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KEM Mumbai Guidelines*

Covid management: 👉🏻Viral replication generally stops by 9th day – which means if you want any benefit of anti-viral it should be given within 9 days. 👉🏻RT PCR may be negative in late stages of infection. So, don’t forget to rely on clinical, epidemiological and radiological guidance to DIAGNOSE A CASE !! 👉🏻”Best time for […]

Key points on COVID19-

(A)When virus enters the cell (naso oropharyngeal), different scenarios can result. 1. One, it is taken up and is killed by the macrophages. No antibodies are formed, the patient is asymptomatic. 2. In some persons, the virus enters the blood → dendritic cells in thymus →T cells and then to B cells and produces IgG […]