*COVID19 tests and significance*

1) *RT PCR*

gold std

Highly expensive

Read ORF of proteins and E gene

Result is in 3hrs


detect E&N gene in one go

Both for screening and confirmatory

Less expensive than RTPCR

Result is in 2hrs

ICMR adviced for SARI&ICU patients


Detect E gene in first level for screening suspected patients

RDRP gene in next level for confirmation

Result is in 1hr

Highly economic with low maintenance cost

ICMR adviced it for screening

4) *Rapid antigen test*

Most economic

ICMR adviced it for containment zones

Result in just 30mts

Moderate sensitivity and high specificity

5) *Antibody tests*

It is meant for seroprevalance survay

IgM starts from 3rd day and present till 22nd day

IgG starts from 7th day and persist till some good length of period

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