Here’s what happened with the fatality announced yesterday. @db_is_db pieced together the story from different news reports.

Mohammed Hussain Siddiqui is a 76-year-old Maulana from Kalburgi, Karnataka. He had returned from Mecca on Feb 29th, landed at Bengaluru airport and proceeded to Kalburgi, 500 km away. He had had a history of hypertension and asthma.

He developed symptoms of cough and cold on Mar 6th. A private doctor visited his home and treated him. He was then admitted at the Sunrise Hospital, Kalburgi following complaints of cough and other symptoms. There he was diagnosed with pneumonia, asthma, hypertension and high blood pressure.

His sample was collected on Mar 9th by the Viral Research Diagnostic laboratory, GIMS, Kalaburgi, to rule out Covid-19 and the sample was dispatched to VRDL, BMC&RI, Bengaluru.

Without waiting for the test results, his attendees (followers and relatives) insisted and discharged him against medical advice (DAMA). They then took him to Hyderabad for further treatment where they must have thought that they’d get better Medical facilities.

Earlier, the District Health Officer had met the attendees to convince them to admit the patient to the Gulbarga Institute of Medical Sciences in the isolation ward set up there. But the attendees refused to listen to him and transferred the patient to Hyderabad without the District Health Officer’s knowledge.

Siddiqui and his attendees had visited the Apollo Hospital and the Citi Neuro Centre at Jubilee Hills and the Care Hospital in Banjara Hills. At Care Hospital the patient was “immediately shifted to an isolation room, equipped with negative air pressure and HEPA air filters to prevent any further transmission. The medical staff who attended to the patient had observed complete PPE (personal protective eqpt) protocol.”

The hospital had advised that the patient be admitted to the critical care isolation unit.

The hospital was under instructions that if the patient was found to have been infected by coronavirus, he must be shifted to the Gandhi Hospital as per laid down Govt protocols. The doctors informed the family and the patient was referred to the Gandhi Hospital but the family was not ready to go there. His family, followers and attendees refused and decided to take him back to his native place on 10 March.

The ‘followers’:

– Shifted the patient without the knowledge of govt health officials

– Did hospital shopping and treatment shopping

– Refused to go into isolation at the specified govt hospitals

– Were not bothered about exposing others to the risk

They did all this cos they thought they had the numbers and knew best.

The patient died en route to his native place in Kalburgi. The family has now been quarantined. But what of the countless others exposed?

Think of the countless infected because of him? The Health Department is now painfully going about retracing the exposure. BUT expect a major outbreak on account of this.

The incident reminded me of what had happened last year at the Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital (NRSMCH). If one comes as a horde and then try and bully medical staff, it might prove to be fatal for the public at large.

Singapore will take away PR status of a person who breaks the self-quarantine rule.

Italy is going to treat people intentionally spreading Coronavirus as murder accused.

That is the seriousness with which world is containing Coronavirus.

What about us?

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