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Recommend for covid

Recommendation here is, Doxy 100 BD 10 days, Ivermectin 12 OD 3 days, Zinc 50 BD 10 days, Vit. C 500 BD 10 days, Vit. D 60000 daily for 3 days, then weekly, Supradyn OD, Calpol 650 SOS, for pain and fever, Isolation and absolute bedrest. Lying in prone position, Checking SPO2 every 3 – […]

The moral law

The source of what the philosopher Immanuel Kant called “the moral law within” may be mysterious, but its role in the social order is not. In any nation short of dictatorship some form of moral compact, implicit or explicit, should be the basis of a just society. Without a common sense of what is “right,” […]