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Signs in Neuroradiology: A Pictorial Review

Özgür Kizilca, MD, Alp Öztek, MD, […], and Utku Şenol, MD Additional article information Abstract article-meta One of the major problems radiologists face in everyday practice is to decide the correct diagnosis, or at least narrow down the list of possibilities. In this context, indicative evidences (signs) are useful to recognize pathologies, and also to […]

Twenty classic signs in neuroradiology: A pictorial essay

The Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging Wolters Kluwer — Medknow Publications Govind B Chavhan and Manohar M Shroff Additional article information Abstract article-meta In this article we describe 20 classic signs in neuroradiology and provide illustrations of each; we also discuss the causes for their appearance, their reliability and sensitivity, and the differential diagnoses […]


Based on the CT findings, the level of suspicion of COVID-19 infection is graded from very low or CO-RADS 1 up to very high or CO-RADS 5 and the severity and stage of the disease is determined with remarks on comorbidity and a differential diagnosis. Regular updates will be provided.CORADS-1 has a high negative predictive […]