Indian Psychiatric Society YEARBOOK 2021-2022


Indian Psychiatric Society fondly remembers the following members who left us forever

Indian Psychiatric Society

Abu Qamar Siddiqui

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Arabinda Kumar

Bankura, West Bengal

A. K. Sengupta

Kolkata, West Bengal

Bhutnath Mondal

Kolkata, West Bengal

Diljit Bharathan

Kochi, Kerala

Natendra Nath Das

Kolkata, West Bengal

Dattatrey Munipalle

Hyderabad, Telangana

Om Prakash Gangil

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Anant Dewarao Gawali

Akola, Maharashtra

Kumar Kanti Ghosh

Kolkata, West Bengal

Ashok Kumar Gupta

Jalandhar City, Punjab

Sarada Menon

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Charles Pinto

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bodagala Venkata Raja Rao

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Shabd Saran

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Surinder Sihote

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

U.R. Tampi

Kochi, Kerala

Vimal Kumar Kochhar

New Delhi, Delhi

Vimal Kumar Razdan

Jodhpur, Rajasthan


YEARBOOK 2021-22


World Psychiatric Association

It is a matter of great honour for me to send my greetings to Indian Psychiatric Society on the occasion of National Conference of Psychiatry being held in January 2022. Indian Psychiatric Society, an active member society of World Psychiatric Association, is well-known for organising educational and academic meetings and this conference is a valuable addition to the list of its successful efforts in this regard.

It is also a great news that IPS is publishing a IPS Yearbook at ANCIPS 2022, with summaries of the activities of 2021.

I have been attending many IPS activities during 2021 and I was always impressive with the high quality of work done by IPS office bearers. IPS certainly kept its traditions and under the leadership of Dr Gautam Saha, it continued achieving excellence in teaching, training, and other related activities. IPS maintained its CPD programmes despite the Covid epidemic and kept its membership updated with new advances in clinical & academic psychiatry.

IPS was also instrumental in supporting our patients during the peak timings of epidemic and the support from this professional organisation to the government was also very promising.

Links of Indian Psychiatric Society with World Psychiatric Association (WPA) emphasize the important role of IPS in national, regional & international psychiatry. IPS has also been active in establishing contacts with neighbouring countries by promoting exchange of professional expertise in our region. Its role to keep the Saarc Psychiatric Federation, a regional association, will always be remembered for the uplift of mental health in this region.

The theme of the 2022 ANCIP, “Bridging Minds…Connecting Generations”, is very important and relevant to current practice of psychiatry especially during and post Covid 19 pandemic. I am pleased that the meeting also plans to cover other important topics of interest covering entire field of mental health with a strong focus on the issues of practice of psychiatry in low income and developing countries.

The presence of several eminent speakers from all over the country along with a number of academic and clinical psychiatrists from other countries highlights the importance of this academic activity. I am glad that this conference is also looking at strengthening collaborations among different mental health professionals. This will indeed prove beneficial in improving our links with these groups.

I wish the organisers and the participants of this conference a big susses and I am sure the delegates attending this meeting will have a happy stay in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Dr Afzal Javed

President, World Psychiatric Association


Indian Psychiatric Society

Dear Friends,

As I sit down to reflect on the year that has gone by, memories of uncertainties and indecisions related to the pandemic come flooding by. Amidst all the speculations, our primary focus and motivation was on the work for our Society. As I click through the pages and pages of reports that I have ( electronically ) received from our chairpersons, co-chairpersons and convenors of our Sub-Committees, Specialty Sections and Task Forces, I take a deep breath of gratitude, seeing the immense contribution from all of you.

We have Twenty Eight Sub Committees, Twenty Five Specialty Sections, and Twenty Seven Task Forces, two commissions and one Tribunal committee. We received reports from an overwhelming 95 % of the committees, and have published this Yearbook for the First Time in our Society.

It feels we have worked over and above our abilities, with selfless dedication and commitment and the cloud of pandemic could not dampen our spirit even by an inch. I earnestly request you to go through the individual pages, to appreciate the immense work of our Society across the country in our more than 80 committees. I feel hugely blessed as the President of the Society, to witness the National and International work in the last one year. We have collaborated with SAARC countries, World Psychiatric Society, RANZAP and many International Psychiatric Societies, that has given us immense satisfaction and honour.

I thank each and every member of the IPS for their commitment and exemplary dedication, and fervently believe that the entire success of our Society is the fruit of their labour.

I would like to specially pay my deep respect to Dr Afzal Javed, President of World Psychiatric Association and Dr B N Gangadhar , President of Medical Assessment and Rating Board, NMC and am extremely thankful for their guidance, unconditional support and love which they extended to me.



Indian Psychiatric Society

YEARBOOK 2021-22

Message from President (Contd.)

I thank all the Past Presidents of IPS, with special mention to Dr Ajit Avasthi , Dr E Mohan Das, Dr MSVK Raju, Dr G Prasad Rao, Dr Gopal Kar, Dr S Nambi, Dr Shiv Gautam and Dr K Kumar, for being my mentors, and patiently lending me their ears at even the most odd hours of the nights.

I was blessed to have the greatest team of IPS Office Bearers and EC Members, who stood with unity and integrity to uphold the ideals of our beloved society and kept no stone unturned to keep the Flag of IPS flying high. I deeply appreciate your help.

I want to thank the members of the individual Zones and State Branches, specially the Presidents and all the EC members for their hard work and innovations. You have made us very proud.

My special gratitude and thanks to the 83 Subcommittees, Specialty Sections and Task Forces, led by the Chairpersons, Co-Chairpersons and Convenors, and ably guided by the Advisors for their outstanding work , which is honourably reflected in the Yearbook of 2021-2022.

I gratefully thank our colleagues from the SAARC Countries and the Presidents of the different Associations , who made the International collaborations seamless and strengthened the bilateral relationships.

We have been partners in many International Conferences, including on Yoga and Meditation, Annual Conference by Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations, SAARC Psychiatric Federation amongst others. We have been partners in the WPA sponsored Online certified course in Yoga and Mental Health. I had the honour to represent India in conferences organised by Four countries , two of which ( UK and Nepal ) I visited personally and two ( Pakistan and New Zealand ) online.

I am also extremely happy to Launch the IPS App, which I am sure you will find extremely helpful in your everyday practise. We also released the IPS Foundation day theme song, which was performed by 19 psychiatrists in 17 languages. And finally I am sure you will enjoy reading the work of all our 83 committees and take great pride in the Yearbook that will be released today.

When I was installed as the President of Indian Psychiatric Society on 30th JAN 2021, I had outlined an Action Plan for the Year 2021-22. I would like to summarise the work and activities that we have together achieved successfully.

1. Education , Training and Research

IPS Course and Certification Sub Committee now has plans in place for Five Certified Courses, which have got WPA accreditation and One of these courses has already been completed.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Message from President (Contd.)

We are collaborating partner with NIMHANS, for the WPA Certified Online Yoga

Course in Mental Health, which was conducted over 6 days in Nov – Dec 2021.

Digital CME for on-going psychiatric training and education to work further on the theme of Smart Psychiatry.

Our Three Subcommittees, Undergraduate Education, Post-Graduate Psychiatry Education and IPS Faculty Training have done incredible amount of work which is summarised in the Yearbook.

IPS has submitted a proposal to WPA for a Multicentre Study on Symptom profile and stigma experienced by patients with First episode depression .

Across the Country there has been numerous research projects which are mentioned in the report of the Research and Training Committee and the Journal Committee report by our Hon Editor Dr O P Singh, will inform us of the highly acclaimed work by our clinicians and researchers which has boosted the Impact Factor of the journal.

2. Collaboration and Partnership with Government and other Agencies

We held meetings with other Health sectors of Govt of India and placed proposals for undertaking training programmes for Health care workers, Physicians, Auxiliary workers and allied professionals.

We had a meeting with the Chairman of Niti Ayog and were requested to submit our mental health strategy proposals supported by evidence based studies. Following this we submitted the document , Mission School again, which was sent to all State Governments .

As the President of IPS , I participated in an All India panel discussion organised by Dr N K Arora on behalf of Covid 19 Task Force India, in association with Regional Outreach Bureau and Press Outreach Bureau, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ( Chandigarh Branch ) and UNICEF.

3. Advocacy of Mental Health

Our entire years’ work has been focussed on this theme , directly or indirectly. We have been a strong advocate of the Mental Health and Social Rights of Children and Adolescents, LGBTQ Community, Older Adults, Covid 19 warriors, amongst others. The theme of this year’s Foundation Day, A Health Mind for a Better and Longer Life, was chosen along the same theme of Advocating for more focus and more investment in mental health.

4. Collaboration with International Psychiatric Associations

We worked closely with World Psychiatric Association, Royal College of Psychiatry, UK, British Indian Psychiatric Association, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Indo – American Psychiatric Association, Nepal, Pakistan and other


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Message from President (Contd.)

SAARC countries and took forward many discussions of collaborative and partnership

working. We can proudly say that IPS is now eminently visible in the Global platform.

We organised Three Major International Conferences in partnership with World Psychiatric Association, International Yoga Day and Conference on Spirituality, International Conference of AFPA and SAARC Psychiatric Conference in 2021.

5. National Suicide Help Line

National Suicide Help Line was launched on 16th Oct 2021 by Dr Afzal Javed, President of WPA and is running successfully across the country.

6. Liaison with Other Medical Specialities

We have conducted regular webinars with IMA, FOGSI and other societies.

It feels we have worked over and above our abilities, with selfless dedication and commitment and the cloud of pandemic could not dampen our spirit even by an inch. I feel hugely blessed as the President of Indian Psychiatric Society, to be handing over the prestigious baton to our highly acclaimed and esteemed colleague Dr N N Raju, for whom I leave behind, my heartfelt wishes and prayers for a fantastic year and beyond. I am more than confident, that IPS will rise to greater heights under his leadership.

I pray for the health and safety of all our members and extend my deepest respect and pranam to my seniors.

Long live IPS.

Dr. Gautam Saha


Indian Psychiatric Society


Indian Psychiatric Society


Indian Psychiatric Society

It is a privilege to pen few words for the yearly book of Indian Psychiatric Society. It is no overstatement to declare 2021 as most challenging year throwing all plans out of gear. In spite of the hard times, many members of Indian Psychiatric Society have contributed immensely in conducting seminars, workshops, symposiums etc., As always friends from Kolkata have organized unique programs like showcasing their painting skills in an art exhibition held in Academy of Fine Arts. The high point was conducting an international conference of SAARC nations wherein Dr.Gautam Saha was inducted as President.

Many states and zonal branches have defied COVID in bringing the academic talents of young psychiatrists during their annual conferences. The dedication to serve the Society by the organizers of various conferences and meetings was a sheer pleasure, to be experienced to believe. The advent of online interactions is a mixed bag. While it took away the sheen of physical inter actions, it allowed many form various corners of the country and world to come on to the screen to disseminate the knowledge and wisdom.

The resurgence of COVID was salt rubbed on injury especially to those organizing ANCIPS 2022 after the earlier postponement from January 2021 to January 2022. With all arrangements in place and delegates rearing to go, the spurt in Omicron case really poured water on the spirit of every member.

While there is no escape but to face the reality, let the services rendered by medical fraternity in serving the human mankind in a very testing times be remembered for many years and pray for the souls who lost their lives in their national duty.

I wish a happy and healthy life for all fellow members and looking forward to return of those cheerful days of camaraderie. Take care and be safe.

Long live Indian Psychiatric Society

Dr N N Raju


Indian Psychiatric Society


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Hony. General Secretary

Indian Psychiatric Society

Dear Members and Fellows of Indian Psychiatric Society

As the Hon General Secretary, I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our Members for standing together and by each other in this unprecedented year of the Pandemic. Over the last year, I have received unconditional support and immediate response from each and every member whenever I approached them. And it is only because of this dedication and love of the members for the society, that I have successfully completed my tenure.

I am deeply satisfied to see this Yearbook being published for the First Time and for this I specially thank our President Dr Gautam Saha. This book will for ever remain a testimony to our United work for the Society and each year we should try to make newer innovations and champion new ideas.

The Hon General Secretary’ s report has a summary of our Event Calendar and all the activities of our Society. May we continue in our mission for better services of our patients and the society. And of course , in so doing, may we also remember to look after ourselves and our families always.

I wish you all a safe and blessed year ahead.

Dr. TSS Rao

Hony. General Secretary Indian Psychiatric Society


Indian Psychiatric Society

Hony. Treasurer

Indian Psychiatric Society

I am extremely happy to be part of the IPS team, with the extraordinary effort and initiative of our dynamic president Dr Goutam Saha we are able to take out the Year Book of Psychiatry for the first time so casing the examplary work of our subcommittee and Task force over last one year. This will be soon on the hand of our esteemed members and will work as motivational factors for our younger friends. My best wishes for the monogram, Long Live IPS.

Dr (Surg Cdr Retd) Kshirod K Mishra

Hony. Treasurer

Indian Psychiatric Society


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Hony. Editor

Indian Psychiatric Society

I am really happy and privileged to know that for the first time Indian Psychiatric Society is publishing a Year book. This has been possible due to leadership of our president Dr Gautam Saha and also the hard work he has put into it. This is an unique contribution which will catalogue and showcase different works done by the society and also its subcommittees which has been very active in spite of pandemic. This document will show the resilience of IPS and be a test among to their efforts in this challenging year. I am very proud to be a part of IPS EC for this year .

Year book will also be an inspiration for future generations. Wishing all the best .

Long Live IPS.

Dr. Om Prakash Singh

Hony Editor

Indian Psychiatric Society


Indian Psychiatric Society

Imm. Past President

Indian Psychiatric Society

Dear Members and Fellows of Indian Psychiatric Society

It is an occasion of great joy for me to see this year book being published by Indian Psychiatric Society. This is a fantastic initiative and is a true testimony of the dedication , hard work and commitment of our members who have shouldered the responsibility of their individual committees. All our members have carried out their responsibilities with great enthusiasm and I am sure you will enjoy reading the reports of our committees.

I thank all the members for their contribution and congratulate the entire team of office bearers of Indian Psychiatric Society led by our dynamic President Dr Gautam Saha.

Long Live IPS


Dr. P K Dalal

Imm. Past President Indian Psychiatric Society

YEARBOOK 2021-22

Dear Friends,

I wish you all good health. Long Live IPS.

Imm. Past General Secretary

Indian Psychiatric Society

It is a matter of great joy to write a message for the IPS Yearbook. During the last year IPS has been extremely vibrant and filled with innumerable activities. As an Office Bearer I am extremely proud of the work each and every member has contributed in this difficult time of the pandemic.

It adds to my delight that I led the organising team of first ever IPS Foundation Day at Patna and World mental Health Week on Zoom and at Delhi.

For the first we linked Writer-Director Gulzar and Grammy Award Winner musician Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.

Let’s keep striving to enrich not only the science of psychiatry but also improving patient care in all dimensions. Enough has been done but “more enough” have to be done.

Over the next few years, under the future leadership of IPS, we are sure to see more of this fantastic work .

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Imm. Past General Secretary Indian Psychiatric Society


Respected Seniors & Dear Colleagues,

Season’s Greetings!!!

I feel proud & privileged to express my thoughts as an Imm. Past Treasurer, Indian Psychiatric Society. Thank you very much President Dr. Gautam Saha & Honorary General Secretary Dr. TSS Rao.

Throughout the year, even though majority of events were online, I have enjoyed all the events. Our enthusiastic & dynamic President has proved himself as an eminent & great leader. He was very much dashing with full democratic approach to each & every one. His innovative ideas has taken IPS to greater heights. IPS is taken into consideration, with enough weightage by many organizations, government offices & other medical fraternities.

I congratulate President, HGS & his team & wish all the best to the incoming leader Dr. N.N. Raju.

With kind regards, Yours sincerely,


Indian Psychiatric Society

Imm. Past Treasurer

Indian Psychiatric Society

Dr. Mukesh P. Jagiwala

Imm. Past Treasurer Indian Psychiatric Society

YEARBOOK 2021-22


Amidst the stringent protocols of Covid 19 pandemic, Indian Psychiatric Society hosted the Presidential Installation Ceremony in Hybrid Mode, at Kolkata, India hosting nearly 250 guests and another 700 guests watched the programme live.

The ceremony marked the installation of Dr Gautam Saha as the President of IPS for 2021- 2022. He took over from Prof. Pronob Dalal, who held the reins exceptionally well as President during the unprecedented times of the Pandemic. The occasion was graced by Padma Shri Prof. B N Gangahar, as the Inaugurator and Prof Afzal Javed, President of World Psychiatric Society as the Guest of Honour. Other dignitaries included Prof T S S Rao, Hon Gen Sec of IPS, Prof K K Mishra , Hon. Treasurer of IPS , Prof O P Singh, Hon Editor of Indian Journal of Psychiatry and Mr Sanjay Singh, IPS, Additional DIG of West Bengal Govt.

In his welcome speech, Prof O P Singh, cited this as a historic occasion as Dr Saha was being installed as President in his hometown of erstwhile Kolkata, on the Birth Anniversary of Late Girindra Sekhar Bose, a great scientist, rich academician and a prolific writer who had introduced Psychoanalysis in India. This was followed by the Inaugural Song by Dr Neelanjana Paul and the Virtual Lamp Lighting with Saraswati Vandana. In the Indian Tradition of offering our respect to our teachers (gurus) , a dance recital on Guru Vandana was performed by Dr Rajashree Ray and sung by Dr Sanchari Roy. The Annual Report of the Society was presented by Prof TSS Rao and the evening proceeded with Presidential Remarks by Prof P K Dalal.

Prof Dalal went on to introduce the New President, with a 10 min documentary – A Walk down memory lane – Memoirs of Dr Gautam Saha, following which the change of medallion and installation of the New President took place. Dr Saha outlined the Action Plan for 2021 – 2022. The Ceremony progressed with Felicitations of 5 Distinguished Achievers in the last year in Indian Psychiatric Society – Prof B N Gangadhar, Dr. R. Thara, Prof C Andrade, Prof K S Jacob and Prof O P Singh. All the Past Presidents, Honorary Secretaries, Honorary Treasures and Hon Editors of Indian Psychiatric Society were felicitated for their contribution to the society. The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Dr Amrit Pattojoshi.


Indian Psychiatric Society


AFPA International Hybrid Congress Organized By Indian Psychiatric Society On Behalf Of Afpa

In the middle of the auspicious week of the universally famous Durga Puja, Kolkata woke up to welcome the delegates to the AFPA International Hybrid Webinar Congress 2021, on Saturday 16TH Oct 2021. This exclusive event was organised by the Indian Psychiatric Society, on behalf of Asian Federation of Psychiatric Association. This conference was hosted at the picturesque Mon Niye Gardens, Kolkata and on the Zoom Platform.

