably relevant goal

So yes, i do believe that doctors deserve to be bashed up, because we have brought this calamity upon ourselves. We have no one else to blame for it.

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