*Delta+ and Third Wave*

*Covid Update- 203*

*Delta+ and Third Wave*

🔰 *Will the Third wave be driven by Delta plus variant?*

*Too early to say as Virus* is constantly mutating. But the way this variant has spread across nations possibility can’t be denied.

🔰 *Does Delta plus variant has higher transmission?*

◆No definite evidence as yet. Evidence of transmission is driven by number of close contacts affected by the index case. So far 55 cases of delta plus found in India which is a small number to drive any conclusion.

◆However, it is to note that *Delta plus is a sub lineage of Delta variant which in itself has high transmission rates*. If the 3rd mutation in Delta variant makes it faster would be still too early to say.

◆But there is no room for complacency in dealing with this virus.

◆Govt advisory is bound to be driven by abundance of caution

🔰 *Is delta plus More virulent*?

◆Additional mutation N417K is on tip of Spike protein of virus making it more avidly adherent to the AcE2 receptors in Lung and other Tissues .. Does it translate into clinical severity is yet to be seen?

🔰 *Immune evasion by Delta plus Variant?*

Most of the guess seems to be driven by the presence of mutation N417K found in Beta Variant found in South Africa wherein Astra zeneca vaccine efficacy was found to be 33%. And the same mutation N417K now having been found on Delta plus variant it is being speculated that virus could override the vaccine immunity.

However it is noteworthy that early observation study from Public Health England :

– the 36 Delta-plus cases identified till early June,

– at least 18 were not vaccinated.

– Among 18 who were vaccinated, only two had received both shots more than 14 days before infection

-No deaths amongst the 36 cases.

So *Fully vaccinated may not get panicky, they are likely to remain safe but should follow Covid Appropriate behaviour*. It is underpowered study of small numbers

🔰 *Effect of Monoclonal Antibodies on Delta Plus*?

Early “evidence of the Delta-plus variant’s “resistance to monoclonal antibodies Casirivimab and Imdevimab”–CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB).

*To know more about Delta Plus please read our previous Covid update 199*

Each one of us should do their part in the vaccination drive of India:

1)Ensure you and your family members get vaccinated.

2) *Ensure your employees get vaccinated*

3) *Ensure your house maids are vaccinated*

4) *spread the awareness on vaccination through social media*, word of mouth…

I am doing my part!


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