The Executive Committee Members of AFPA, President Malcolm Hopwood (Australia), President Elect Dr G Prasad Rao (India), Immediate Past President Dr Afzal Javed (UK), Secretary General Dr Nova Riyanti Yusuf (Indonesia), Secretary for Science Dr Roger Ng (Hong Kong), Secretary for Education and Training Dr Rene M Samaniego (Phillippines) and Secretary for Finance Dr Samudra Kathriarachchi had been gracious with their full support and help for the conference.

The Organising Committee of Dr G Prasad Rao (Chairperson). Dr Gautam Saha (Secretary) and Dr Rajashree Ray (Convenor) have the great privilege to submit the post conference report of the hugely successful event.

The day started with the Inauguration at 9.30 am IST. Dr Prasasd Rao welcomed the dignitaries, delegates and the faulty and gave a brief outline of the days programme. We invoked the blessings of the Almighty with the Vedic Mantras and Saraswati Vandana, sung by Dr Sanchari Ray. With the Lighting of the Lamp the Chief Guest Dr Afzal Javed, President of World Psychiatric Association, officially inaugurated the Conference and Addressed the esteemed participants. This was followed by the Presidential Remarks by Dr Malcolm Hopwood and the Vote of Thanks by Organising Secretary, Dr Gautam Saha.

The first Scientific Session, started with the Keynote Lecture by Prof Norman Sartorius (Switzerland), on the Future of Psychiatry and the Commentary was delivered by Prof Afzal Javed (UK) . The session was Chaired by Dr Prasad Rao and Dr Gautam Saha from India. The session continued with the First Panel Discussion on the topic – AFPA and Future of Psychiatry CIRCA 2025. This was Chaired by Dr Sudarshan Pradhan (Nepal) and Dr N N Raju (India) and Moderated by Dr O P Singh (India). The panellists included Dr Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Japan), Dr Shiv Gautam (India), Dr Roger Ng (Hong Kong) and Dr Vinay Lakra (Australia). The panellists discussed on the topics related to Stigma in Mental Health in Asian Countries, Future vision of Psychiatry in Indian Perspective, Psychiatry education across AFPA – the challenges and Brain Drain and Reverse Brain


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Drain across AFPA.

The second session before Lunch was divided into three parts, The first lecture was by Dr Malcolm Hopwood on New Guidelines of Pharmacology of Bipolar Disorder and was chaired by Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar (Pakistan) and Dr P K Dalal (India). The second talk. Titled – Don’t Worry, Be happy – The pursuit for happiness was delivered by Dr E Mohan Das (India). This was chaired by Dr K K

Mishra (India) and Dr Amrit Pattojoshi

(India). The Second Session concluded

with a Panel Discussion on Mental

Health Policies and Services in Asian

Countries. The Panel was moderated by

Dr Mohan Isaac (Australia) and Chaired

by Dr R R Ghosh Roy (India) and Dr

L Rathi (India). Delegates had a fantastic glimpse of the Mental health policies from Perspective of Japan from Dr Winston Shen `(Taiwan), Perspective of Sri Lanka from Dr Shehan S Williams (Sri Lanka) and Perspective of Pakistan from Dr Nasar Khan (Pakistan).

The post lunch session incorporated two panel discussions. The first one was on Mental Health Delivery Across AFPA which was moderated by Dr Vidyadhar Wadhve (India) and Chaired by Dr Savita Malhotra (India) and Dr Tophan Pati (India). The panellists included Dr Harish Gambheera (Sri Lanka) who spoke on Legal issues in mental health care in SrI Lanka, Dr Golam Rabbani (Bangladesh) who spoke on Mental Health Services in Bangladesh and Dr Rene Samaniego (Philippines) highlighted the key areas of Mental Health legislation in Phillippines.

The final scientific session was a panel on Psychosexual health during and post – Covid: Innovations and Challenges across the globe. This was a very interesting session chaired by Dr Mrugesh Vaishnav (India) and Dr Vinay Kumar (India) and moderated by Dr TSS Rao (India). The distinguished panellists included Dr Radwa Abdelazim (Egypt) speaking on Update from the WPA – Psychiatry and Human Sexuality Section, Dr Mohammad Shamsul Ahsan (Bangladesh), speaking on A SASSM Persective in Sexual Medicine Training and Dr Debanjan Banerjee (India) on Psychosexual health challenges and relationships during the pandemic – an Indian Primer.

The day concluded with the Valedictory session led by Dr Amrit Pattojoshi and the Vote of Thanks by Dr Arabinda Brahma and the Indian National Anthem. Other Members of the Organising Committee from India, Dr Ranjan Bhattacahryya, Dr Naresh Vadlamani, Dr Sarmistha Chakrabarti, Dr Kaustav Chakraborty, Dr Sharmila Sarkar and Dr Tirthankar Dasgupta were also present.

The conference was attended by 380 delegates in the combined mode. The full proceedings are available to watch on


Indian Psychiatric Society


The 12th SAARC International Psychiatry Conference was organised by SAARC Psychiatric Federation with joint collaboration of World Psychiatric Association, AFPA and Indian Psychiatric Society. It was held at Novotel, Kolkata from 16th to 18th December 2021. SAARC Psychiatry Conferences has been in recent times a leading activity in Mental Health Arena for our country and the

SAARC region . Kolkata known, as the “City of Joy, also commonly known as the ‘Paris of the East’ has a happy amalgamation of different cultures, styles and moods, coupled with numerous forms of industries, commerce and academic activities.

This year’s conference was conducted in the Hybrid Mode with speakers from the SAARC countries and beyond. It was truly an academic extravaganza with 7 Plenary sessions, 19 Invited Talks, 17 Symposiums, 3 Workshops and 2 Award Sessions during the three days of the conference. The Theme: “Psychiatric Services in Developing Countries – Challenges Ahead” focused on various aspects of mental health related to biological, social, economic and political issues of the developing countries.

The Plenary sessions were delivered by Dr Femi Oyebode (UK), Dr Adrian James (UK), Dr Macheri Keshavan (USA), Dr Sudarshan Pradhan (Nepal), Dr I A Dogar (Pakistan), Dr E Mohan Das (India) and Dr IRS Reddy (India) .

The Inauguration Ceremony

was held in the morning of 17th Dec 2021, and was graced by the Inaugurator Swami Atmapriyanandaji, Vice-Chancellor, Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Belur Math and Chief Guest Mr Nick Lowe, British Deputy-High Commissioner. Smt Alokananda Ray, Danseuse and Social Reformer and Dr B N Gangadhar, President of Medical Assessment and Regulatory Board were the Guest of Honours.

The New President of SAARC Dr Gautam Saha was installed at the Inauguration Ceremony for a two year term.

The conference was attended by nearly thousand delegates in the Hybrid Mode. The Organising committee was led by the Chairperson Dr (Brig) MSVK Raju, Secretary Dr

Gautam Saha and Treasurer Dr Rajashree Ray.


Dr Rajashree Ray

YEARBOOK 2021-22


Echoes of Inner Minds – Exhibition of Paintings by Psychiatrists

As part of 12th SAARC International Psychiatry Conference 2021 held in Novotel, Kolkata, India from 16th to 18th December 2021, an exhibition of Visual Art named “Echoes of Inner Minds” was organised by seven Psychiatrists at the Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata from 11th to 17th Dec 2021. As we all recognise the need for Creative Arts as part of Complementary Therapies in recovery and rehabilitation of patients accessing mental health services. This exhibition portrayed the exceptional work of Psychiatrists, who are passionate artists and integrate the principles of art therapy in clinical services. Eminent artist Mr. Hiran Mitra inaugurated the Exhibition on the 11th Dec, 2021 at 4 pm.

Though all the artists have their different style and theme of our individual paintings, but they are united through the Echoes of Inner Minds. Dr Debasis Bhattacharrya expresses a festive mood by creating a sense of rhythm and movement while Dr Goutam

Bandyopadhyay paints the dynamic actions of the outer world as reflected in the inner minds, captured through individual lenses. Dr Abhiruchi Chatterjee depicts his interest in people, their interaction, emotion and personality through his artwork while Dr. Suddhendu Chakraborty thinks that’s exactly how our modern brain looks like. It needs the mechanics to move on. The canvas for him is human mind, the strokes and its emotions. Dr Soumitra Datta depicts the connectedness in modern life emphasising that people may be alone but not always lonely, depicting various predicaments of modern life while Dr Bhaktishree Raha focuses on paintings that depict happiness of human relations along with beliefs associated with our Creator. Dr Rajashree Ray specialises in Mandala Art, and ancient form mentioned in the Rig–Vedas, meaning circle in Sanskrit symbolising the picture of the universe, representing infinity, timelessness, and unity. The unifying theme for all is our quest for happiness in our minds.


Indian Psychiatric Society


The World Music Day (21st June) was celebrated by IPS on 23rd June, 2021, in a webinar format.

The programme lasted for more than 4 hours. Around 25 psychiatrists spanning across the length and breadth of the country, performed with songs, recitations, instrumental music and dance.

The event was facilitated by Dr. Rajashree Ray and Dr. Abir Mukherjee.

Whilst Dr. Rajashree asked the participants interesting questions like their birthplace, memory of their childhood, favourite food and a remarkable moment in their lives, Dr. Abir

chipped in with interesting questions related to the song and contextually on other correlated areas, in the form of a musical quiz.

The whole programme was presided over by Dr. Gautam Saha, President, Indian Psychiatric Society.

On 1st January, 2022, an evening of music and chit chat was organised in webinar format, by IPS. The principal facilitators for the evening were Dr. Rajashree Ray, Dr. Abir Mukherjee and Dr. Sayandip Ghosh.

Thr highlights of the evening were individual

song, dance, poetry and instrumental

performances by at least 20 psychiatrists from

all over India, an exciting musical quiz spanning

4 rounds and a Christmas Carol ensemble by

the children, supervised by their parents. Most

of the IPS office bearers graced the occasion and inspired the participants and organisers.

Dr Abir Mukherji & Dr Rajashree Ray


YEARBOOK 2021-22

ACTIVITIES OF INDIAN PSYCHIATRIC SOCIETY IPS Foundation Day Celebration – 7th January, 2022

The Fellows and Members of Indian Psychiatric Society, the largest Professional Organisation of Psychiatrists in India, with an active and strong body of 8000 members, celebrated their 76th Foundation Day, in the Hybrid Mode on the 7th Jan 2022. The Day started with 50 members at the Physical Venue at ITC Royal, Kolkata and hundreds joined on the Zoom Platform and watched the proceedings in the Social Media.

The day started with the Office Bearers of IPS, Dr Gautam Saha ( President ), Dr N N Raju ( President Elect ), Dr TSS Rao ( Hon Gen Sec ), Dr K K Mishra ( Hon Treasurer ) and Dr OP Singh ( Hon Editor ) hoisting the Flag of Indian Psychiatric Society, and Inaugural Address by Dr Gautam Saha . In his Presidential Address, he outlined the achievements of the Society for better patient care in the last year and thanked all the members for their sterling support in the entire duration of the Pandemic. He paid his deep respect to all the seniors of the Organisation and pledged to conduct awareness programme across the country to be an advocate for the society. He released the All India Radio Jingle, wishing the Organisation a Happy Foundation Day, which was played in 4 national radio channels during the day.

The theme of the Day was A Healthy Mind for a Better and Longer Life and wished everyone to be happy, be healthy and live long. This was followed by the Lamp Lighting by the dignitaries and Inaugural song by Dr

Rajashree Ray, invoking the blessings of the

Almighty, with Vedic Shlokas.

The Organisation released its Foundation Day Theme Song, presented by 19 Psychiatrists across India in 17 Languages. The Song highlighted the spirit of Unity in Diversity.


Indian Psychiatric Society


The glorious history of Indian Psychiatric Society was presented by Dr Ranjan Bhattacharyya and was hugely appreciated by all members who attended. Following this all the Office Bearers congratulated the entire Team of Members of IPS for the outstanding work during the year. The Chief Guest of the Foundation Day, Dr R R Ghosh Roy ( Past Hon Sec of SAARC Psychiatric Foundation) stressed the huge importance of the role of professionals in being advocates of our patients and their families. Prof B N Gangadhar, Guest of Honour, congratulated the IPS members for their work all-round the year, and stressed the value of integrating yoga and meditation for holistic health for all.

The Day proceeded with the Panel discussion on the Theme, and was moderated by Prof OP Singh. The speakers, Dr Gautam Saha, Dr TSS Rao, Dr KK Mishra and Dr Prabir Paul, gave numerous examples on the importance of maintaining good mental health, for a better and longer life in all aspects.

The Society had organised a Video Competition for Post Graduate Students across the country. There were 10 entries of exceptional high qualities, promoting positive mental health and talking of ways to destigmatise mental health. The two best entries were awarded. There was another essay competition for Undergrduate students on promoting mental health and the two best entries were awarded.

The Lifetime Achievement award for IPS West Bengal State Branch was presented to Dr Dinen Banerjee amidst huge round of applause from the audience. Two local NGOs in Kolkata associated with Mental

Health Care, presented their work in the community and highlighted the immense contribution of NGOs in social rehabilitation.

Finally 9 psychiatrists of Kolkata presented an audio play, on the life and sacrifices of doctors and appeal to the public to stop all violence on doctors. The Day concluded with a very positive note, and the members pledged to devote their time and commitment for the better health and life of their patients.

Dr Gautam Saha, President Indian Psychiatric Society


YEARBOOK 2021-22


International Psychogeriatric Association organised panel discussion

As a part of Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week, had a panel discussion “Mental healthcare services and advocacy for the older people amidst COVID crisis: Voices from South Asia” organized by International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA) in conjunction with the World Psychiatric

Association, Indian Psychiatric Society, SAARC Psychiatric Federation, and the Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations.

World Mental Health Day celebrated at Delhi

On 10th October, 2021, on behalf of Indian Psychiatric Society celebrated World Mental Health Day at Delhi. It was proud feeling that even in pandemic our organization is doing continuously good works. Sincere thanks to Dr. Vinoy Kumar (Org. Chairperson) and Dr Brahmdeep Sindhu (Org Secretary) for organizing such an excellent program.All

members of IPS observed the the day in their local level.

IPS President attended as speker in BIPA in Birmingham, England

President of Indian Psychiatric Society attended British Indian Psychiatric Association (BIPA) conference at Birmingham on 13th and 14th November, 2021 and spoke as invited speaker on “ PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF COVID 19 .. AN INDIAN

PERSPECTIVE.. WHAT WE CAN LEARN “. It was wonderful moments to meet with Dr. Andrian James (President of Royal College of Psychiatry, Dr. Dinesh Bhugra ( Past President of WPA and Royal College of Psychiatry ) , Subodh Dhave ( Dean of Royal College of Psychiatry ), Dr. Santosh Mudholkar (Past President of BIPA) and all esteemed members of BIPA.


Indian Psychiatric Society


Yoga in Mental Health WPA Certified Comprehensive Online Educational Course

This Course was Organised By World

Psychiatric Association In Collaboration

with Indian Psychiatric Society and

NIMHANS, India (WPA Collaborating

Centre). The Course Administrators were Prof Afzal Javed ( Patron ) , Dr Gautam Saha and Prof P. Murthy (Directors) and Dr Rajashree Ray ( Moderator). For the Two day Free Orientation Sessions, 390 delegates registered. The Four day paid course was attended by 95 delegates across the World.

8th National Conference of Psychiatrists – Association of Nepal

President Dr. Gautam Saha participated in 8th National Conference of Psychiatrists in Nepal held on 28th – 30th October, 2021. Also delivered a talk with topic “Older Adult Mental Health Card in India – Current Scenario and Challenges”.

WPA Action In Emergencies and Catastrophes

On 21st October, 2021 took part in faculty meeting on WPA ACTION IN EMERGENCIES AND CATASTROPHES in World Congress of World Psychiatric Society ( WPA ). Prof. Afzal Javed, President

WPA, Prof. Helen Herrman Imm. Past President of WPA, Prof. Norman Sartorius, Chair, Scientific Committee organized an excellent scientific program. Other participants are current or past presidents of different international psychiatrists organizations which includes Prof. Vinay Lakra (Australia), Prof. Khalid Prof. Mufti (Pakistan), Bernardo (Mexico), Prof. Adrian James (UK), Prof. Kanba (Japan)


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Pre-AGBM EC Meeting on 30th January 2021 Post-AGBM EC Meeting on 31st January at Kolkata 2021 at Kolkata

2nd March, 2021: Letter to Niti Aayog & Chairman NEGVAC – Request for inclusion of people with mental illness to the list of COVID -19 vaccination comorbidities

6th March, 2021: Meeting with Press – Media Matters and Mental Health during Pandemic

11th June, 2021: Multi Centric Study & Travel Fellowship program

21st June, 2021: Letter to Ministry of Health & Ministry of Women and Child Development – Emotional Support and psychiatric first aid for orphans of COVID 19 victims by the Indian Psychiatric Society

25th June, 2021: Mental Health Free Helpline Service for the public in coordination with 640+ IPS members as volunteers

17th July, 2021: Collaboration with WPA for Short Certificate Courses by Indian Psychiatric Society – as part of skill development for psychiatrists and accreditation for Credit Hours from WPA

4th August, 2021: Advocacy for the re-opening of the schools and colleges across the country – letter to Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Minister of Women, Child Development, Ministry of Education and to Chief Ministers of all states and to leading Press – print and electronic media.

4th August, 2021: Release of booklet for the re-opening of the schools and colleges across the country – prepared by IPS with joint efforts from NIMHANS and IACAM

15th August, 2021: IPS Registered office – President Dr. Gautam Saha inaugurated the Registered Office of Indian Psychiatric Society on 15th of August, 2021. Thanks to IPS Bihar State Branch.


Indian Psychiatric Society


28th August, 2021: Journal (impact factor 1.759) and Publication of 18+ books in pipeline

28th August, 2021: SUB-COMMITTEES; SPECIALTY SECTIONS; TASK FORCES; BRANCHES – successfully conducting Webinars, Online CMEs, CME series, awareness program, competitions almost alternative days.

28th August, 2021: Publishing the newsletter June 2021 issue is circulated online and the print version. The next issue will focus on the activities of our zonal branches.

