NV Ramana

While delivering his speech on the occasion of National Doctors’ day, CJI NV Ramana expressed concern towards the brutal attacks happening on doctors while on duty.

“It is saddening that our doctors are being brutally attacked while on duty. Why is it that the medical professionals are at the receiving end for someone else’s failure?” CJI said.

While expressing concern towards other issues regards doctors and medical infrastructure in the country, Justice Ramana said that the medical bodies and concerned agencies in the government have to put their heads together to address these concerns.



‘Only then can we sincerely greet the doctors on the first of July every year’, he said.

CJI Ramana said that issues like insufficient number of medical professionals, infrastructure, medicines, outdated technologies, and government not giving priory to medical sector are issues of immediate concern.

“Why is it that the profiteering by corporates and investors is being blamed on doctors?” CJI said

While noting that the tradition of family doctor is vanishing, he added that it saddening to see good and qualified doctor can not start a decent hospital of his own and survive. CJI also said that even after 8 to 9 years of rigorous learning, doctors struggle to get decent salaries.



The medical bodies and concerned agencies in the government therefore have to put their heads together to address these concerns, he said.

CJI during his speech also acknowledged the tireless and selfless work put in by the Doctors to fighting against the deadly pandemic. While taking noted of the Indian Medical Association’s data which suggests that more than 798 doctors have lost their lives in the deadly second wave, CJI condoled the deaths of the medical professionals.



“My heart felt prayers and sympathies go out to the families of those medical professionals and healthcare workers who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic.” CJI said

“My salute to you all ‘the heroes without the cape'” he said.

CJI signed off quoting the following moving thought penned by a young medical professional from the Unites States Ms. Lizzy saying that his words reflect the pain which we all have been witness to:

Watching you suffer is destroying my heart, We healthcare workers are falling apart.

When I get dressed for work, it’s not just a job, When I lose another patient, it’s in my car that I sob.You see I am human, I bleed just like you, And with each death that I witness, a part of me dies too.

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