Dr Yogendra Srivastava

Doctor being insulted amounting to Battery.

In response to a video post.

But besides the white clothed gentleman another person is shouting at the doctor.

I know how much we had to work day and night even ourselves being sick or ill. Once I was myself operated but I went to operate on a child saving his life. Another time I operated casualties in HAA while I was in bad shape however I never got evacuated and welcomed three postings in HAA.One is not worried about his life while extracting a person from major life saving surgery. It is a war on daily basis.

I have operated many cases after donating my own blood during OP- MEGHDOOT.

The medical profession has been ruined due to CPA conveniently not touching judiciary, administrative services and constabulary services and so on. CPA has introduced corruption and selective attitude among doctors lest while tackling serious irretrievable cases might not survive resulting in bad outcome. Attendants unreasonably hold doctors responsible for the death. Ofcourse lapses may be there. Army protects it doctors and also clientele in Army and Army itself is a clean organization. I strongly feel Indians are totally unfit for democracy and all its arms the so called executive, the legislature and judicial system less said the better. Doctors see enough of these. Post retirement only educational institutes and corporate hospitals are safer. In western countries no doctor goes even to receive the PM as happened once in case of David Cameroon as PM who was turned out by orthopedic surgeon and Margaret Thatcher not conducted around. Here the doctor should not have received the fellows and should have continued with his work. Bullies must be tackled properly and tact and should not be spared. Law in India is as you know, time-consuming.

Now the attitude of doctors is to save the skin from CPA and goons the tradition first arising from across the border.

Politics and bureaucracy is responsible for current plight of doctors who are slow to act.

Not many peoplev misbehave however there is no one responsible either the police or administration to save the life and property of doctors..In this particular video the accused should have been arrested promptly. In many countrues countries the punishment is 13 years is jail term for attack on doctors.In India the accused gets 7 yrs jail and a fine of Rs 2 lacs. The accused here later come and start touching the feet and the doctors pardon them. We are at a receiving end are not supposed to use force in retaliation and have no power unlike in Army where a doctor may take a stand and due proceedings start.

The best solution is to hold bi -yearly medical boards of bureaucrats and officials and unfit and unhealthy as most of them are be removed on health grounds duly recommended by superior medical board so should hold good for politicos also. See the change of tails.

World respects power and doctors have none at the moment.During British times or even during the rule of Maharajas none dared to attack doctors because Maharajas were known to dismiss even his PM with the words GET OUT and would put tyrants behind bars instantly. That is the system here people understand.

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