28th August, 2021: IPS National Mid-Term CME, Delhi

13th September, 2021: Message from President, IPS on Suicide to the people of India

16th September, 2021: Message from President, IPS – Behavioral Addiction CME: Challenges and Opportunities (BACME-2021) held online on 24-25th September 2021

16th September, 2021: Message from President, IPS to Zone & State Branches on their Annual Conferences

18th September, 2021: ANCIPS 2022 Invitation letters to Prof. Ranga Ram, Prof. Afzal Javed, Prof. Norman Sartorius, Prof. Ananta Dave, Prof. Dinesh Bhugra, Prof. Danuta Wasserman, Prof. Vivian B. Pender, Prof. Petr Victorovich Morozov, Prof. Danuta Wasserman, Prof. Pichet Udomratn, Prof. Petr Victorovich Morozov.

28th September, 2021: Letter to Press on the occasion of National Program on World Mental Health Day held on 10th October 2021 at Delhi.

9th October, 2021: Letter from President, IPS to the Hon’ble Minister Shri. Mansukh Mandaviya Ji, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, seeking appointment for a meeting

9th October, 2021: The meeting of the Executive Council of Indian Psychiatric Society held on Saturday, 9th October 2021 from 5.00 pm in HYBRID Mode at Hotel Le Meridien, Janpath, New Delhi 110001

10th October, 2021: Press Release from President IPS on WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2021 with the Theme: Mental health in an unequal world.

13th October, 2021: Message from President, IPS to the IPS West Zone on the release of membership Directory of West Zone.

25th October, 2021: Letter from President, IPS to Sri. Bratya Basu, Hon’ble Minister- in-Charge, Department of School Education, Govt. of West Bengal & Dr. Shashi Panja,


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge, Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare on strategy for the re-opening of the schools in West Bengal.

8th November, 2021: Invitation Letter from President, IPS to Prof. Florence Thibaut, President, International Association of Women’s Mental Health to be key note speaker of the 5th National Symposium of Women Mental Health Speciality Section and Perinatal Psychiatry Task Force of IPS.

16th November, 2021: Letter from President, IPS to Mr. Narayan Swaroop Nigam, IAS, The Principal Secretary, DoHFW, GoWB for Shifting of Psychiatry OPD in RGKMCH, Kolkata.

21st November, 2021: eVoting for IPS Election 2022 started

27th November, 2021: IPS support letters for the IPS members who are applying to the

Royal College of Psychiatrists MTI Scheme.

1st December, 2021: Office Bearers Meeting & Scientific Committee Meeting of ANCIPS 2022 at Visakhapatnam, AP.

12th December, 2021: Letter to Shri Mansukh Mandaviya, Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare.

20th December, 2021: Notice & Agenda for AGBM, Minutes of last AGBM, resolution from members.

21st December, 2021: eVoting for IPS Election 2022 ended

6th January, 2022: IPS Office Bearers Meeting

8th & 12th January, 2022: Special EC Meeting to take decision on ANCIPS 2022, Vizag in context to the third wave of Covid.


Indian Psychiatric Society


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Indian Psychiatric Society

Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from NORTH ZONE

45th Annual conference of IPS – North Zone

45th Annual Conference of IPS- North Zone was organized on 23rd and 24th January 2021 via Hybrid mode. The theme of the conference was “Pandemic & Mental Health”. More than 600 delegates attended the conference. Dr. P K Dalal President IPS and Dr TSS Rao Hon. General Secretary IPS at that time joined the conference online, whereas Dr Gautam Saha, Dr. O P Singh and Dr. K K Mishra joined the conference in person.

IPS-NZ Midterm CME 2021

In view of COVID -19 guidelines by Government of India, Midterm CME of IPS-NZ was held via zoom platform on 4th July 2021. The event was organized office bearers of IPS North Zone. Theme of the CME was “Comorbidity in Psychiatry” and was attended by more than 300 delegates. Dr Gautam Saha, President IPS was the chief Guest and Dr N N Raju President Elect of the IPS was guest of honor.

PGDP 2021:

PGDP 2021 of IPS North Zone was organized via dual mode (with Limited no. of participants) from Srinagar. Dr Sandeep Kumar Goyal , President IPSNZ was organizing Chairperson and and Dr Ab. Majid, Secretary IPS North Zone was Organizing Secretary . The prestigious academic event was held on 11th & 12th September


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from NORTH ZONE (Contd.)

and the theme of the event was “Metabolic syndromes and Psychiatry”. Organizers have chosen faculty

from reputed institutions with theme as their special area of interest. More than 400 Postgraduate students participated in the program. Dr A G Ahanger , Director Skims was the chief guest and Dr. Irfan Rabbani , Principal SKIMS, Dr Gautam Saha , President IPS, and Dr N N Raju President Elect of the IPS were guest of honor.

Wednesday Learning’s (Weekly CME of IPS North Zone) :

Indian Psychiatric Society North

Zone as an innovation started

an online CME Series on every

Wednesdays to bridge the gap

created by COVID 19 Lockdown

between faculty and Psychiatrist

colleagues and residents. First CME was organized on 10th of March and till Now we

have organized 35 CME’S. Apart from regular CMES on every Wednesday we celebrated many days schizophrenia day, Delirium Day, Yoga Day, world suicide prevention day. CME received overwhelming participation by mental

health professionals. On the eve of 25th episode (Silver Jubilee), Dr Afzal Javed , President WPA sent a recorded message for the Success of CME series.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from NORTH ZONE (Contd.)

National Midterm CME -2021

IPSNZ was co-organizer in National Midterm CME -2021 on 28th & 29th August at Delhi. Theme was pandemic & mental health.CME was a great Success under the leadership of Dr. Desai, Dr Raheja & team.

Undergraduate Quiz:

UG Quiz was organized for the first time to improve the awareness &interest of UG students towards Psychiatry. It

was organized in 2 rounds. Screening round was conducted on 21st Nov 2021 and had 45 teams. There was a tough

Competition with tie for 2nd to

4th position.

Final round was held on 8th December 2021and had 7 teams. Raghav Jindal and Ishika Chitkara from the MMIMSR stood winners and they will represent the IPSNZ at national UG Psychiatry quiz at ANCIPS 2022. Dr Sandeep Grover was Quiz master in both the rounds. In the final round of quiz, Dr Gautam Saha, President IPS was the chief Guest and Dr N N Raju President Elect of the IPS was guest of honor.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from NORTH ZONE (Contd.)

Psychological first aid for counselors

than 800 counselors. Principal Secretary, Education department Sh. BK Singh was the chief Guest.

2nd awareness program with school counselors was organized on 7th October 2021. It was also attended by more than 800 counselors.

46th Annual conference of IPS North Zone:

of education department

On 11th September, In collaboration with, dept. of education, Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir, IPSNZ in Collaboration with Department of Psychiatry SKIMS Medical College, Srinagar organized Psychological first aid for counselors of education department. It was attended by more

46th Annual conference of IPS North Zone was

organized on 11th &12th December 2021 via dual mode at Chandigarh. The theme of the conference was “psychopharmacology”. Dr Sandeep Kumar Goyal , then President

IPSNZ was Organizing Chairperson and and Dr Ab. Majid, Secretary IPS North Zone was Organizing Secretary . Dr Gautam Saha , President IPS was the chief Guest and Dr N N Raju President Elect of the IPS was guest of honor. Past office bearers of the IPSNZ were felicitated at the inaugural function of the conference.

Compilation of the history of the zone

History of IPSNZ was compiled and published in the Journal of Mental Health and Human Behavior.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from SOUTH ZONE


54th Annual conference of Indian Psychiatric Society South Zonal Branch held atHotel Court Marriot Madurai on 22 -24th October 2021.The Conference wasorganised under Chairman

Dr K.Ramakrishnan, President

IPS SZBranch,Organising

Secretary Dr N.Arunkumar and

Scientific Committee headed

byDr M.Suresh Kumar. The theme

of the Conference is Disaster

Psychiatry –Coping,Connecting

and Caring- in alignment with the

current prevailingpandemic.This is

the first time where all National

Executives- President, Dr.Gautham Saha, VicePresident, Dr. N N Raju, Hon. Secretary Dr. T.S.S. Rao,Treasurer, Dr. K K Mishra, and Editor, Prof. O.P Singh participated in a zonalconference. The conference was well executed in hybrid mode, with four concurrentsessions. There were 940 registrations, out of which450 participants attendedphysically and 350 attended virtually.


• Hybrid Mode New Virtual Technology 4 Concurrent Sessions

• 940 Registrations 47 Eminent Speakers

• 136 Scientific Papers

• Short Film & Blitz Competitions

• Moot Court

• 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards And 2 Acharya Awards

Vishaka Oration Award October 2021

There were 29 academic sessions, 47 young generation psychiatrists shared their knowledge, and senior psychiatrists chaired the seminars. A separate workshop on

Indian Psychiatric Society


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

handling suicidal crisis by Dr.Vikas Menon was the first of its kind. Dr. Bharat Vatwani Dr. C. Ramasuramanian Dr. M. Sureshkumar Dr. T.S.S Rao Dr. M.S. Reddy Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients Acharya Award Recipients Moot court, blitz competition, and a short film competition have been introduced for the first time in the history of IPSSZB,

was all participatory & created a huge interest among the delegates. “9 Original Research Papers, 88 Scientific Papers, 37 Poster Presentation, 15 Poster For Shathavahana Best PG Poster Award, 16 Blitz Presentations, 14 Short Films, UG Psychiatry Quiz”,

Workshop On Dementia Care

During inauguration of the conference The President IPS SZ Dr Ramanan Earat took over the charge and addressed the delegates .In his Presidential address his journey in psychiatry was highlighted. At Zonal level first time in the history of IPS E- Voting 2021- 22 was conducted election results declared in AGBM. Dr K. Udayakumar elected as vice president and Dr Sahul Ameen re-elected as Editor and Dr Naresh Vadlamani elected as South Zone Representative. Initially, there was scepticism about whether IPSOCON can be conducted or not. But with the divine’s grace, we had a record attendance. We thank all of them for their love. We thank all the delegates who participated in high spirits, had temple darshans and honoured us.

IPS SZ Branch Midterm CME For Practitioners

South Zone Midterm CME For Practitioners on 24th and 25th May 2021 in hybrid modeat

Nizamabad, Telangana with the Theme : Emerging Frontiers in the field of Addiction Medicine.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

The second important event in IPS SZ Branch President elect Dr. N.N Raju was the Chief Guest of the CME. Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, President IPS SZB and the Hon. Secretary Dr. G. Suresh Kumar travelled to Nizamabad and chaired the inauguration. TSMC had given

EIGHT Credit hours for the CME Program. Around 800 delegates were attended. All the scientific deliberations by eminent Psychiatrists with the latest updates were well- appreciated, and the program ended with great success. IPS SZ Branch congratulate Dr. Vishal Akula & the team for the meticulous arrangements.


PROGRAMME 2021 on 24th &

25th July 2021 was organised by

the Department of Psychiatry,

DIMHANS, Dharwad, Karnataka,

under the aegis of IPS-SZB and

IPS-KC. The scientific topics were

handled by eminent speakers

focusing on the recent advances in psychiatry in neuroimaging, neurophysiology, biomarkers, pharmacogenetics, virtual workshops and many more. President and General Secretary attended in person for the program.The CME committee awarded Dr. Sarthak Kamata and Dr. Vidur Makkar, two young psychiatrists who stand as role models to many persons with different abilities. We thank Dr. Mahesh Desai & Dr. Ranganath R Kulkarni & the team for the tireless work. During the CME the President and the Secretary visited DIMHANS. The core team of DIMHANS for the good ambience, dedicated patient care, facilities, and maintaining digital records are,laudable.

Extraordinary General Body Meeting was conducted on 25.04.2021 at IPS South Zone Midterm CME for practitioners at Nizamabad, The Constitution committee, headed by Dr. Nambi and Dr. Abhay Matkar, Dr. Ramanan Earat, Dr. Ponnnnudurai and others as Members of the committee, have put lots of effort to

draft our new constitution. They have proposed several changes in our constitution in line with the IPS Central body; the same was circulated in our EC group for necessary suggestions and discussed in EC. Necessary amendments were made in


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

Extraordinary General Body Meeting, and our honourable members unanimously

accepted them.

This year onwards, EGB approved to conduct online voting (E-voting) only, no inperson or postal voting per the new constitution. The EC nominated the Election Commission for the smooth conduct of Elections. Election Commissionwas formed as per the new constitution guidelines consist of Dr.K.Sudharsan as Chief Election Commissioner Dr.R.Sabheshan as Returning Officer Dr. Kasthuri Pandiyan as a Member.The Chief Election Commissioner has sent Election Notifications through email to all the members, and all the necessary details were uploaded to our website. As per the new amendments, Two Zonal Representatives to the nation will be elected, and two Women Representatives from State to South Zone to encourage women representation in our society’s activities.President Ramakrishnan Sir thanked all the members of IPS-SZB for their support to bring out necessary the amendments.

IPS Foundation Day was observed on January 7th 2021, for the first time in the

history of IPS at Zonal, all the five states under the south zone and local psychiatric

societies conducted various programs and propagated the theme MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS.

At this juncture, we have

felicitated the past National

Presidents from the south

zone. They shared their

association with Society and

acknowledged the services


Secretaries, editors, and others who contributed to strengthening the IPS National, South Zone and the State branches under various capacities. All five states were observed the IPS Foundation Day and multiple programs were planned on this occasion.

Editors Report:

Our IJPM of IPS SZ Official publication in this organizational year,all six regular issues were published on time.They were themed on Pregnancy,Schizphrenia,Childrenand Adolscents,Bipolar disorders,old age. None of the issues exceeded the allotted page limits. The currentper-issue page-


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

limit of includes the masthead,advertisements,etc. the EC has permitted to hike it to 108 so that we can have 100 pages per articles. This will come intoeffect from the january 2022 issue.


In December2020,we published a supplement on the research protocols approved by ICMR Taskforce on Capacity Building for NMHP. ICMR has by now paid us the expenses. Another supplement on Geriatric Geropsychiatry was released in this IPSOCON.The guest Editors were Dr Mahesh Gowda, Dr Ramkumar GS and Dr Ravi philip rajkumar. President formed various sub committees representing all the states in each committee. The IPS south Zonal CME Subcommittee under the chairmanship of Dr V.K.Aravind got a new name as WISER (Wisdom of IPS, South zone for Education and Research). This program started on virtual platform and conducted on every 3rd Saturday of the month with each state participating on alternative months. The program speakers included many young psychiatric speakers from all the 5 states. A good number of participants were present for all the program conducted on line.

The program details of the CME activity for the last one year as follows :

S.No Date

1. 21.11.2021

2. 19.12.2021

4. 20.02.2021


Optimal use of ECT by

Topic 1 – Focus of glutamate in depression Topic 2- Management of TRD

Topic 1 Alcohol Dependence – Recent Ad- vances


Prof BN Gangadhar

Dr Rajesh Raman Dr Suresh Kumar

Dr Jayant Mahadeva


Dr K.Ramakrish- nan

DrTP Sudhakar

Dr Varghese Punnose



Topic 1 – Recent advances in understanding Schizophrenia Topic 2 – Physical health of patients with SMI- a case for the psychia- trists responsibility

Dr Ramya Sampath Dr Padmavathi

Dr Prabha S Chandra


YEARBOOK 2021-22

S.No Date

6. 24.04.2021 25.04.2021


Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.) Speaker


DrVidhu Ku- mar K

10. 24th & 25th JULY


Dr.Mahesh Desai – Org. Chairman Dr.Ragunath Kulkarni- Org. Secretary

Topic 2 Assessment and management of Internet addiction


Dr Arun Kandasamy



TOPIC 1 – Mind your Gut

Topic 2- When the sleep rhythm goes away – An approach to circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorder

Dr Aswin Krishnan Ajit

Dr Smitha Ramadas


Dr.Kishan – Org. Chairman Dr.Vishal Akula – Org. Secretary



Topic 1 – Male sexual Underperfor- mance-Understanding the reasonsbehind Topic 2 – Male sexual Underperfor- mance-Approach to management

Prof Dr Kota Suresh Kumar DrCH.Vamshi Krishna




Topic 1- Many guises ofADHAandprac- tical aspects of assessment Topic 2- ADHD and COVID -challenges and oppurtunities

Dr Keshav Rao Devulapally Dr Hri- shikesh Giri Prasad

ProfV Jayanthini



Topic 1- Medico legal aspects of suicide Topic 2 – Leveraging technology in suicide prevention

Dr Mahesh Gowda Dr Mohan Sunil Kumar

Dr S Mohan Raj



Topic 1 – Antipsychotics in pregnancy

and lactation -currentguidelinesTopic2 – Management of depression and anxiety disorders in surgical menopause

Dr R Radha rani

Dr A Vijaya Chandra Reddy

Dr A Jagadish



Topic 1- Neutraceuticalscurrent evidence in clinicalpracticeTopic 2 – Neutraceuti- cals: The unexplored and beyond

Dr Zoheb Raj Dr V Raj Mohan

Dr Ramanan Erat

IPS – South Zone Research Capacity Building Committee (RCBC)

A Novel initiative by IPS SZB in the form of an RCBC Training program.Open to all our south zone members of all age groups. Basic orientation in research methodologyand statistics how to conduct trails. Nominal Course Fees is fixed as Rs 1500/-The first batch was started with 38 members (a 3-month-long weekly course over 2-3 hours every weekend)Two potential training designs: A) All candidates work on assignments individually. The faculty cover 20-24 topics – two every session – in an interactive manner. Evaluations are on an individual basis B) The candidates are divided into 4-5 groups (State-wise or mix and match). They all draw lots on designs – RCT, Exploratory trials, Case-Control Studies,


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

Crosssectional studies, qualitative studies etFaculty are from across the country

who have extensive experience in research protocols. IPS SZB thank all of them for their extraordinary commitment, preparing for the class and spending time every Sunday.

IPS SZ Publication Subcommittee:

Bringing the Indian Psychiatric Update is a

brainchild of Dr Ramakrishnan, President,

IPSSZB, and would be in line with the standards

of international books. The first book in this

series titled, “Obsessive-Compulsive and

Related Disorders (OCRD)” was released during

IPS SZ Branch Midterm CME for Practitioners

.The second book on Culture-Bound Syndrome

was released on PG CME. The following issues

are behavioural addictions and Bipolar Disorder. Each book has several sub- topics authored by eminent Psychiatrists from India and abroad who are actively involved in those specialities. The publication Subcommittee chairman Dr B.Rajshekar and author had worked tirelessly to bring out the best in a very short period. We heartily congratulate the entire Publication team.

