* The Vaccine Politics*

There is an ongoing clash between US & Europe over vaccines. Some of the news about vaccine efficacy or safety which we read is more about the * Vaccine War* than any real problem.

Indian vaccine manufacturing surge has displeased both west and the International Pharma lobby and even China. All are out with knives and then we always have such ‘*JAICHANDS*’ who will happily stab India in the back.

Russian vaccine “Sputnik”was dismissed mockingly by West almost like “What do Russians know about science?”. They conveniently forget that Russia is still a leader in space technology, missile warfare, avionics, defence Equipments, virology, nuclear technology.

Indian vaccines sent abroad is harming business interests of Pfizer and Moderna and many BIG people have invested a lot in it.

India vaccinating it’s people from Rs 0 to 250 is eliminating a potential trillion dollars of profits for the Worlds BIG Vaccine Players.

There was a suspicion that raw material to make Indian vaccines is coming from USA and some curbs are being put on it to slow down India. Hence India was more keen to push totally indigenous Covaxin. We know who all were paid to abuse and defame Covaxin.

Chattisgarh state which is almost tropical Vatican today still doesn’t allow Covaxin to be used in its State.

On whose behest, let’s all hazard a guess. Think about naxal attack and Hidma and then extrapolate. Anyone who knows Chhattisgarh of today will know that things are not rosy there.

India manufactures 60% of vaccines made in the world. Asking it to import vaccines is like asking Saudi to buy oil just because need is very high.

Already Novaxin and Sputnik are going to be made soon in India. But it also is not like making paper planes that you decide and get into business in a day. So June onwards we will have more options. Till then we have to make do with Covaxin and Covishield.

We have two credible proven choices. Rich man can pay Rs 250 when he qualifies. Poor man can also pay Rs. 250 or get it free. It’s a perishable item with a shelf life and limited stock commodity so one will have to wait for ones turn.

It’s not only about rich people willing to pay more for Pfizer or Moderna.

These companies have refused to test its safety and efficacy on Indians. Who will pay if we suffer another Union Carbide kind mass murder by a western company on Indians.

We are no more a distant colony on whom white masters can come and spit on our faces and we have to oblige thankfully.

They need to follow law of India to be able to sell in India.

Plus we aren’t Guinea pigs to be subjected to trials without safeguards.

Also the cold chain needed for Moderna and Pfizer is not available in India. We can’t be given a dated or soiled product just because our skins are brown.

When such vaccines come to our shores, it will also come with massive disinformation campaign defaming Indian vaccines and highlighting some chance or unrelated complications.

Remember how Coconut oil was defamed by an onslaught of ads and convinced Indians to buy all sorts of Concocted Seed Oils by the big International Industries.

So vaccine is now the talking point when just two months back same ecosystem was defaming vaccines as “Modi Vaccine”, “Saffron Vaccine”, “vaccine purchase is wasteful expenditure” “India is not capable of making Vaccines”

Let’s have faith in GOI & show patience because our Govt has only OUR Best Interests in its mind.


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