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Unjustified Charges: The services which have to be included in the ICU charges have been

charged separately for 17 days. These include Oxygen (Rs. 4,000 x 17 = Rs. 68,000), BiPap/ Ventilaor

(Rs. 10,000 x 17 = Rs. 1,70,000), Nursing (Rs. 17,000), Suction (Rs. 11,900), Infusion Pump (Rs. 25,500),

RMO (Rs. 17,000), Doctor Visit (Rs. 2,000 x 26 = Rs. 52,000), Investigations and Tests (About Rs.

50,000), Blood Sugar (Rs. 2,100), Consumables (Several Thousands), Drugs (Several Lakhs), etc. This is

a huge, grave and serious violation of The Epidemic Diseases Act (Section 3).

The cost which is charged for Infusion Pump (Rs. 25,500) is same as the cost of a new Infusion

Pump Machine. Similarly, new suction machine can also be bought at the cost suction is charged (Rs.

11,900). Two branded Glucometers can be bought at the cost charged for blood sugar testing (Rs.



Fake Charges: Nebulizer was not given on all days of hospitalization, but charges have been

taken for 17 days. Similarly, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump was not used on all 16.5 days. The BiPAP

Machine was started from 4th May not on 3rd May. The intubation for ventilator was done on 17th May



Fake Rate List Displayed: As evident by the bill, the rate list displayed at the entry of hospital

is only for formality and not being actually followed. This is a violation of the orders of The District

Magistrate, Agra.


Imaging Charges: As per the instructions from UP government to all DMs and CMOs, the

imaging charges are included in the ICU Bed Charges. But we have been separately charged for X-Ray

Chest seven times (Rs. 2800 @ Rs. 400/X-Ray) and once for HRCT Thorax (Rs. 5000) in our bill. The rate

set by government for CT Scan is Rs. 2500.

The Clinical Guidance for management of COVID by Government of India (22nd April) says that

X-Ray/CT Scan has to be done only after worsening of situation, but X-Ray has been repeatedly done

7 times in 16.5 days.


Monitoring Charges: During initial days of hospitalization, we observed that the patient who

were alone without their attendants were not taken much care of. Monitoring was done only of

patients whose attendants were present on the spot. Therefore, ignoring the risk of infection to self,

we decided to be present all the time inside or near the ICU. During the entire hospitalization duration

of 16.5 days, I went home only once. Issues like dip in oxygen saturation level, difficulty in taking

breath by patient, leakage of oxygen from mask, gaining consciousness while on ventilator, etc. were

not taken care of staff by themselves by their own, we had to tell them to do the needful. In spite of

this, monitoring cost of Rs. 17,000 (Rs. 1000/ day) has been charged separately. The government has

clearly said that ICU Bed charges are inclusive of monitoring charges and violation of same is violation

of Epidemic Disease Act.


Overpriced Medicines in Hospital Pharmacy: Zydus Exemptia 40mg/0.8 ml was sold to us by

hospital pharmacy at MRP for Rs. 25,000. The same drug is available in the market at Rs. 7,500 and

also from another brand as Cadlia Cadalimab 40mg/0.8 ml of MRP Rs. 15,000 and selling price Rs.

10,000. Sixteen injections Reliance ImmunoRel 5g/100 ml were sold to us for Rs. 1,60,000 (Rs. 10,000

each). In market they are sold for Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 7,500 each. Other brands are even as cheap as Rs.

5,000. In hospital pharmacy, the medicines are sold very close to MRP and the medicines available

there are those of expensive brands.


Selling Higher than MRP: On 03rd May, one vial of Inj Remdesivir was brought by us at higher

price INR Rs. 6,000 from hospital pharmacy due to shortage in market. The MRP of the drug is Rs.1.1

Exorbitantly High Charges: We were charged a hefty amount of Rs. 5,60,940 by the hospital

for 16.5 days. Additionally, hospital pharmacy charged us a total of Rs. 3,88,777. The sum total is:

R s . 9 , 4 9 , 7 1 7 / –

(Rupees Nine Lakhs Forty-Nine Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventeen !!)

This is a big violation of the rates determined by the state government for treatment of COVID-19.

Considering the per day expenditure, this amount is even higher than that charged in the famous case

of Ravi Hospital from Late Shri. Arun Kansal Ji. He was admitted for 19 days including ventilator support

and was charged 9.60 lakhs. But my husband was in the hospital for 16.5 days including just last 2 days

of ventilator support (intubated). A similar violation was committed by Wims Hospital (earlier Ram

Raghu Hospital) against Late Smt. Susheela Devi admitted for 20-21 days by charging 8 Lakh Rupees.

Private hospitals in Agra are not taking a lesson and repeatedly committing the same crime.


Code Words used in Bill: The original hospital bill received on 22nd May had code words like

“LEVEL-2” and “LEVEL-3”. When asked for justification and clear breakdown of the chargesin medical

terms, the revision was done by hospital and new bill given on 23rd May with same total (Rs. 5,60,940)

Original Charges (22nd May 2021)

After Breakdown (23rd May 2021)












20,000 ICU Bed Charge







4,00,000 BIPAP Ventilator/ Day




Oxygen/ Day








Nursing Charge ICU




Suction Charge




Infusion Pump Charge




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