SAMANWI – “South zone branch of IPS Advocates for the Mental health and Awareness of the Newer Challenges in Women’s Issues.” SAMANWI is the women empowerment committee of the Indian Psychiatric Society South Zone branch is initiated by our president Dr. K. Ramakrishnan. The vision of SAMANWI is to ensure the mental health of women by promoting gender equality. SAMANWI aims to achieve this goal by promoting the sense of self-worth among women, increasing public awareness about the challenges, rights and opportunities of women, and by training positive mental health, coping skills, self-reliance, and resilience through awareness programs and workshops for the general public and

mental health professionals. The Official Launch and Installation of SAMANWI was on 29.12.2020 on an online platform.

13.02.2021 Topic : Understanding Victims Evolving Responses Chairperson :Dr. Savitha Malhotra, Former Dean & Head Dept of Psych PGIMER, Chandigarh Speaker : Padmasri Sunitha Krishnan, Founder -. Prajwala, Hyderabad Women’s


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

Day – Women Leadership Cyber & Workspace Security for Women. Chief Guest :Padma Bhushan Dr.M.Sarada Menon Keynote Address : Ms. Deepika Suri, Inspector General of Police.26.06.2021 Topic : Life Needs to Be Understood Backwards – Importance of Maternal Mental Health for Society Chairperson :Dr

S.M.Manohari, Prof. & Head – Dept.

of Psychiatry, St. John’s Medical College, Bengaluru. Speaker : Dr. Prabha S Chandra, Prof. of Psychiatry, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS International Women’s Day was celebrated by Honouring Padmasri Dr. Sarada Menon. She is the Senior Psychiatrist in India and founder of Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), Chennai. She is the first woman Psychiatrist in India Padma Vibhusan Awardee. At 98 years still, she is guiding young psychiatrists and giving consultations to


IPS SZ Suicide prevention program: this year turn is Kerala State Dr P. N. Suresh Kumar looked after the activities , they a conducted public awareness program in huge way jointly organising with IMA Kerala state , IMA Kozhikode and IPS SZ inviting the Honourable Mayor as chief guest and Dr Mohan Raj from Chennai cycle rally of 600 kms with distributing pamphlets and awareness camps


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

throughout journey necessary arrangements like food and accommodation were made by Athma Hospital Trichy. ALL the states were participated in various public

awareness programs to bring awareness in the public essay writing competition, role play are conducted.DrP.V.Bhandary World suicide prevention day awareness

program conducted by indian psychiatric society south zonal branch community

awareness cell , Udupi psychiatric society, 70 nurses and nursing students twenty MSW and MSc. Counsellors attended the program. A competition for best three- minute video evoked excellent response. Thirty videos were received. Three best videos have been selected for three prizes. Seeing small children who have sent meaningful videos we decided to give five consolation prizes also. Video display – Psychiatric illness leading to suicide, Treatment and prevention and stress management Role of Psychiatric nurse in suicide prevention. myths and facts about suicide Role play by on approach to a suicidal patient and warning signs and seek help. Dr Vishal Akula conducted big rally involving IMA,NGO, Paramedical staff wide coverage in print and electronic media about suicide prevention.

IPS SZ Community Awareness Subcommittee:

Important mental health days were observed by using various platforms. Dr K.Udaya kumar conducted a webinar on Oct 2, 2021. Topic: IPS South Zone – Community to Clinic – Bridging the Gap. Speaker : Dr. Karri Rama Reddy the program was well attended and appreciated. DR Siva Sailam An one day orientation program on Psychological First Aid for Mental Health Crisis was conducted for lay level workers/ Social Activists at Sneka Mind Care Institute, Tirunelveli On the World Mental Health Day celebrations, TKT Psychiatrist Association and Sneka Mind Care Centre organized a Cycle Rally to create awareness on Mental Illness at Tirunelveli which was flagged off by the PDJ Judge Mr. Nasseer Ahamed. Dr. Panneer Selvan addressed the gathering regarding the theme, Mental Health in an unequal world. A signature campaign was also conducted on that event to destigmatize and alleviate the ignorance on mental illness.

IPS South Zonal Branch website committee headed by Dr Mohan Sunil Kumar updated all our society activities, making it user-friendly and extending his technical support in updating our website. We recently requested all the members update their mobile number e-mail and addresses, which DR Mohan Sunil Kumar made easy to correct and update. Now using the social media like Facebook, YouTube and twitter all the activities conducted by IPS SZB will be


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

displayed in public platform to bring awareness and reach the public fast. Now

we are planning to release the new membership directory.

Spirituality and Yoga Committee headed by Dr. G Prasad Rao conducted programs for educational Institutes and professionals. International yoga day was observed

Guestlecture on “Knowing Psychiatry through Spirituality and Comparative Religions”. By eminent Speaker: Prof. Dr. E. Mohan Das, Past President, – IPS- SZB & IPS On 06.10.2021 at 8:00 PM on zoom platform the program was a great success.

State Branch Activities Report

All five states of IPS Andhra Pradesh, Telangana State, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Kerala State branches organised regular activities like state CME, PG Training Programs, and state conferences via. Hybrid mode using the digital platforms. IPS Tamil Nadu Chapter has started state RCBC training. All the states observed various important mental health days such as world Schizophrenia Day, World Bipolar day, International Sleep Day, No Tobacco Day and International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, World Autism Day, International Yoga Day. All the state and local branches observed Mental Health Week from October 4th to 10th and World Mental Health Day was observed on Oct 10th propagating the themeMental Health in an unequal world. Our President and myself and south zone Representative Dr Vishal were attended program organised by National IPS at NEW Delhi Various public health awareness activities are carried out by using print and electronic media.

IPS Karnataka Chapter designed and organised various series of weekly webinars

like Psychopathology and neuro Physiology useful to the Postgraduate Students. We are proud that IPS-Telangana & IPS Andhra Pradesh had launched a state branch of SAMANWI.

IPS-AP has launched Taskforce on Homeless Mentally Ill.

Kerala state conducted all activities in spite of COVID limitations on a digital platform many public awareness programs in addition to mandatory activities s like SIPSCON, Midterm CME.PG CME, World Mental Health Day and week, introduction of state helpline, UG and PG activities etc.

They launched Public Psychiatry whats app group ;Manasika Arogya Web portal Specific Learning Disability Facebook Page ,IPS Kerala Telephone helpline, In


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from SOUTH ZONE (Contd.)

collaboration with telemedicine unit of NIMHANS conducted various webinars

held to help in needy patients.

Individual Achievements

• DRG.PRASADARAOhonouredbyWPAasHonyFellow.

• PRESIDENTelectAsianFederationofPsychiatricSocieties,Worldfederation of Biological Societies, member in WPA Presendential panel, member planning committee WPA

• DR P.N.Suresh Kumar honoured with DR Vidyasagar award for best research paper in mental health by ICMR

• DRARUNBNAIRawardedManavaSevaRatnaawardforexcellenceinmental health


• DrB.N.GANGADHARelectedchairmanofethicscommitteeinNMCappointed as the Medical Assessment and Rating Board president at the National Medical Commission (NMC).

• Dr Pratima Murthy has been appointed as Director, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). She is the second lady to chair the post.

• Many of our members achieved various awards at individual capacities for rendering services to Psychiatry. My sincere congratulations on behalf of IPS South Zonal Branch to everyone for their valuable contribution and service to society

• ANCIPS 2022 will be held in physical form at Visakhapatnamon Jan 20th to 23rd 2022 at Vizag convention centre.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from WEST ZONE

IPS Foundation Day Celebration

IPS Foundation Day was

celebrated on 7th January 2021 at

various places by Zone members.

15 psychiatrists established

Indian psychiatric society on 7th

January 1947. Now our National

has more than 7500 members.

On occasion of IPS Foundation

Day a Hybrid mode program was

organized at Hotel Crowne Plaza,

Pune. Dr Mohan Agashe was a

guest speaker who spoke about

theme “Mental Health Matters”.

Dr Dhananjay Ashturkar was coordinator for the program. Dr Laxmikant Rathi, Dr Arun Marwale, Dr Deepak Rathod, Dr Ashish Srivastava, Dr Pawan Adatia, Dr Avinash Desouza and other office bearers attended online. Dr

Vidyadhar Watve & Dr Brig Msvk Raju, Past Presidents of IPS were felicitated in the function. Department of Psychiatry MGM medical college and hospital has celebrated 1st foundation day of Indian Psychiatric Society. Dr. Arun Marwale, Dr. Manik Bhise, Dr. Shraddha Jadhav, Dr.Gaurav Murambikar, Dr. Nikunj Gokani, Dr. Praveen Godara, Dr.Riya Gupta, Dr. Prince and Dr. Siddhant Mathur etc participated in this activity. Interns also participated in this activity. Dr. Arun Marwale gave a brief about history of IPS and talk about the theme of the day i.e. ‘Mental Health matters’. Dr. Siddhant Mathur presented about Music therapy in depression which was moderated by Dr. Gaurav Murambikar.

IPS foundation day was celebrated on 9th January 2021 at Sevagram under the


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

able guidance of Dr K K Mishra, HOD Psychiatry where all National office bearers, Zonal and local office bearers took part and deliberated on the significance of the Foundation Day. Dr Prakash Behere the Ex-VC of D Y Patil University, Kolhapur delt upon the felt need of independent Psychiatry Dept at the first rural medical college of India and how the things have progressed over the years.

IPS Publication – Cyberpsychiatry

It is proud moment for all Zone members that book of Indian Psychiatric Society Publication “CYBERPSYCHIATRY” will be released during First Foundation Day Celebrations 2020 in presence of Office Bearers of IPS at Patna on 7th January 2021. Book is outcome of consistent and hard efforts of Dr Sudhir Bhave (Editor) & Dr Sushil Gawande (Co- Editor). As there are very few textbook available, we are sure that this informative & evidence-based book will help members to explore the subject.

30th Mid Term CME

The 30th Mid Term CME was organized on digital platform on 10th & 11th April 2021. Theme for CME was Cyber Psychiatry. GIPS, Ahmedabad was the organizer of the event. Dr Rajesh Maniar, Org. Chairman; Dr Pradip Vaghasiya, Org. Vice Chairman; Dr Himanshu Desai, Org. Secretary; Dr Dharmesh Patel; Joint Org. Secretary & Dr Suhas Joshi, Treasurer took lead in making this Online event

successful. More than 472 delegates participated actively.

ACIPS 2020

The 52nd Annual conference of our zone, ACIPS 2020 was hosted by Society for Mental Health Awareness, Research, Teaching & Training at Hotel Grand Sheraton, Pune from 2nd to 4th October 2020 on the theme “Current Trends in Psychiatry”. This was first ever Hybrid conference & all events took place in person as well as on online platform. SMARTT team had taken the responsibility of important


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

yearly event of our zonal on short notice and made it grand success & a memorable one. Scientific Agenda tailored by Dr Malay Dave and Dr Sudhir Bhave was very much appreciated by delegates. Dr Gautam Saha, President, IPS as a Chief Guest & Dr TSS Rao, Hon Gen Secretary, IPS as a Guest of Honor attended Inaugural function of Conference and also participated actively in academic session. Along with Speakers & Chairpersons, 153 in person & approximate 300 online members participated in this Hybrid academic feast. The Maharashtra Medical Council granted 3 credit points to the 52nd ACIPSWZB 2021.

Post-Graduate Psychiatry CME

The Post graduate CME Programme of IPSWZ was organized by Dept. of Psychiatry MGIMS, Sevagram in collaboration with Psychiatric society Nagpur. The Programme began on 22nd December, 2021 at 2.30 PM, with the welcome address by the organizing chairperson Dr. K. K. Mishra and the inauguration function chaired by the IPS President Dr. Gautam Saha and the Dean MGIMS, Dr. N.M. Gangane as guest of honor, shared their words of wisdom about the importance of post graduate CME. The program was also addressed by other dignitaries of Kasturba Health Society (Dr. S.P.

Kalantri, Medical Superintendent,

Kasturba Hospital) and the dignitaries of IPS (Dr. N.N. Raju – Vice President, Dr. T.S.S. Rao- Hon. Gen. Secretary, Dr. O.P. Singh- Hon editor of IJP), the IPS west zone office bearers (President Dr. Arun Marwale, Vice President Dr. Umesh Nagapurkar, and Gen. secretary Dr. Dhananjay Ashturkar) and the Psychiatric

society Nagpur (President Dr. Sushil Gawande) and senior psychiatrists and residents of medical colleges of west zone and outside west zone witnessed


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

the program. The inauguration session ended with the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries by the organizing secretary Dr. Harshal Sathe for their presence and blessings. The academic sessions commenced with Dr. Jahnavi Kedare speaking on the first topic titled ‘Management strategies in Mild Cognitive Impairment’. Fourteen academic sessions covering various areas of psychopharmacology were conducted by the national level accredited speakers.

Prominent Innovative Activities by Subcommittees

Child Psychiatry-Subcommittee, Chairperson: Dr. Alka A. Subramanyam

• CAMHApp:AnappwascreatedforChildandAdolescentMentalHealth,with the view of connecting all doctors working in the field with each other, in the West Zone. Through the app, a system of generating referrals becomes instant and easy on both sides.

• Collaborative Project on Mental and Emotional wellbeing of Children of COVID Victims started with Women and Child Development Department, Pune. This was a project initiated at the behest of a request by Dr. Anjali Chhabria, a senior member, who connected and outlined the need. We then decided to take it ahead, and after a series of meetings an MoU was signed with the WCD.

Weekly zoom meetings are conducted with the counselors at the WCD. Till date we have evaluated 110 + children, from August 2021 onwards. There are 110 western zone psychiatrists who have offered voluntary service towards the same, and through the coordination with the counselors, evaluate the children. This project is likely to be a long-term project which will evaluate these children long


Geriatric Psychiatry – Subcommittee, Chairperson: Dr Akshada Amonkar

• UndertheGeriatricSubcommitteewehaveconductedaCMEon“Diagnostic Dilemmas in elderly, Dementia Vs Depression”. We plan to hold more CMEs & symposium in upcoming year addressing issues related to Geriatric population. We are also working on the App for dispensing information on Dementia. Our vision the Alzheimer’s Resource app is to educate caregivers & family members about Alzheimer’s disease/ Dementia and to help them to understand various aspects of Dementia care. We also intend to include various services such as care managers, meal services, health services and support groups that caregivers could reach out to for assistance.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.) Digital Psychiatry – Subcommittee, Chairperson:

Dr Darpan Kaur

• Dr Darpan Kaur is the Chairperson of Digital

Psychiatry Subcommittee has organized two

programs on Digital Psychiatry in 2021. The first

program was Digital Psychiatry Symposium held

on 6th March 2021, 7 pm to 9 pm online. The second

program was Innovations in Digital Psychiatry

across India: e Colloquium held on 9th October

2021, 6 pm to 9 pm online. Both the academic

programs had excellent renowned speakers and

were well attended by greater than 200 psychiatrists. The programs were found to be highly resourceful and beneficial to Psychiatrists and were well appreciated.

Women’s Psychological Health- Subcommittee, Chairperson: Dr Khyati Mehtalia

• Women’s psychological health is a very important yet neglected aspect of mental health. Western zonal branch under the honorable presidency of Dr. Laxmikant Rathi took a major step by forming this subcommittee. The first half-day CME under this committee was held digitally on 12 Sept 2021 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, organized by Dr Khyati Mehtalia & Dr Monali Deshpande. The chief guest of the program was Dr Laxmikant Rathi, the Honorable President of IPSWZB and the Guest of Honor was Dr Gautam Saha the honorable President of IPS. We were honoured to have Dr Pratima Murty madam who is the director of NIMHANS and a key person in collaboration with national human rights commission as our first speaker and she spoke on the topic, “Substance Abuse in Women”. The session was chaired by Senior Multitalented psychiatrist Dr.Shubhangi Parkar. Our second speaker was Dr.Henal shah madam whose vast and immense clinical experience guided all on a very sensitive topic “Somatoform/Dissociative Disorders: Gender Difference in Diagnosis and Management”. Dr.Ritambhara Mehta, who has done a lot of community work chaired the session. This was followed by an interesting Panel Discussion on “Sexual Abuse and Discrimination at Workplace.” The panelists


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

were Dr Savita Malhotra madam, former dean and HOD of Psych. Dpt, PGI Chandigarh, Dr Vidula Bavishi, a gynaecologist as well as medico-legal expert and Ms Geetha Johri, Ex Director General of Police, Gujarat. The discussion was moderated by Dr Khyati Mehtalia.

Public Relation – Subcommittee, Chairperson: Dr Vikrant Patankar

• DuetoCOVIDcrisiswecouldonlydoONLINEactivities.Wehavepreparedan official You Tube channel of IPS-WZB and launched You Tube Videos & Facebook live programs of various Psychiatrists across the Zone and that too in different languages about the topics which appeal most to the common men. Similar videos were also posted on Face Book pages of IPS-WZB & Maharashtra State Branch. Videos has numerous views and channel has good number of subscribers that helped us to create awareness about common psychological issues in the Society.

Rural Psychological Health – Subcommittee, Chairperson: Dr Amol Deshmuk

• Rural Psychological Health, Sub

Committee of IPSWZB has launched

unique & innovative calendar

“Mandarshika 2021”. This was very

well appreciated and admired by

members. Our target is to reach one

lac homes through print material or

digitally by month of January to create

awareness about Psychological

Health and common Psychiatric

issues. Salient Features of calendar

are important dates of year & dates observed as celebration days related to Psychological Health highlighted. On the backside of each month calendar page, there are informative & scientific articles related to Psychiatric Disorders & their treatment in simple Marathi language by Psychiatrists from various places of Maharashtra along with quotes by imminent Psychiatrists. Every month is having a different theme. 6 back pages for Psychiatric Illnesses & 6 for Psychological Well-being. On each front page of the month, there will be editable space at bottom in which Psychiatrist can do his/ her branding. He/ She can use this space for his name/photograph/ address of Clinic or Hospital. Psychiatrist can


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

circulate it among patients & relatives digitally or can take out prints. QR Code is also prepared which can be kept in OPD areas from which patients/relatives can download Calendar. We have reached 60,000 houses till date with the help of members. Coming year, we are launching Mandarshika 2022 in all three local languages of Zone along with Hindi.

State And Local Branches Reports 2021 Gujarat State Branch

IPS foundation Day celebration: First IPS Foundation Day Celebration, Dr Arun Khatri, President, IPS GSB, Dr J J Joshi, Superintendent, Hospital for Mental Health, Jamnagar, Dr Pooja Thakarar, Dr Nirav Chanpa, psychiatrists; Ruturaj Jayswal, and Ramesh Gambhava, social worker and clinical psychologist, along with nursing staff and attendants at hospital for mental health.

