Psychiatrists . What Are We & What Not?

Psychiatrists are human beings and doctors – so don’t avoid them

It is PSYCHIATRIST – not Psycho, Mental Doctor, Physiatrist, Physicist, Psychologist, Psykriyatist, Sy#$%! Or something else…..

Psychiatrists can’t tell about you unless you talk to them – if you don’t tell them something they would never know

Psychiatrists don’t evaluate their friends, family members and strangers – because they want to live in the society like you

You can marry a Psychiatrist – after all they are good listeners

Psychiatrists are not immune to mental illness – they have their own stress

Psychiatrists may not earn much money but earn much satisfaction

Each Psychiatrist has their own reason to become a Psychiatrist – it need not be presence of mental illness in the family

Psychiatrist doesn’t get mentally ill because he treats mentally ill – By this reason every Surgeon has a hydrocele and every dermatologist has Eczema

Psychiatrists only give ECT (shock treatment) to only those needed – I won’t give it to you even if you asked me unless I am convinced that you have an indication

Psychiatrists have emotions – they love, cry , shout, show anger, surprize, feel joy. They deal only with abnormal emotions

Many Psychiatrists don’t wear pony tails, French beard, full beard – You wont be knowing that one is a Psychiatrist unless he reveals himself to you , but you can identify them in Tollywood/ Bollywood cinema because they are stereotyped.

Psychiatrists doesn’t give weird looks – it only happens in movies

Psychiatrists doesn’t imprison, ill treat, torture, mind read or brain wash – they abide by the rule of “do no harm”

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