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name “mama”.

A young boy from a remote town of Dondiacha, enters a prestigious medical college, in his simple attire, thin, short, wearing a topi, sadra and pyajama, to join, the college as 1st year medical college. Many of his classmates, look past him, some ridicule him, some already have coined a pet name “mama”. But, this […]

India’s new Telemedicine Practice Guidelines – Analysis and Do’s and Don’ts for Doctors offering teleconsultation

India March 29 2020 Summary: The Indian Government has published Telemedicine Practice Guidelines (“Telemedicine Guidelines”) on March 25, 2020. These guidelines finally clarify India’s position on the legality of teleconsultation. It is now perfectly legal to provide teleconsultation by registered medical practitioners (M.B.B.S and above) in line with the requirements of the Telemedicine Guidelines. It […]