Members’ contribution to combat Covid-19 Pandemic: In 2021 IPSGSB and GIPS had initiated Mental Health Helpline for Covid -19 related mental health issues during April 2021. To provide direct first help trained psychologist was available on daily basis from 10 am to 5 pm. This helpline got good response. During covid pandemic many teachers in psychiatry affiliated with medical colleges had done very important role at administrative level. Dr Ritambhara Mehta – Dean GMC Surat, Dr Deepak Tiwari – Medical Superintended GMC Jamnagar, Dr Mukesh Samani – Dean GMC Rajkot, Dr Sandeep Shah – Additional Dean GMERS MC Gotri, Dr Lakhan kataria – In charge additional Superintended Vaghodiya MC. They have done very impressive work in tough time of covid pandemic during 2nd and third wave.

50th Annual Conference of IPS Gujarat State Branch in Virtual mode: 50 th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society Gujarat State branch was


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

organized virtually on 14 th and 15th August 2021. It was the first ever annual conference of IPS GSB organized on virtual platform. Total 165 delegates attended this event. As a tradition of IPS GSB annual conference, there are always fun games for spouces and kids of delegates. This time, during virtual conference, There was online family Tambola and it was a great fun for family members of delegates. The Psychiatrist of Gujarat- Version.2 – official directory was released during the conference. It has database of 350 members of IPS GSB.

World Mental Health Week 2021 celebration

• Awareness programme was organised on 07-10-2021 at 11.00 am to 01.00 pm at Lecture hall 1, AMC MET Medical college and LG Hospital, Ahmedabad. Awareness talk about common mental health problems was delivered by Dr Bhavesh Lakdawala. 150 Nursing staff and Medical students were involved.

• Awareness programme was organised on 08-10-2021 at NHLMMC Nursing College. Awareness talk about common mental health problems delivered by Dr Nimesh Parikh.

• Awareness programme was organised

on 10-10-2021 at B J Medical College and Civil hospital Ahmedabad. In honor of


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

world mental health day 2021, Dr. Minakshi Parikh talked on,Interactive session

on “The line between Self help and professional help”.

IPS Goa State Branch

Members attended various CME and conferences of the IPS as well as presented papers, symposiums and lectures. Published papers in peer reviewed journals. Members delivered lectures on mental health issues at local forums and institutions.

Organized a CME on ‘Delirium and its management’ by Dr. Tereza Ferreira from GMC, Bambolim on 20.02.2021. Mindscope annual mental health film festival in association with Sangath in December 2020. Online Panel discussion on ‘Perinatal mental health: a review of progress and challenges’ on 6.06.2021 by panelists Dr. Prabha Chandra, Dr. Sonia Parial and Dr. Shubhangi Dere Online CME on Adult ADHD by Dr. Susannah Whitwell of South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, UK on 13.08.2021. ‘COVIDAV’ which was an online telepsychiatry platform started in April 2020 by the Psychiatric Society of Goa in association with the Directorate of Health Services, Government of Goa, Sangath, COOJ, Antarman, continued to offer psychological support to those in need during the pandemic till July 2021.

IPS Pune Branch

Friday Pearls of Wisdom – Monthly Webinar Series were organised every second Friday (9 PM Onwards) For all Mental Health Professionals.

Monthly Webinar Series on Basics of Psychiatry were organised every 4th Friday (9 PM to 10:30 PM) For U.G. Students, General Practitioners, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nursing Students, MHP.

IPS Aurangabad Branch

The branch held monthly regular clinical meetings to discuss topics of varied academic and clinical interests by invited psychiatric experts. Many members registered for local and National IPS support helpline for Covid-19 pandemic. Members delivered lectures on mental health issues at forums and institutions. Organized various CME programs including online programs with CME accreditation from the state medical council.

IPS Nasik Branch

MAN MANTHAN a public awareness programs on various issues related to Mental Health by members – YouTube live 8 days daily at 8 pm 10-17 oct 2020,


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.)

inaugurated by Zonal president Dr Laxmikant Rathi and chief guest Hon Secretary Dr Dhananjay Ashturkar. All programs are available on IPS NPS YouTube channel of IPS Nashik branch. Jan 6, 2020 was celebrated as IPS foundation day for which Dr PK Dadal president IPS was chief guest and Dr Shirish Sule gave a talk on journey of a psychiatrist. Awareness talks on zoom for IMA

members by Dr Anand nadkarni, Dr. Mulmule, Dr. Dhananjay chavan were organized, in association with IMA. Schizophrenia Day 2021 talk by Dr Pradeep Patkar, Panvel .

Joined IMA in national protest day for violence against doctors.

On 12th & 13th July Organized 2-day workshop on transactional analysis for psychiatrists by Dr Monali Deshpande, Aurangabad which was attended by 12 psychiatrists. 12th September organized cycle rally on the occasion of Suicide Prevention Day.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, organized 2nd edition of Man Manthan, public awareness activity on mental health issues. It will run for 12days with experience sharing by 24 psychiatrists from all over Maharashtra.

IPS Nagpur Branch

• 26/03/2021, Topic – “The Cat’s out of the bag!!! –Toxoplasma Gondii and Schizophrenia” Speaker – Dr. Srilakshmi, Asst. Professor, AIIMS, Nagpur. Chairperson- Dr.Sudhir Bhave, Prof. & Head, NKPSIMS & coordinator -Dr. Shrikant Nimbhorkar.

• 02/04/21,”PanelDiscussiononWorldAutismAwarenessDay”Topic-Needof Pharmacotherapy in Autism, Speaker- Dr. Vivek Kirpekar, HOD, Psychiatry Dept., NKPSIMS. Topic- Identification & Certification in Autism, Speaker – Dr. Manish Thakre, Asso. Proff., Psychiatry Dept., GMC, Nagpur. Topic – Role of Support Groups in Autism, speaker-Dr Leena Ballal, Samvedna School. Coordinator – Dr. Abhijeet Faye

• 09/04/21, Topic – Psychiatry in 1970’s. Speaker- Dr. N. J. Saoji & Dr. K.K.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from WEST ZONE (Contd.) Sachdeva. Coordinator Dr. Ashwin Bhattad

• 02/05/2021, Topic-Psychopharmacology of COVID-19, Speaker- Dr. Sushil Gawande; Topic Cognitive Approach to Shy Bladder, Speaker- Dr. Mosam Phirke, Chairperson-Dr. Rajeev Palsodkar & Coordinator-Dr. Shrikant Nimbhorkar

• 21/05/2021, Topic-Manomarriage Beaurau, Speaker-Dr. Avinash Joshi, Coordinator-Dr. Sagar Chiddarwar

• 27/06/21, CME on Deaddiction & Panel Discussion on Screen Addiction, Speakers- Dr. Sudhir Bhave and Dr. KArtik Rao.

• 09/09/21 CME on “Say No to Suicide” and Panel Discussion on “Different presentations and approaches towards suicidal behavior”. Audience – Nagpur District collector office + PSN + IMA Junior doctors’ network + IMA Medical Students Network MS + IMA + GMC Nagpur. Topic – Suicide in medical students and aspirants, Speaker- Dr. Amol Annadate. Topic- identifying signs, symptoms and riskes of suicide, Speaker-Dr. Sagar Chiddarwar.

• 17/09/21, Topic- Subtypes & Differentials of Catatonia: Case presentation – Periodic Catatonia without Psychosis, Presentation by D. Abha Bang Soni & Dr. Neha Bhave Salankar

• 22/09/21, Virtual Skill Enhancement Programme for “World Suicide Prevention Month & a Panel Discussion on “Social Influencers of teenage Suicides”. Organized in association with IMA & School Headmasters Charitable Association. Topic – Identifying early signs of self-harm amongst teenagers, Speaker- Dr. Rajeev Mohta, Consultant Pediatrician and Dr. Sushil Gawande.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from EAST ZONE

Indian Psychiatric Society


We are happy to publish online Journal during the Mid-Term CME 2021 published by Jaypee Brothers. Details report will be presented by the Honorary Editor Dr. Nishant Goyal in his report.

Cezips 2021

The 46th Annual Conference on the Indian Psychiatric Society, Eastern Zonal Branch was organized by the IPS, Tripura State Branch from 12th to 14th November 2021 at International Fair Ground, Hapania, Agartala.

The Organizing Chairperson of the conference was Dr. BK Bhowmic, while Organizing Secretary of the conference is very active Dr. Dipayan Sarkar. The conference is being attended by about 70 delegates from the entire East Zone and some from other states of India.

Excellent scientific sessions by eminent speakers, award papers, oration and quiz competition are being organized and conducting smoothly. A local cultural program will also showcase Tripura’s tradition, culture and hospitality to the guests.

PG CME & Mid Term CME 2021

The CME program was successfully conducted on virtual mode with inauguration in hybrid mode at Hotel Maurya, Patna in the presence of Chief Guest Dr. Gautam Saha President IPS, Guest of Honour Dr. P.K. Singh, Dr. TSS Rao Hon. General Secretary IPS, Dr. KK Mishra Hon Treasurer IPS, Dr. Vinay Kumar President IPS East Zone, Dr. Arabinda Brahma Hon Secretary IPS East Zone, Dr. Sanjay Kumar President IPS Bihar Branch, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Hon. Secretary IPS Bihar Branch and members from the IPS Bihar State Branch. PG CME on 14th August 2021 started from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Mid Term CME on 15th August 2021 started from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Thereafter, again we had PG CME from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM with Case Presentation Competition from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. I would


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from EAST ZONE (Contd.)

specially like to mention the herculean task aptly conducted by Dr Tanmaini Das in a very short interval. Best wishes to the organizers and their team.

CME Series

This year as you all know, we have started online CME series named Samvad se Samadhan. Till date we have conducted three CME Series like the Series 1 held on 10th April 2021 on the debate topic: “Psychiatry in UG Curriculum – We have achieved enough” speaker Dr. Soumitra Ghosh & Dr Sanjiba Dutta; next topic “Poly Pharmacy is useful for effective Psychiatry Practice” speakers – Dr. Basudeb Das and Dr. SP Swain; next topic “Early detection of autism is a myth” speakers Dr Anirban Ray and Dr Shyamanta Das; last topic “Whatsapp is an effective tool of psychiatric research in Covid times” speakers Dr Samrat Singh Bhandari and Dr. JP Russel Ravan.

The Series 2 held on 29th May 2021 on the topics “Pharmacological management of BPSD” speaker was Dr. Sujit Sarkhel and moderator was Dr. Arabinda Brahma. The Series 3 held on 13th June 2021 on the topics “Online Platform is not appropriate for assessing and managing psychotic disorders”, Tele-psychiatry: What have we experienced in 1 year of pandemic” speakers were Dr. Nishant Goyal, Dr Abir Mukherjee, Dr. Sabyasachi Mitra and panelist Dr. Tanmaini Das, Dr Prosenjit Ghosh, Dr Bappaditya Choudhury.

The Series 5 held on 2nd October 2021 from 8:00 to 9:30 PM. Session: 1. Why it’s important to diagnose & treat dementia early by Dr Niska Sinha and Chairperson: Dr Amrit Pattojoshi. Session: 2. Pharmacotherapy in Dementia – how long to treat by Dr Basudeb Das and Chairpersons: Dr OP Singh. Session: 3. Psychoeducation of carers about the management and prognosis of cognitive symptoms in Dementia by Dr Abir Mukherjee and Chairperson: Dr Prabir Paul. The Program Director & Moderator was Dr Arabinda Brahma and guided by Dr. Vinay Kumar and Dr. Gautam Saha with introductory remarks.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from EAST ZONE (Contd.)

The Series 6 held on 7th October 2021 from 8:00 to 9:30 PM. Session:1. Gender identity disorders in women: management & support systems by Dr Kamala Deka, Session 2. Differential approach to psychopharmacology – gender based by Dr Tanmaini Das, Session 3. Innovations in mental health care delivery system linking community psychiatry to integrated recovery: emphasis on women mental health care by Dr Ruksheda Syeda. Chairpersons were Dr Jayanta Das & Dr Arabinda Brahma, Moderator was Dr Nahid Islam and guided by Dr. Vinay Kumar and Dr. Gautam Saha with introductory remarks.

IPS East Zone Registered Office


This time during MidTerm CME 2021, we published Newsletter of IPS East Zone after a gap of one year.

Society Registration

We are registering our society in the name of “IPS EAST ZONE” (Indian Psychiatric Society, Eastern Zonal Branch). The requisite documents needed for registration was produced to the Registrar of Societies, Govt. of Bihar at Patna. Furthermore documents were asked for the compliance and accordingly will be again produced at Registrar of Societies Patna after the CEZIPS 2021 for the needful.

IPS Bihar State Branch who has taken an apartment on a 20 year lease for having its office has invited and requested IPS East Zone to locate its registered office in the said apartment and IPS Bihar State Branch will happily take care of all the requirements and formalities. IPS East Zone delighted to know the kind gesture from the IPS Bihar State Branch and wholeheartedly accepted the offer and opportunity to set up the Registered Office at RaghuLok, B 4, Second Floor, Near Saraswati Lane, West Lohanipur, Kadamkuan, Patna – 800003, Bihar. This registered office is just a step forward to get our registration to the Registrar


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from EAST ZONE (Contd.)

of Societies, Govt. of Bihar to a smooth communication and documentation. We like to give a big thank you to the President Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Hon. Secretary Dr. Rajeev Ranjan and other office bearers of IPS Bihar State Branch on whose initiative and support we finally got our registered zonal office at Patna, as needed for all the Govt. communications. The office was inaugurated by Dr. Gautam Saha President IPS on 15th August 2021.


Our website is running smoothly and got renewed. Again I request the members to help and guide Dr. Sanjay Munda Chair Website Committee in writing the history of the IPS Eastern Zonal Branch and also in getting all the achieved information

of the past CMEs, conferences, videos, awards which needs to be inputted as per the outline of the website. And also weekly update of information is needed.

World Schizophrenia Day

IPS Eastern Zonal Branch observed the World Schizophrenia Day on 24th May 2021. There were two sessions: “How to deal a difficult person with Schizophrenia” speaker Dr. Kaustav Chakraborty and “Schizoaffective disorder: still in reckoning or a misnomer” speaker Dr. Rajesh Kumar. The program was well attended by the members and along with office bearers of IPS East Zone, the office bearers of the National IPS was also present on the virtual dais.

World Mental Health Day

We observed World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2021. This year theme was “Mental health in an unequal world”. All state branches under East Zone also observed the WMHD 2021 at different capacities and were being showcased in their reports.


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from CENTRAL ZONE

Existing Executive committee of IPS central Zone branch (Central Psychiatric Society) was formed on 16-01-2021.

Within days a WhatsApp group was prepared for CPS Central zone for official communication with the group members and to share useful information. Group etiquettes and guidelines were also formulated and posted in the group. Sooner State branches group, CPS PG student group, CPS Social activity group and later on CPS election process group were also created, which helped us in the better functioning of CPS.

First EC meeting was organized within 15 days and we discussed our plan of action during year 2021.

Activity Calendar

Soon we prepare an Activity Calendar in which we included all the important dates and days related to mental health. Calendar was sent to IPS. Activities of central zone were conducted as per this activity calendar this year. Just because of this exercise, IPS supported central zone on the issue of overlapping dates with East zone and East zone agreed to shift dates of their annual conference.

First academic activity of the zone was organised by Dr Ram Ghulam. He organised a wonderful PG Development programme in the month of February.

In the month of April, for the awareness of autistic disorder Dr Pallab Majumdar from UK was invited to deliver a guest lecture on “Autistic spectrum disorders”.


Website of Central zone was one of the most important activity of this year. After 2 to 3 months of hard work, our official website (www.cpscentralzone. org) was launched. Design and content of our website was highly appreciated by all including IPS office bearers.

Indian Psychiatric Society


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Project “CPS Helpline…SULJHAYE MAN KI ULJHAN” was personally very close to me since inception of my tenure. CPS Helpline was launched on 08/06/2021 by president Dr Gautam Saha sir. Many office bearers of IPS, Dr TSS Rao Sir, Dr OP Singh sir, Dr Vinay Kumar, Dr KK Misra sir etc graced the inauguration ceremony and praised our effort. Since then CPS Helpline is successfully running and giving services to mankind not only in four states of central zone but also many other part of the Country as well.

Membership drive

It was one of the very important activity. We kept

on motivating more and more psychiatrists for becoming the members of Central zone and we are happy to declare that this year many new psychiatrists of our zone got the membership of Central zone. With effort of treasurer Dr Saurabh Tandon we were able to compile a revised membership directory in which we have got latest members and life fellows included. Members of any organisation don’t feel attached to it, if he or she don’t get something to feel proud about it in its history. Central zone is an important branch of IPS and we have got so much to feel proud about it. Thinking in that line, we started putting our efforts to write

an article about the history and glorious past of central zone. A zoom meeting in which we invite all the senior members. A zoom meeting was conducted on 19th May this year and it was very successful. It was sheer pleasure to hear all the senior members (Dr AK Agrarwal, Dr Indira

sharma, dr KC Gurnani, Dr AK Tandon, Dr CK Rastogi, Dr RK Mahendru, Dr AK Trivedi, Dr PN Shukla & Dr SP Gupta) who actively participated and we got


Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from CENTRAL ZONE (Contd.)

jewels of information and then finally Dr Shrikant Srivastava and myself compiled this chapter “Glorious history of central zone of Indian psychiatric society: Reminiscing the past” which can be read in the official journal of Central zone “Indian Journal of Behavioral sciences” (IJBS) published this year. Now when young generation of psychiatrist would get to know, How central zone started? Who were the initial office bearers? etc. We have planned to write another chapter in which we will include all the big achievements and contribution of Central zone.

Digital Birthday Cards

This year we kept on doing new innovative things, for e.g. Birthday wishes to members of our zone through digital birthday card on behalf of executive committee.

I do accept that I couldn’t execute that plan very successfully and many of the times I have missed b’days of even prominent members. It was fault on my part. I will try to execute this activity in the coming year in a better organized manner.

Condolence letter

Central zone didn’t stood with the fellow members only in pleasure, we stood there in pain as well. So we decided that we will send condolence letter to the family of all the members who left us for heavenly abode. Family of Late Dr AQ Siddiqui sir reciprocated to us that they were really touched when Dr Prerna Gupta delivered the letter to them on behalf of EC of CPS.

Electronic EVoting System for Election

Since starting, our dynamic chairman election commission Dr Ravi Gupta wanted to adopt e-voting system similar to IPS.

So this year we planned to changed our election process from conventional ways to the electronic platform and we have successfully done it. Proposal was passed first in EC and then by extraordinary annual general body meeting which was conducted on 09/07/2021.

