*Covid Update-152

*Covid Update-152*

*When to get vaccinated after Covid 19 infection?*

🌹 *What various agencies have to say?*


The US’ Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that a covid recovered person should get vaccinated but CDC does not frame any time line.

Though CDC clarifies that *If you were treated for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you should wait 90 days before getting a COVID-19 vaccine*.

But this clause does not apply to majority in India

*UNICEF India*

Person with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection may increase the risk of spreading the same to others at vaccination site. For this reason, infected individuals should defer vaccination for 14 days after symptoms


*MHFW Govt of India*

guidelines follows the Unicef mandate of two weeks. But these guidelines seem to be directed to protecting society at large rather than being concerned at the antibody levels of an individual.

Since there is a change in Strategy of Insolation to 10 days in most cases, the above guidelines also need to be updated.

*What do experts say?*

In India, most doctors recommend arbitrary *gap of of one to three months between recovery and vaccination*

🌹 *Why this Gap?*

Experts recommend waiting at least four to eight weeks after recovery before taking the vaccine *as person would have naturally formed antibodies during infection*. Studies have indicated that natural immunity after the illness lasts 3 to 6 months.

Waiting period will Allow the body to build up the maximal natural immunity before getting a shot which will then further boost the immune response. Logic obviously makes more sense.

Even the research has shown that vaccination after recovery acts like a booster shot, even with one dose of vaccine.

🌹 *What if one catches Covid in between two doses of vaccine?*

Effect on Disease severity:

For a *majority of people*, the disease is likely to be mild or moderate, depending on how many days after vaccination exposure occurred.

If exposure and disease occurs within one to three weeks of receiving the first dose, the vaccine is unlikely to have a major effect and is not expected to modify the course of the infection.

However, if a person tests positive after three weeks from their first dose, they are highly likely to only get a mild disease.

🌹 *When to get second dose if one got Covid after first dose?*

In principle, Follow the same protocol. *Wait for at least four weeks after recovery before taking the second dose*.

🌹 *Can the timing of Second dose vary with type of vaccine used?*

Trials have indicated that there are differences in timings for second doses to achieve a high level of antibodies in the system.

For the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine Covishield, it is 12 weeks, although the Indian recommendation is for 6-8 weeks, while for the indigenous Covaxin, a gap of four weeks is recommended, since no other interval has been tested.

*So individuals who received Covishield in First dose should remain assured while waiting up to 8 to 12 weeks from first dose (including period of Covid illness)*

*While those who received Covaxin should wait at least 4 weeks after recovery from disease*.

🌹 *What happens if one delays the second dose? Will one need to repeat the first dose?*

Missing the second dose is no cause for worry, It simply postpones the boosting of the antibodies and *does not result in any loss of protection in the short term*. Missing the time period allocated does not require a repetition of the first dose.

🌹 *If one gets the first dose and forgets to get the second dose for a couple of years, one may probably need to repeat your first dose. But If it’s a matter of weeks or days , one definitely doesn’t have to worry*.

Even if it’s a matter of months, one most likely doesn’t have to worry too much before going for second dose.


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