In case any one of us gets infected by coronavirus. Then What?

Ever thought of that?

Whole house will be sealed. Your wife children and parents too will be taken to Isolation ward. You may not ever meet some or all of them again. They may die or you may die.

Situation is still tougher if you are only husband wife living with kids abroad/ away.

Case 1 Only you get admitted to COVID isolation ward.

1) What to take with you?- Lets make a list.

Mobile, Charger, earphones, Routine medicines, . Change of clothes. 14 days!

2) Will you need cash? Card? Make provision.

3) Mediclaim Insurance useful? Keep handy.

4)How will the home run without you? Keep provision. Sign a few blank cheques as well. Share your ATM Pin with your wife.

5) Do you have a pet? arrange for its shelter with some PETA or friends in case your wife too has to be admitted.

Case 2:- You die due to covid19 in Isolation centre. Your wife is alone now. Your body also is not handed to your kins and cremated/ burried directly. Your relatives do not meet your wife to console her for the fear of infection.

1 Make her aware *Today*, of all the current finantial conditions Leave enough cash home.

2 Your children are away out of India and cannot come to their mother nor can they take her to them. This situation remains for next 6 months. Be prepared !

Passwords:- Share All your passwords, Keypad lock pattern or code everything in a note for them in case you die.

You will have a lots available if you do not die.

Mental strength building now is very very essential.

Request put your thoughts here.

Case 3:- Both of you die!! Say for 3 months nobody is allowed to visit your house. After that your children are able to return. What will they do? Finances- Again Keep some signed blank cheques for them. They can at least transfer the money to their A/C if they return before 3 months.

Nomination is the best practice but if not done then may not have time to do it now.

Documents- Make a list of Imp Documents, Bank accounts, Bank Locker and their key location Location of various keys- Cupboard keys, Car keys, in your home ( people have a tendency to keep them in फालतु secret place)

House keys should be given to some friend for keeps sake.

We do take such precaution normally when we fly out. But we never imagine a situation where one may have to face things alone and without any help!

Please give a thought to above and suggest some more!!

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