We also got involved young generation of budding psychiatrists, our PG Students,


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from CENTRAL ZONE (Contd.)

in central zone. Many of them became the member of Central zone after passing their PG course and in the student group they are very much actively involved in the organisation, in CPS helpline and a lot more. We found few very dynamic young leaders this year.


Advocacy to maintain the dignity of psychiatric paternity

was upheld. When Baba Ramdev made a derogatory remark

against the doctors, CPS immediately wrote a letter to IPS

to take action against him. IPS took the matter seriously and

then responsibility was given to Dr Ganesh Shanker from

Kanpur and Dr Dhananjay Asturkar from Pune to draft a letter on behalf of IPS in response to derogatory remarks made by Baba Ramdev. T.he letter was drafted and sent to IPS for necessary action.

PG development programme

Academics is the backbone of all the activities of Central zone. This year we conducted three PG development programmes, by Dr Ram Ghulam, Dr Abhay Jain and Dr Pramod Gupta.

UP, MP, Chhattisgarh

and Uttarakhand state branches conducted their annual conferences this year. We conducted four EC meetings and one extra ordinary General body meeting. Notices regarding the

same were uploaded in our website as well.

To revive the official journal of central zone (IJBS) was one of the most important task this year. Task was difficult since we had to start from the scratch again, nevertheless under leadership our able editor Dr Adarsh Tripathi, today we are ready with the latest edition of a good quality IJBS journal in our hands.


UG Quiz

Indian Psychiatric Society

Report from CENTRAL ZONE (Contd.)

To conduct the UG Quiz of cental zone was one of the very important agenda this year. To make the process smooth and transparent president Dr PK joel sir suggested to assign work to representatives of different states of CZ. Hence, we selected four able CPS Members Dr Shashwat Saxena from UP, Dr Manish Borasi from MP, Dr Priyaranjan Avinash from UK & Dr Aditya Somani from CG. All the dymanic members completed the state round well on time and sent their winner teams to participate in the zonal round in CIPCON-2021.

Celebration of World Mental Health Day turned into a mass campaign

Celebration of the world mental health Day was a grand activity of the Central zone. In this activity more than 350 psychiatrists of Central zone actively participated. All the psychiatrist who participated, they had put the banner of Central zone as the backdrop in their work place, pamphlet for the general awareness were distributed and refreshment was served. This activity brought a sense of brotherhood to its maximum in our society and CPS succeeded, to some extent to make our mark among general public, as an organization which is working and cares for person with mental disorders.

We have tried that the activities which we conducted in CPS does not cause financial burden on CPS. Rather I tried to enrich CPS financially. Fifty thousand

rupees was donated by Talent pharma ,Forty nine thousands was donated by Sun pharma for our website. The whole activity on WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY was fully sponsored by Talent Pharma. also wrote a letter to IPS to get back the surplus amount of central zone.

Many of the members performed really well and touched milestones. Professor Indira Sharma was appointed as Director at large of “World federation of mental health”. A letter of appreciation from the zone was sent to her. Dr Gyanendra Kumar shouldered two huge responsibilities one as the Principal of llrm Medical college Meerut and recently as the Director of Mental Hospital agra.

Dr Ram Ghulam became the ProChancellor of Malwanchal University. He also


YEARBOOK 2021-22

Report from CENTRAL ZONE (Contd.)

wrote a book “MAN KO SWASTH KAISE RAKHE” for general awareness.

Dr. Sujita Kumar Kar selected for the IToPS Scholarship for Teachers towards Enrichment in Psychiatry teaching Skills (STEPS) Award for the year 2020-21 [Funded by Infosys Foundation An Initiative of Minds United For Health Sciences and Humanity Trust & Indian Teachers of Psychiatry (IToP)].

CIPCON 2021 at Prayagraj

Annual Conferences of IPS-CZ was organized at Prayagraj on 29-31 October

It was huge success; large number of delegates and office members attended the conference in physical form.


AWARDS – Sub Committee

Indian Psychiatric Society




EC Coordinator

Dr. (Brig) Dr. Ashok Dr. Abhay Dey M.S.V.K. Raju Trivedi


Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi

Total 151 papers received for various orations and awards. Entries for all orations and awards were received. Number of papers for each award ranged from 3 to 30 with a mean of 12.6 and Sd of 7.9

Out of 151 papers 60 papers were from women members (12% of women members approx.) and 91 papers were from male members (01% of male members approx.) of the society as principal authors. This gender distribution is significantly high (P 0.00001) in favor of women. Chivalry is not involved in this as most of the women have contested independently. There were no male contestants for the Young Psychiatrists Award. We can be really proud of this trend but may be males should not take things so easy.

Authors do not appear to be conversant with the criteria for various awards and are not taking due care in furnishing required information. Award committee took lot of pains to guide the contestants, young participants particularly, to ensure maximum participation. Some contestants are sending receipts of payment of membership fees (Including in some cases bank receipts) to claim membership which could not be accepted as award committee could not usurp the power of EC in granting membership.

A panel of 3 judges independently assessed each award paper. Assessment of all manuscripts is completed. Assessment process will be complete after presentation of 69 papers at ANCIPS 2022. Tabulation of marks and identification of winners will be done after presentations. All assessments are in safe custody of Chair Person, Awards Committee.


In view of the postponement ANCIPS2022, a decision has to be taken as to when to give away the certificates to the award winners of ANCIPS2020. The list of awardees has been submitted to Honorary General Secretary.


The item Results of Awards may be deleted from the agenda as the process is incomplete.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

CME – Sub Committee

Dr. Vihang Dr. Rajesh Dr. Dipayan Dr. Alka A. Vahia Kumar Sarkar Subramanyam

Activities of CME – Sub Committee

We started our journey from March,2021. We had numerous virtual meetings, mostly on ZOOM platform.

Our committee communicated with other Zonal Branches for their zonal activities. We attended IPS EC meetings virtually to explain our views to the IPS office bearers.

National mid-term CME held on 28-29th August,2021 In New Delhi on Hybrid mode in between COVID Pandemic period.




EC Coordinator

Two of our members remained present in mid-term CME in Delhi as Active Observers.

Mid-term CME was attended by more than 150 delegates virtually and good number of in-person delegates.


Indian Psychiatric Society

CME – Sub Committee (Contd.)

Theme/ objective of the conference was “Skill training and knowledge sharing with focus

on Pandemic and Mental health”.

All the topics were highly appreciated and had good interactive sessions.

In fact that was one of the first major event after COVID-1. All took much interest but due to official norms of COVID in-person participations were restricted.

Our members participated in many CME s at Zonal Level and personal level. National CME in ANCIPS 2022 is going to be held in Vizag on 20th January,2022. Program has been fixed after discussion with IPS EC members.

Suggestions and plan for future:

This committee believes in skill training for their members & community along with knowledge sharing which is one of the most effective method for updating medical knowledge.

If this committee is allowed to continue their works we will propose more skill based hands on training.

Interactive knowledge sharing sessions are more effective way of knowledge disbursement.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

ETHICS – Sub Committee

Dr. Kuruvilla Dr. Vijay A. Dr. Prasanta Kr. Dr. Bharat Singh Thomas Nagecha Mohapatra Shekhawat

Activity for the year

Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) Ethics Sub-Committee conducted a webinar on 22nd August 2021 in collaboration with the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Section on Psychiatry, Law and Ethics. The topic of the webinar was “Treatment of persons with mental illness in Indian mental health establishments: Law and Ethics”.The webinar began by the welcome address of the Chairman of IPS Ethics sub-committee and Co- Chair WPA Section on Psychiatry, Law and Ethics, Dr Kuruvilla Thomas. President IPS, Dr Gautam Saha elaborated on the importance of the subject.

Prof Afzal Javed, the President WPA participated as the guest of honour and appreciatd the collaboration of IPS and WPA. There were felicitations by Vice-President, IPS – Dr. N.N.Raju; Hon.General Secretary, IPS – Dr. T.S.S. Rao; Hon. Treasurer, IPS – Dr. K.K. Mishra; and Hon. Editor, IPS – Dr. Om Prakash Singh.

The webinar was run in four sessions.

Session I – Mental Illness – Definition, Admission of Mentally ill and Registration of Mental Health Professionals was chaired by Dr. B.S. Sekhawat, with Dr. Nimesh Desai as the speaker.

Session II – Mental Health Establishments – Category,Infrastructure and Treatment was chaired by Prof. (Dr) Surjeet Sahoo, and Dr. Sunita Simon gave the talk.

Session III – Mental Health Rehabilitation was chaired by Dr Nagecha, and the speaker was Dr. R.K. Lenin Singh. Finally, Dr. Neena Sawant spoke about – Mental Health Review Board – Laws &Ethics in Session IV, chaired by Prof. (Dr) S.P. Swain. It was an interactive webinar. Audience asked questions in each session, which were answered by the speakers.

The Convener, Ethics Sub-Committee – Dr. P.K. Mohapatra presented his vote of thanks in the end.




EC Coordinator


JOURNAL – Sub Committee

Indian Psychiatric Society




Dr. Om Prakash Dr. Rajesh Dr. Samir Kr Singh Sagar Praharaj

Report of the Journal Committee

This year has been one of challenges for the journal but the journal has been able to publish all 6 issues in time. We have moved to a new software and glitches had lead to frustration in authors and our esteemed reviewers and had delayed the process in spite of our best efforts .However most of the problems has been over .There has been a significant development this year as the journal is now hosted on prestigious Lippincourt platform which has increased its visibility.

Apart from 6 issues we have published supplements on CPG on forensic psychiatry under leadership of Prof Shiv Gautam, another CPG on C L Psychiatry is also going to be published.

The journal has been able to grow in terms of Impact Factor which has been increased to 1.759 from 1.121 more than 50 % growth. We are grateful to our dedicated team of editors and reviewers for their hard work .Financialy the journal has achieved stability and and we have easily managed the expenditure of around 75 lakhs for this year.

We remain committed to transparency and quality and acknowledge the guidance of IPS EC and office bearers President Dr Gautam Saha, Vice President Cum President Elect Dr N N Raju, Honarary General Secretary Dr TS S Rao and Honarary Treasurer Dr Kharod Kumar Mishra. We are also thankful to all the members of Journal Committee.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Rajesh Dr. Johann Dr. Supriya Dr. E. Dr. Ranjan Nagpal Philip Agarwal Mohandas Bhattacharyya

Report of the International Affairs Sub Committee

• Objective: to submit list of IPS Office Bearers and Members to WPA, as per constitution put forward.

Status: Final draft letter submitted for approval.

• Objective: to facilitate coordinated academic activity in collaboration with

International sychiatric Societies.

Status: In process. Details to be announced shortly.

• Objective: to explore existing MoUs that IPS currently has with International Organisations, in the best way to both project Indian Psychiatry at the global level and to benefit of IPS Members especially Early Career Psychiatrists.

Status: Existing MoUs under review. Our committee expects to conclude and submit a final report to IPS in the next 12 weeks.

• Objective: to facilitate International Travel Grants/Scholarships through IPS. Status: Available Scholarships and Grants to be announced through email group/

website/ social media at the time of announcement.

• MOD to be done (if not done already) with Indoamercan, Indocanadian, Indoaustralian, BIPA, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Indo-New Zealand. What type of collaborations would they like to offer to I PS?

• All major International Societies should be informed about the new leadership of IPS

• All International Scholarships/travel fellowship should be routed through IPS.

• What is the current WPA position regarding dual membership of societies while casting the vote?

• IPShastosubmitpapers/sessions/proposalsetctoWPAasaseparateIPSeventif possible. If not, IPS EC has to decide on proposal to WPA International Conferences





EC Coordinator


CONSTITUTION – Sub Committee

Indian Psychiatric Society




EC Coordinator

DR. RR GHOSH DR. C.L. Dr. Kadiveti Dr. Suresh Ku- ROY NARAYAN Udaya Kumar mar Gunapalli

Report of the Constitution Sub Committee

• TheupdatedcopyoftheIPSConstitutionwaslastpublishedon01-01-12.Afterwards, a good number of amendments have been made in the IPS Constitution after this.

• As a number of amendments have been made, it was felt that there is an urgent need to bring out a new a new updated copy of the Constitution. It was decided by the Constitution Committee to thoroughly revise the Constitution in light of recent developments in the field of psychiatry in India. For this purpose, the Constitution Committee prepared a proposal which was presented in the IPS Executive Council Meeting held at Mumbai on 08-06-2019. The Executive Council passed this proposal with few changes.

• Anextra-ordinaryGBMeetingwascalledatMysoreon10-08-2019toconsiderthese proposals. The proposals were passed after making a few changes.

• ThecopyoftheConstitutionwaspreparedtoincorporatealltheamendmentsmade up to date till the Mysore Extra-ordinary GB Meeting held on 10-08-2019.

• ThenewcopyoftheupdatedConstitutionisscheduledtobepublishedanddistributed to all IPS members during the ANCIPS 2020.

• IPSConstitutionCommitteewasentrustedthejobbytheIPSPresidenttoexamine various matters at different points of time. The Constitution Committee examined the matters and submitted its report as and when necessary.

• Report was sought by the IPS office bearers in the matter of Constitutional crisis involving the IPS Telangana State Branch. The Committee took up the matter and suggested appropriate course of actions in this regard keeping in view of Constitutional provisions of the IPS. The Committee was also involved in examining the newly drafted Constitution of the IPS Telangana State Branch. The Branch was assisted in drafting its new Constitution, which was finally done in July 2021.

• TheConstitutionCommitteealsoassistedthenewlyformedIPSUttarPradeshBranch to draft its new Constitution, which was finally enacted in December 2019.


YEARBOOK 2021-22






EC Coordinator

Dr. Ram Dr. Ajay Kumar Dr. Shantanu Ghulam Chauhan De

Activities in the year -2021

Dr. G. Bhagya Rao

Sun /IPS-Central Zone

Rising Step, Indore

NGO -Sahayata and Chanda social Service Organization Society of Empowerment, Patna NGO ‘Chanda Social Service Organization ‘Indore

IPS -Mental Hospital Subcommittee

Index Medical College and Research Indore



Malwanchal University, Indore

Society of empowerment,

Dr. Parshotam Dass Garg




Sponsored/Supported by



March 21










Organized P.G. Development program Release of poetry book,’ Kavita Sangrha’

Public awareness program

Delivered a lecture in Webinar

Delivered a lecture in webinar

Organized National CME

lecture IN Webinar

Release of Book


Organized symposium


Substance use disorders

My Eight Hindi poetries in this book

Effect on mental health during Covid 19 Buddha Gandhi and Mental Health Impact of Covid 19 on mental health and Social Life

Management of Psychiatric patient during Covid 19

‘Quiet Tobacco’

‘Kaise Rakkhe man ko swasth’ Drug abuse a harsh reality

Environment and mental Health

Gandhiji and Mental Health

All PGs of central zone of IPS

General public

Open to general Public

Open to general Public


Open to general public

Open to public

Students of Malwanchal University and open to Public


Delivered a lecture IN Webinar

Gandhi ji & Pandemic and climate Change in India

Society of empowerment,

Open to general Public


Indian Psychiatric Society

MENTAL HOSPITALS – Sub Committee (Contd.)


YEARBOOK 2021-22

MEMBERSHIP – Sub Committee

Dr. Tophan Pati Dr. Deepak Dr. Shivananda Dr. Amrit Rathod Manohar J. Pattojoshi

Report of Membership Sub Committee

An action plan was formed and presented

• In pursuance of the plan it was attempted to prepare a list of members, eligible LOM, OM, AM & those expired with kind cooperation of the Hony Treasurer Dr Khirod K Mishra.

• It was classified by compiling at zonal, state and city levels.

• Personal contact was made for the needful.

• Look forward to achieve targeted objectives.

• Planned to release an updated directory / supplement in ANCIPS 2022 at Vishakhapatnam in soft or printed version as decided.

• We are in need of the complete directory as we have with all details and photographs.

Membership Status

Life Fellows: 3462 Life Ordinary Members: 3275 Life Associate Members: 462 Overseas Members: 44 TOTAL Members: 7243 Proposals pending: 396 Growth rate computed: 4.71%

It may be noted that the names of 223 members with annual membership was deleted as per details with the Hony Treasurer.




EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. N.G. Desai Dr. Om Prakash Dr. Deepak Dr. Sunil Mittal Dr. Sanjay Raheja Gupta

Report of Parliamentary Affairs Sub Committee

With the new year, came new hope to start afresh from the challenging year that went by. Planning for the year with the new normal gave us opportunities to be more prepared for adversities.

Much water has flown under the bridge and the unexpected pandemic has tested the world’s resilience in more ways than one. Second wave of COVID19 hit India like a Tsunami. The two months of the Delta variant not just took lives but exposed man kind to unprecedented forms of Anxiety, Depression, anger, frustrations and above all Trauma and Grief. The loss of loved ones, the despair eventually transitioning to acceptance and hope taught us to adapt to the new normal; albeit painstakingly.

Keeping the ethos of IPS, we began the work of Parliamentary Affairs Committee with an understanding of the interplay between the environmental variables and their impact on the Mental Health of the population at large in the new COVID era. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic,we have attempted to ensure that at least some work happened.

Despite the restraints,using technology we communicated with various legislative authorities and policy makers to create platforms for better understanding and sensitising the law makers. With continued, collaboration with the law makers to understand the nuances of the MHA’17 in order to ensure Human Rights of patients.

We welcomed our new Health Minister, Hon’ble Mansukh L. Mandaviya. His zest and zeal gave us the hopes and light to plan a better year ahead. With the clouds clearing up, we hope to achieve goals, manuevering the Mental Health provisions in India with the support of the law makers to accomplish broader horizons.

Additionally, we held a Media Symposium at the IPS, Mid Term CME. Further, donning on a new avatar, the big stout conferences shrunk in size but the digital insurgency allowed us to keep the spirit of IPS alive enabling us to continue reaching out to the legislature.

We continued to reach out to various legislative bodies to gather the resources needed





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS – Sub Committee (Contd.)

for implementation and accessibility of Mental Health Services to all and received

unrestricted support.

The unmatched support and guidance from Dr. N.G.Desai, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Sunil Mittal and Dr. Om Prakash gave us the guiding force to continue liaison work.

Needless to mention the support received from Dr Gautam Saha, President; Dr TSS Rao, Hon General Secretary and the EC was unprecedented and unconditional.

To look the brighter side, the pandemic also created public awareness and as a society people understood the role of Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals. This rather made it easy for us to create a communication with the law makers. From stigmatizing mental health related issues and being quick to form labels, the Government was unified in its support to help look for sources to work through the common stresses ranging from uncertainty, loss of income, job related pressures and COVID-19 related fears.

