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PROF NIBEDITA PANI DEPT OF ANASTHESIOLOGY AND CRITICAL CARE SCB MEDICAL COLLEGE,CUTTACK INTRODUCTION • If you have just recovered from COVID-19 or returned home from the hospital, you have already won the war. Pat yourself and get ready for some smaller battles as you get back to your routine life.      […]


TREATMENT PROTOCOL FOR COVID19 PATIENTS (VERSION 3.0) DISCLAIMER: This Recommendation is derived from the prevailing trials published and collation of various guidelines. These guidelines would change with the evolving evidences DEFINITIONS: • ILI is defined as one with acute respiratory infection –  with fever ≥ 380 C (100.40F) and –  cough –  with onset within […]

Chest CT: Can it aid in COVID-19 diagnosis in patients with first negative RT-PCR results?

M3 India Newsdesk Sep 24, 2020 A A A Dr. Monish Raut elaborates on the role of HRCT as a valuable tool in confirming COVID-19 diagnosis and studying disease progression and severity among patients who test negative for RT-PCR initially. He also adds a note on the accuracy of the CO-RADS scoring system. For our […]

The Clinical Differentiation of Cerebellar Infarction from Common Vertigo Syndromes

Western Journal of Emergency Medicine The University of California, Irvine James A. Nelson, MD and Erik Viirre, MD, PhD Additional article information Abstract article-meta This article summarizes the emergency department approach to diagnosing cerebellar infarction in the patient presenting with vertigo. Vertigo is defined and identification of a vertigo syndrome is discussed. The differentiation of […]