As a goal, The Parliamentary Affairs Committee is making constant efforts to reduce this gap, nation wide and has held several discussions with the concerned legislative members.

Parliamentary Affairs Committee has successfully created several platforms of-liaisons for Psychiatry this year. It has provided linkage between General Medicine and Psychiatry and the law making bodies. Some of the webinars conducted were to create awareness in order to better treat patients with co-morbid medical conditions and the impact on the patient’s Mental Health and it’s effect on their care and treatment as perceived by the carers.

Being aware that in spite of the feats that we have achieved, the challenges thrusted upon us by the Pandemic are still humongous and a lot more work in that direction still needs to be accomplished.

Perhaps, we have emerged stronger together in these abstruse times.


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Henal Shah Dr. Ajay Bakhla Dr. Arshad Dr. TP Sudhakar Dr. Sudhir Hussain Bhave

PG Psychiatry Education Sub Committee organized across the year

Program by Psychiatrists for PG Learning

Along with UG Committee and Faculty subcommittee started a program 60 minutes with psychiatry teachers. More than dozen programs were conducted and 50 faculty discussed the teaching learning process across





EC Coordinator

PG Mock Exam

the country, covering a dozen states

All proceedings are video recorded are available as free access in YouTube channel under the name “Indian Teachers of Psychiatry”

A summary to learning from PG mock exams conducted by Dept of Psychiatry, Nair Hospital and IPS subcommittees in PG education and Faculty Development 24-26 June.

The format:

• Threesessionsinaday

• Four examiners in each session

• Studentspresentedcasesorthereweretablevivas

• Longcaseswere12:commondisorders

• Shortcases10

• Tableviva4

• Thestudenthadpreparedacaseearlier.Thiswillbearealcasefrominstituteandif

not possible a paper case will be supplied by organizers. A copy of the same was given

to examiners

• The long case was for 15 minutes to present, followed by 20-25 minutes to ask

questions to the candidate. The last 10-15 minutes were to answer questions of

students logged on or to teach by examiners.

• Similar would be the format for short cases. For vivas we had slides of CT, MRI,

psychological tests and EEG. Drugs, recent advances, and forensic psychiatry were

asked without props.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

PG PSYCHIATRY EDUCATION – Sub Committee (Contd.) Learnings from the exam

• The need is high. 1061 registered. All three evening at 5.30 there were 450-500 participants yet logged in and interacting. Many departments organized collective viewing.

• Virtual mode makes it much simpler

• Both examiners (36) and examinees (26) were enthusiastic to participate. All zones were represented.

• The immediate comments (feedback to be analyzed) revealed there was immense learning

• Learnersneedmoresupporttomasterinterpretationforofradiologicalfindings,EEG and psychological tests.

• Thereisvariabilityinlearningespeciallyduringthepandemic

• Suchprogramshelptoimprovestandards

• Besides students, many young psychiatrists in practice and junior faculty found this

revision very useful

• Facultyneedtoreflectonbestwaystoassesscompetencies

• IPSshouldcontinuetoplayaleadroleinimprovingacademicstandardsandsupporting

teachers and students.

Increase weightage for psychiatry in NEXT examinations

Brainstorming done with faculty across the country. Based on the inputs a letter formulated and is in the process of being sent to IPS

for pursuing this matter with NMC.

Insist on certifiable psychiatry skills in UG

competency-based curriculum

Brainstorming done with faculty across the country.

Based on the inputs a letter formulated and is in the

process of being sent to IPS for pursuing this matter with NMC.

Resiliency Workshop

Collaborated with mind body task force in organizing a mind-body medicine resiliency workshop at NIMHANS on 13th November.

National CME on Psychiatry Education & Faculty Training

One Day NATIONAL CME in Hybrid Mode along with E-poster Competition on Innovative Teaching Learning Methodologies in Psychiatry. This is organised jointly by UG, PG education subcommittee, task force in faculty development and St. John’s Medica College.


UG EDUCATION – Sub Committee

Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Ravi Gupta Dr. Vinay H.R. Dr. Priya Dr. Anil Nischal Dr. Adarsh Sreedharan Tripathi

Activities conducted

• Webinaron‘CBMEimplementation–towardsstandardizationanduniformity’–25 January, 2021.

• Periodic online meetings of the committee members (5 online meetings with agenda pertaining to Psychiatry UG education like preparation of draft manual for CBME implementation, suggestions regarding MBBS admission and medical college regulations document by NMC etc).

• Regular programs titled ‘Sunday Special 60 Mins with Psychiatry Teachers’ which was a combined initiative of IPS Faculty Training Task Force, IPS UG Education Sub- Committee and IPS PG Education Sub-Committee. It was a Pan India Platform to Share Experiences amongst teachers of Psychiatry with caption “Teachers Make a Difference”. There were around 10 sessions conducted in this calendar year with representation from different zones of the country.

• Conducted a symposium at World Association of Social Psychiatry (WASP) Asia pacific hybrid congress 2021 held at New Delhi between 16-18th September, 2021 on the topic “Behavioural Sciences in UG curriculum”.

• Published an article titled ‘Competency-based medical curriculum: Psychiatry, training of faculty and Indian Psychiatric Society’ under UG education in Indian Journal of Psychiatry.

(Kishor M, Gupta R, Ashok MV, Isaac M, Chaddha RK, Singh OP, et al. Competency-based medical curriculum: Psychiatry, training of faculty, and Indian Psychiatric Society. Indian J Psychiatry 2020;62:207-8)

• Initiated a scholarship course titled ‘ITOP STEPS – Indian Teachers of Psychiatry – Scholarship for Teachers towards Enrichment in Psychiatry teaching Skills’ in association with IPS Faculty Training Task Force, IPS PG Education Sub-Committee, MINDS united trust and financial support from Infosys foundation.

• Prepared a Draft of Indian Psychiatric Society’s Competency Based Medical Education Manual for Undergraduate MBBS Psychiatry training.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

UG EDUCATION – Sub Committee (Contd.)

Webinar on ‘CBME implementation – Symposium at (WASP) Asia pacific hybrid

towards standardization and uniformity’

Periodic Online meeting of the sub- committee members

congress 2021 -”Behavioural Sciences in UG curriculum”

Joint initiatives of IPS Faculty Training Task Force, IPS UG Education Sub- Committee and IPS PG Education Sub-Committee


FINANCE – Sub Committee

Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Uday Kumar Dr. Ashish Dr. Manmeet Dr. Ponnudu- Dr. Kshirod Sinha Srivastava Singh rai R. Kumar Mishra

Plan of action for the year 2021-22

• IthasbeenseenthattheInternalAuditCommitteehasnotmetsincelastyeardueto Covid 19. So it is requested to the esteemed Executive committee to organise or plan a Virtual Zoom meeting for the same.

• IPS can increase its financial resources by giving his Headquarter building to the esteemed members on nominal charges when they visit for their official or personal visits through headquarter committee.

• Finance sub committee also wants to bring into the notice of Executive Committee regarding the PAN Card of first orginal registered IPS body. As it was first registered at Patna, Pan card was from Kerala. Has it been yet transferred to original region of registration or not.

• OurcommitteealsowanttobringintothenoticeofExecutiveCommitteethatPAN card is necessary for the State /UT IPS body registration

These were the points raised by this committee in General body meeting ( Virtual meeting) and were delighted that our major demands like Registered PAN CARD with our first original registered IPS body office at PATNA had been met and also our headquarter building is available for our esteemed members.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

PUBLICATION – Sub Committee

Dr. Arabinda Dr. George Dr. Naren P. Rao Dr. P K Singh Dr. Vinay Kumar Brahma Reddy

Activities during the year

We have published a book on the theme “The Parallel Pandemic of 2020”, to focus on the mental health aspects of Corona Pandemic and it’s aftermaths.

We have published another book titled “Different Strokes: Pearls of wisdom in clinical psychiatry”.

A book on “Koro” and a book on “Spirituality & mental health” to be published soon that was approved in EC meeting.

In the planned work, out of those 18 books (for which memorandum has been signed earlier) – 7 have been published, 2 near completion, 7 work in progress and 2 yet to be initiated.





EC Coordinator


Website – Sub Committee

Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Koushik Dr. Sabyasachi Dr. Rahul Dr. T. Sudhir Dr. Ranjan Sinha Deb Mitra Ganesh Bhattacharyya

Activities during the year

The website committee of 2021-2022 is highly energetic and additionally has Senior Advisor and EC Co-Ordinator, which is a great move from Hon. Office bearers.

The website was launched in January 2020, at Kolkata.

In 2020 we focused on creating basic functionality and user management for the website. In 2021 we want to focus on content generation and adding new features to the website.

User Management

Integrated email services

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Work – 2020

96 New Members

Action Plan 2021

New Features Solutions

New content for website Plan to coordinate with other committees – through EC and (Books/Past-Presidents etc.) Advisor

Small competition as a part of CMEs

Membership Directory App interface for protection of data

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1067 Members registered in 1 year

YEARBOOK 2021-22

Website – Sub Committee (Contd.) Action Plan 2021

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EC Coordinator

Dr. Ajit Avasthi

Dr. Y C Janard- Dr. Kaustav Dr. Sandeep han Reddy Chakraborty Grover

Activity of IPS Research, Education and Training Foundation for year 2021-22

Multicentric study: Till now, fifteen research papers have been published out of the multicentric research projects carried out under the aegis of IPS RET Foundation and another six papers are in pipeline. Last year two proposals were given go ahead. We are still awaiting their completion. This year Dr. Vikas Menon, Additional Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, JIPMER received the honour for his study proposal tilted “Correlates of the suicide crisis syndrome in major depression: A multicentric exploratory study”.

Travel Fellowships: was awarded to Dr. Debadatta , Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar on a competitive basis and certificate was handed over to her (dtd 22/08/21)

The Foundations conducted two workshops in 2021

“Basic statistics for clinicians” by Dr. Jagadisha Tirthalli, Dr. Samir Kumar Praharaj & Dr. Srinivas Balachander on 9th July 2021 (virtual mode)

“Systematic Review and Meta-analysis” by Prof. Chittaranjan Andrade on 23rd July 2021 (virtual)

Both the workshops were attended by more than 400 participants.

E-learning platform – The e-learning platform will have an architecture of a digital academy – training sessions,

assessments, and certification will be included in virtual sessions. Live/video recorded lectures and live/chat-based interactions will be conducted for training sessions. The user can access the contents at their convenience and set the pace of the module as per their convenience. Topics may include research methods, study designs, meta-analysis, statistical analysis, How to publish a manuscript, How to review a manuscript, etc. We are working on E-Training course on “Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT)” and hopeful to start it by middle of this year.


YEARBOOK 2021-22






EC Coordinator

Dr. Anand K. Dr. Arun Khatri Dr. Bimal Dr. Sarvesh Handigol Tamakuwala Chandra

Report of the Social Security Sub Committee


– Total No. of Members

– Total Deceased 18 / Retired 01/ Pending Members 01

– Amount paid to Nominee of last Deceased Member is

– Amount paid to Nominee of Dr. Medha Dhavale (SSS 703)

(Expired under 1 Year of SSS Membership)

Dr. Mukesh P. Jagiwala



Rs. 3,49,300/- Rs. 6,800/-

Membership Details

-:ZoneWise:- -:AgeWise:-

Total Deceased / Current Retired

053 001 052

036 002 034

063 001 062

167 007 160

405 008 397

001 — 001

725 019 706

Total Deceased / Retired









<30 >30<35









064 000 064 074 001 073

094 000 094

077 000 077

075 000 075

076 002 074

096 006 090

168 010 158

001 — 001

725 019 706

Total 706 + 19 (Deceased 18 / Retired 01) = 725

Total 706 + 19 (Deceased 187 Retired 01) = 725


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Brahmadeep Dr. Vishal Dr. Desiree Dr. Vikas Jain Dr. Kaushik Sindhu Chhabra Saimbi Chatterjee

Report of the IPS Headquarters Sub Committee

The Indian Psychiatric Society Headquarters are located at Plot 43, Sector 55, Gurgaon 120003. The headquarters are a 25 minute drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport, a 50 minute drive from New Delhi Railway Station and walking distance from Sector 56

Metro Station. There is also easy access to Ola and Uber cabs, even at late night.

Our headquarters are a unique combination of an office and a guest house. We have one conference room, which can accommodate our entire Executive Committee, and a small office room with kitchen and washroom on the ground floor. On the first and second floor we have three furnished guest rooms with 2 single beds and attached toilet, which can accommodate 6 members for a

night stay. Caretaker room is on the second floor with external stair access.

The contribution IPS takes from a member is Rs 500/- per night per person. Family members can also accompany members in occupying the guest rooms. For prior booking members can communicate with the Hon. Treasurer and/or Chairperson of the IPS Headquarters Sub-Committee.

IPS invites all the members to visit and stay at our headquarters. IPS plans to give the conference room facility to sponsoring pharma companies on nominal charges for a day.

In 2021, IPS had three office bearers meeting at our HQs. IPS Subcommittee was involved in organizing World Mental Health Week function with Dr. Vinay Kumar as Chairperson and Dr. Brahmdeep Sindhu as Organizing Secretary. President Dr Gautam Saha, and Hon. General Secretary Dr. KSS Rao, were also present. The organizing committee emphasized on building a world class headquarters for the strong IPS.

IPS Headquarters is a home away home for all members.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

SAARC AFFAIRS – Sub Committee





EC Coordinator

Dr. Porandla Kishan

Dr. VK Arvind

Dr. Roshan Khanande

Dr. R K Dr. Sanjay Mahendru Gupta

The conference on “Spirituality in Mental Health and Wellness among SAARC countries” was conducted on 2nd January, 2022 (Sunday) at Hotel Taj Deccan, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India. This conference was conducted online with physical inaugural and valedictory function with the active involvement of World Psychiatric Association (WPA), various SAARC countries and the SAARC affairs subcommittee of Indian Psychiatric

Society (IPS) with coordination of spirituality task force of IPS guided by Indian Psychiatric Society National EC under the presidentship of Dr. Gautam Saha.

The organizing committee under the chairmanship of Dr. P. Raghurami Reddy, Dr. B. N. Gangadhar as Chief Patron, Dr. P. Kishan as organizing secretary, Dr. Rajashree Ray as convener and Dr. G. Prasad Rao as chief advisor guided and supervised well to conduct the conference smoothly.

Dr. Gautam Saha, President, IPS physically attended the inaugural function of conference. Prof. Afzal Javed – President of WPA graced the function as a Chief Guest. Dr. B. N. Gangadhar and Dr. G. Prasad Rao attended the inaugural function as Guest of Honor.

In this SAARC conference, 6 internationally reputed speakers gave their talks on the following topics – Shreemad- Bhagwad- Geeta: A form of Psychotherapy by Dr. Ajay Risal from Nepal, The intersection of Spirituality, Religion and Mental health: Some Considerations and Potential Implications for SAARC Countries by Prof. Alan Fung from Canada, Buddhist Perspective of Mental Health by Prof. Harishchandra Gambheera from Sri lanka, Spirituality and Mental Health: Scenario from Nepal by Prof. Nirmal Lamichhane from Nepal, World Psychiatric Association Position Statement on Religion/ Spirituality and its implications for clinical practice by Dr. Alexander Moreira-Almeida from Brazil, Mental Health through a Spiritual Lens by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Afridi from Pakistan and an interactive panel discussion moderated by Dr. M. S. Reddy from


Indian Psychiatric Society

SAARC AFFAIRS – Sub Committee (Contd.)

Hyderabad on the topic Spirituality in Mental health and Wellness with Dr. Sayuri Perera from Sri Lanka, Dr. S.C Tiwari, Dr. Philip John and Dr. Shubhangi Parkar from India as panelists.

For this program, the Telangana State Medical Council has granted two credit points. The conference became a grand success graced by the participation of eminent senior academicians from Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil and India. In addition to SAARC countries, the western perspective was also covered by two eminent speakers from Canada and Brazil who are leaders in the field of spirituality in World Psychiatric Association as well as American Psychiatric Association. Most of the chairpersons and speakers are from high positions in psychiatric associations of their respective countries and leaders of SAARC psychiatric federations who mostly dedicated their work in religion and spirituality in mental health and wellness.

The valedictory function was presided by Dr. (Brig) M.S.V.K.Raju as the chief guest who was the past president of SAARC Psychiatric Federation (SPF). As guest of honor, Dr.I.R.S Reddy – Past SPF President and Dr. Sheehan Williams – Secretary General of SPF participated in this function. The organizing committee has felicitated four of the senior most psychiatrists in the country – Dr. E. Mohandas from Kerala, Dr. Shiv Gautam from Rajasthan, Dr. Raghurami Reddy from Hyderabad and Dr. V.D. Krishnaram from Madurai in recognition of their services in the field of mental health and spirituality. A total of more than 600 delegates registered for this conference and about 590 delegates attended the conference virtually.

The organizing committee has taken up a resolution from the conference’s discussion and deliberations under the heading of the “Hyderabad Declaration on Spirituality in the conference on Spirituality in Mental Health and Wellness among SAARC countries-2022”. ‘Dhampathya Dharma’ is the pivot of spiritual practices among the families belonging to SAARC countries which share common spiritual living styles ingrained in the blood of people of this Indian Subcontinent. Because of this ‘Dhampathya Dharma’, polygamy and divorce rates are less in this Indian subcontinent irrespective of religion–Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and even other religious, non-religious, non-god believing families of this area when compared to different parts of the remaining world. In the


YEARBOOK 2021-22

SAARC AFFAIRS – Sub Committee (Contd.)

recent past, the United States of America, Europe and various other parts of the world

have recognized the greatness of the family system existing in this Indian subcontinent.

‘Dhampathya Dharma’ is sharing of life and living together irrespective of turbulences, bio-psycho- socio-spiritual challenges and gender challenges in order to sustain continuity of possible harmonious life with mutual tolerance and respect towards each other till the end of life. The people in this subcontinent have a peculiar form of spiritual

thinking and have adopted a spiritual life style by knowing and tolerating realities (truths) of their opposite genders including their good and bad (Sathyam Shivam) and performing their duties (Dharma) for the sake of living together and for the sake of their children’s and parent’s well-being. By the wisdom they gain in their family life, is being used in ‘G’enerating new ideas and ways of tolerance, exploring new dimensions to have a creative and meaningful life. By ‘O’perating these new ideas of wisdom to deliver their duties for continuation of prosperity, richness and wellness with good quality of life of their family. By ‘D’estroying the attachment to the realities,truths of the opposite partner and delivering their duties is called “Satya Dharma Samanvaya” – balancing the Satya (truth) and Dharma (duties). By this nature of multifacetedness of the individuals residing in this subcontinent, families are leading a prosperous life till the end. Hence, every family in this subcontinent has “GOD”liness experience in their life span (GOD) which is protecting their bondage of living together with children and forefathers giving a richness and good quality of life to their families.

This ‘Dhampathya Dharma’ is protecting the Indian subcontinent rather than ritualistic religions. This is the strong belief of scholars of this land. The spirit of ‘Dhampathya Dharma’, which is a secret of success of family system of Indian subcontinent should expand to the Vasudhaika family. The Vasudhaika Family means global family i.e., whole world should become one family with mutual tolerance and coexistence. The spirit of ‘Dhampathya Dharma ’is giving meaning of life to the family members of Indian subcontinent. The finding of meaning of life itself is the spirituality. This ‘Dhampathya Dharma’ is the message of spirituality to the world from this Hyderabad Declaration. This is declared by the organising committee of the conference on “Spirituality in Mental Health and Wellness among SAARC countries” held at Hyderabad, India on January 2nd,2022.


Indian Psychiatric Society






EC Coordinator

Dr. Nand Kumar Dr. Shubh Dr. Urvakhsh Dr. Soumitra

Dr. Bhaveshku- mar Lakdawala

Mohan Singh Mehta Report of Physical Treatment Sub Committee


A CME was organised on “

Advancment of Transcranila

Direct current Stimulation in

psychiatric disorder on 17th April

in online mode. The program

was inaugurated by the Hon IPS

President Dr Gautam Saha 2. It was attended by 370 participants. Following imminent speakers delivered the talk – Prof Nitsche, Prof Biksom, Dr Anirban, Dr Janardhanan.


“Guidelines for the safe operation of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation in clinical settings: An Indian perspective” by Singh C, Mehta U, Kumar N, Singh MB, Singh SM. Guidelines for the safe operation of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation in clinical settings: An Indian perspective. J Patient Saf Infect Control [serial online] 2020 [cited 2022 Jan 12];8:78-83. Available from: asp?2020/8/3/78/315744

Proposed Interventions

• Exploring the possibility of using webinar/workshop/training modules for various physical treatment to provide support to remote centers

• Create a Network for the knowledge sharing in this area


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Vivek Dr. Sona Kakar Dr. Prathama Dr. R. Raguram Kirpekar Guha Chaudhuri

Activities during the year

Dr. Parag S. Shah





EC Coordinator

Psychotherapy subcommittee had three meeting in presence of Dr Parag Shah and Dr R Raguram.

The plan of conducting a program of making aware the fellows of different techniques of Psychotherapy was discussed and formulated.

We got necessary sponsorship for this academic activity from Torrent Pharmaceuticals. The 1st program was held on 6th June and the Speaker was Dr R Raguram. He spoke on ‘Unraveling The Knots

Perspectives In Practice Of Psychotherapy.’ The session was chaired by Dr Vihang Vahia. The session was attended by around 180 fellow members and ther was wonderful interaction.

The next session will be held on 20th June and the speaker is Dr Ajit Bhide and he will speak on ‘Past tense:Tense past’ Dr K C Gurunani will chair.


Indian Psychiatric Society






EC Coordinator

Dr. P N Dr. Bijoy Dr. Phani Kanth Dr. Y. A. Shukla Choudhuri Rammurthy K. Matcheswalla

Activities done during the year

• Webinar on mental stress in pandemic. Talk was delivered to SIRTS-P sagar group of Institutions by Dr. Ruma Bhattacharya.

• Webinar on How to Manage Stress during the corona virus outbreak to SAM college of Pharmacy.

Dr. Ruma Bhattacharya

• Zoom webinar on “ Help Preventing Suicide” (on 12th September).

• Webinar on Mental Health Challenges to students of Renaissance University, Indore. (27th nov)

• Awareness video on YouTube about “Anorexia Nervosa – The Eating Disorder”.

• Awareness video on YouTube about “Somatoform Disorders”

• Article on Hypochondriasis in Telugu magazine in local language.

• Article in Indian chronical on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. Mental Health – A Prerogative .

• Radio interviews on the occasion of Doctor’s Day and World Mental Health Day to raise awareness and to reach to common people.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Manaswi Dr. Puneet Dr. M. Mushtaque Dr. Harish Dr. Samrat Kar Gautam Kathuria Ali Nasirabadi Shetty

Activity Report for the year

1. Multiple articles in media locally and at National level about mental health

2. April 11 During 6 th annual CME of IPSTSB organized lecture for media personal regarding mental health( chaired by Dr Minhajzafar Nasirabadi

3. A webinar with IPSTSB along with media and mental health subcommittee on world schizophrenia day 24th May With Dr Bharat Watwani , Dr Harish Shetty, Dr Ramakrishna and Kaniza Garari Chief editor Deccan Chronicle with IPS , IPSTSB and media and mental health office bearers .

4. On occasion of world No to Tobacco Day Dr Manaswi Gautam addressed various media houses highlighting the importance of deaddiction

5. Dr Minhajzafar Nasirabadi spoke to Manuu University students and teachers which was covered various newspapers

6. IPSTSB in tspsycon 21and media and mental health subcommittee convenor addressed media personal regarding mental health on July 30 at Taj Krishna which was covered widely in newspapers

7.In Indian Psychiatric Society’s initiative for school and college re-opening across the country. The scientific document on this with a joint initiative from NIMHANS and IACAM, COVID-19 AND CHILDREN – MISSION SCHOOL we sent letters along with a copy of this booklet to the Times of India print edition and to the other print and electronic media houses for better publicity and awareness amongst the concern authorities. This was published in various print media.

8. On occasion of world suicide prevention various write-ups newspapers and TV shows were conducted in Hindi, English and vernacular languages.

9. Dec 4th 2021 a National Conference was organized by our committee with Young Psychiatrist sub-committee in Hotel Golden Tulip at Jaipur in Hybrid Mode, with Dr Manaswi Gautam as Organizing Chairperson and organizing secretary Dr Anita Gautam. Workshop for media personnel to increase communication with media and relevant topics were deliberated upon, more than 80 people attended physically and more than 250 attended virtually, lots of interviews with senior psychiatrists were also covered by media.





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

MEDIA & MENTAL HEALTH – Sub Committee (Contd.)


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Amarnath Dr. G. Swami- Dr. Sheryl John Dr. Hemendra Dr. Vishal Indla Mallik nathan Ram Phookun

Activities during the year

Program for NGO

Conducted a program for NGOs and Patient carer groups on Fighting stigma on 18th April 2021. We had





EC Coordinator

active participation from various NGOs.

Awareness program on the occasion of International Day against illicit drug use and trafficking

Conducted Awareness program on the occasion of International Day against illicit drug use and trafficking for inmates of Mumbai Central Jail, Class I for male inmates on 26th June 2021

Program on Grief Counselling

Covid-19 pandemic brought along with it immense loss in the form of deaths as well as life as we knew it.

We recognised the need to train mental health professionals regarding grief counselling. Had the first program on 11th June 2021 with almost 100 participants


Indian Psychiatric Society

NGOS / PATIENTS’ CARERS’ GROUPS – Sub Committee (Contd.)

40 inmates who were involved in petty crimes related to drugs attended and participated in the interactive session.

Workshop on grief counselling

The demand for an in depth training

in grief counselling made us conduct

a workshop on the same, on 1st

September 2021. We collaborated with Bombay Psychiatric Society, Mindtemple and Madat trust for the same. We had about 70 registrations for the same. We tried to create awareness about psychiatric issues and how to help the patient carer community. Grief counselling training is the need of the hour and we were able to help in that domain. We wanted to work on creating a comprehensive directory having all the details of the various authentic, verified NGOs but were unable to do so during our tenure. We hope our subsequent team will be able to carry forward this vision and make it a reality.


YEARBOOK 2021-22






EC Coordinator

Dr. Anita Dr. Jishnu Dr. Dhruv Dr. Rupinder Gautam Bhattacharya Parmar Kapur

Activities conducted

Webinar on Women Mental Health Case Presentation Competition for PG and UG

Organised Grand Rounds webinar on Women’s Mental health Case Presentation Competition for PGs and SRs along with Women’s Mental Health Speciality Section of Indian Psychiatry Society on 23rd May 2021.

Sharing of Books

Dr. Samrat Kar

Sharing of Books and educational tools over Whatsapp and Telegram groups for

Young Psychiatrists

Webinar on Article Publishing

Conducted a webinar on the topic “How to Get Your Article Published” on the 19th of June 2021. Chief guest- Dr. Gautam Saha, President, IPS. Special Guest- Dr. T.S.S.

Rao, Secretary, IPS. Speaker – Dr. Om Prakash Singh, Hon. Editor IPS, was the.

Chairperson – Dr. Rupinder Kapur, Advisor Young Psychiatrists Subcomittee. The event was attended virtually by over 200 psychiatrists from all over India.

Health Awareness Program

Gautam Hospital and Research Centre, Lyness Club RM1 Swayamsiddha and Young Psychiatrist Subcommittee IPS under Mental Health Week jointly organised health awareness program. Chief Guest – CEO Gautam Hospital Rajyashree Gautam. Speakers- 1. The founder of


Indian Psychiatric Society

YOUNG PSYCHIATRISTS – Sub committee (Contd.)

Medhavi Nutrifit, Dr. Medhavi gave information related to the nutrition and diet of cancer patients. Speaker 2 – Dentist and cosmetologist Dr Mahima Gautam talks about oral and dental cancer.

Speaker 3- Dr. Anita Gautam, Chairperson of Young Psychiatrist Sub Committee discussed about the mental

health of cancer patients and their families.

The program was coordinated and conducted by Mrs. Shivali Gupta.

Annual Conference of Media and Mental Health Subcommittee and the Young Psychiatrist Sub- committee

Annual Conference of Media and Mental Health Subcommittee and the Young Psychiatrist Sub- committee, Indian Psychiatric

Plan of action for the year 2021-22

To conduct online webinars for PG students and young practicing Psychiatrists to help them update their knowledge and help them face the challenges of clinical practice. These webinars will include an expert panel of senior as well as young Psychiatrists.


Society was in held in hybrid mode at Hotel Golden Tulip, Jaipur on 4th Dec. 2021.

This event was attended by 115 delegates.

YEARBOOK 2021-22

LEGAL – Sub Committee

Dr. Raveesh Dr. GVS Murthy Dr. Anjan Boral Dr. Rama Reddy Dr. Suresh Ku- B.N. Karri mar Gunapalli

Report of the Legal Sub Committee

To support and guide the Indian Psychiatry Society members to

a. Be aware of existing legal and ethical standards of professional practice

b. Adhere to existing legal and ethical standards of practice of professional practice

c. Identify early warning signs and help Indian Psychiatry Society members to seek appropriate support to deal with legal and ethical challenges

d. And to develop systems to provide such support

For any legal opinion required, we have been operating this email ID: ipslegalaid@gmail. com

Program conducted by Dr. Raveesh BN (Chairperson)

1. Panelists for INDIAN PSYCHIATRIC SOCIETY, Sub – Specialty IPS task Force Implementation of MHCA Date:27/06/2021.

2. Speaker for the 1st National CME on the occasion of WORLD SOCIAL MEDIA DAY (Social Media Specialty Section Indian Psychiatric Society, Theme- Embracing the inevitable: Digital Hygiene towards Mental Health) Topic- “Social Media and its Legal Implications” Date:30/06/2021.

3. Panelist for Webinar organized by Forensic Psychiatry & Law Specialty Section of “ The Indian Psychiatry Society,” topic: COVID-19 & PSYCHIATRY MEDICOLEGAL ASPECTS. Date:24/08/2021.

4. Speaker for the Webinar organized by Vivekananda College of Law – An Institute of Janatha Education Society, topic: Mental Healthcare Act 2017:A Paradigm Shift. Date:04/08/2021.

5. Resource person on legal issues in Psychiatry, at IPSOCON-2021 Madurai (Indian Psychiatric Society – South zone) from 22nd to 24th October 2021.

6. ALKEM’S Master class series webinar Topic: Mental Health Care Act-Legal Aspect. Date:13/11/2021.

Publications on legal aspects by Dr. Raveesh BN (Chairperson)

1. Raveesh BN, Munoli RN. Ethical and legal aspects of telepsychiatry. Indian J Psychol Med. 2020;42(5S):63S-69S





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

LEGAL – Sub Committee (Contd.)

2. Rentala S, Thimmajja GS, Be-voor P, Raveesh BN. Nurses’ knowledge, attitude, and practices on the use of restraints at State Mental health care setting: An impact of in-service education program-me. Invest.Educ.Enferm.2021;39(1):e12

3. Domestic Violence Current Legal Status – Psychiatric Evaluation of Victim & Offenders (Clinical Practice Guidelines – Indian Journal of Psychiatry)

4. Assessment and Management of Agitation in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (Clinical Practice Guidelines – Indian Journal of Psychiatry)

5. Ethical & Legal Aspects of Suicide (Chapter in IPS Publication)


Various admission procedures under MHCA 2017:


YEARBOOK 2021-22

LEGAL – Sub Committee (Contd.)

Rights of PMI during admission and discharge:

• Righttoaccessmentalhealthcare

• Righttocommunityliving

• Righttoprotectionfromcruel,inhuman,anddegradingtreatment • Righttoequalityandnon-discrimination

• Righttoinformation

• Righttoconfidentiality

• Righttoaccessmedicalrecords

• Righttopersonalcontactsandcommunication

• Righttolegalaid

• Righttomakecomplaintsaboutdeficienciesofservices

Duties of police officers in respect of persons with mental illness (Section 100)

• Suppose a police officer finds any wandering mentally ill person or anyone demonstrating risk to himself or others or incapability in taking care of oneself due to mental illness. In that case, they must take the PMI to the nearest public health establishment within 24 hours.

Magistrate order for the admission of PMI (Section 102):

• The magistrate can authorize a PMI to be admitted at a public MHE for assessment and treatment for not more than ten days, and MHP must submit a report to the Magistrate by the end of this period.

Prisoners with mental illness (Section 103):

• APMImustbetransferredtothepsychiatricwardintheprison’smedicalwingora mental health establishment with the board’s prior permission.

Persons in custodial institutions (Section 104):

• PMI in custodial institutions such as beggars’ homes, orphanages, women’s protection homes, and children’s homes will be assessed and treated when brought by in-charge of the institutions.

Forms related to admissions:

Form A- Request for independent admission

Form B- Request for admissions with high support needs

Form C- Request for Continuous Admissions with High Support Needs Form D- Request for discharge by an independent patient

Form E- independent opinion of a Psychiatrist for admission


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Shiv Gautam Dr. Jahnave Dr. Siddharth Dr. Sandeep Shireesh Kedare Sarkar Grover

Activities during the year

Because of the Covid 19 Pandemic with the suggestion and permission of President Indian Psychiatric Society, it was decided to have virtual workshops of the Committee and discuss various topics related to Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.

21 topics were identified and experts working in these areas were also identified by screening the journals and their work. Based on the work, 21 lead authors were asked to write the draft of various CPGs in consultation with other co-authors.

7 webinars were conducted during the months of Sept-Oct 2021, with each webinar including presentations on 3 topics. Besides the 66 members of clinical practice guidelines committee and the workshops were also open to other fellows who also participated in the discussions. .

The first webinar was inaugurated and attended by all office bearers of IPS including Dr. Gautam Saha, President, Dr. N.N. Raju, Vice President, Dr. T.S.S. Rao, General Secretary, Dr. K.K. Mishra, Treasurer, Dr. O.P. Singh, and Editor IPS. Some office bearer of IPS attended all the 7 webinars.

The lead authors were asked to revise their papers in the light of suggestions given by other experts in the audience and to be submitted to chairman/ co chairman, convener and the EC Coordinator of the committee within one month after the webinar. The topics discussed are as follows.

Dates and topics discussed and presenting authors of the webinars are as follows.




EC Coordinator

Web- inar No.


Lead Author

Date/ Tuesday

No. of IPS Fellows & members of the com- mittee attended the webinar


Overview of Practice of Consul- tation – Liaison Psychiatry

Dr. Shiv Gautam

7th Sep.


Management of Medical Emer- gencies associated with psycho- tropic medications.

Dr. Sandeep Grover

Psychiatric assessment of per- sons for solid organ transplant

Dr. Siddharth Sarkar


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Web- inar No.


Lead Author

Date/ Tuesday

No. of IPS Fellows & members of the com- mittee attended the webinar


Management of psychiatric disorders in patients with car- diovascular diseases.

Dr. G. Prasad Rao

14 Sep


Management of psychiatric disorders in patients with endo- crine disorders.

Dr. K.K. Mishra

Management of psychiatric disorders in patients with respi- ratory diseases

Dr. Ranjan Bhattacharyya


Assessment of Psychiatric Dis- orders in Consultation – Liaison settings.

Dr. Malay Ghosal

21 Sep.


Management of psychiatric dis- orders in patients with epilepsy

Dr. Jahnavi Kedare

Mental Health issues related to Covid 19.

Dr. Ajit Avasthi


Management of psychiatric dis- orders in patients with gastroin- testinal & hepatic diseases.

Dr. Vikas Menon

28 Sep.


Management of Agitation in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

Dr. Ravish B.N.

Management of psychiatric disorders in patients with Par- kinson and other neurological diseases.

Dr. Adarsh Tripathi


Psychiatric Intervention Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Mrugesh Vaish- nav

5th Oct.


Management of Medication in- duced psychiatric disorders.

Dr. N.N. Raju

Management of psychiatric disorders in patients with renal diseases.

Dr. P.K. Dalal


Management of psychiatric dis- orders in cancer patients.

Dr. Santosh Chaturvedi

12th Oct.


Sexual Disorders: Consultation Liaison issues.

Dr. T.S.S. Rao

Management of patients in in- tensive care units

Dr. Arun V. Marwale


Indian Psychiatric Society


Web- inar No.


Lead Author

Date/ Tuesday

No. of IPS Fellows & members of the com- mittee attended the webinar


Management of psychiatric disorders in patients with stroke and traumatic head injury.

Dr. Gautam Saha

19th Oct.


Management of psychiatric disorders during the perinetal period.

Dr. Prabha Chandra

Management of psychiatric disorder with HIV and dermato- logical disorders.

Dr. O.P Singh

Because of the Covid pandemic the chairman himself suffered from Covid 19 and recovered in three months time therefore the editing is being done now. The revised CPGs were received and have been sent for uploading on the IPS website.

The committee is grateful to all office bearers of IPS and the lead authors of the various CPGs and fellows and members who attended the webinar.


YEARBOOK 2021-22





EC Coordinator

Dr. M. Aleem Siddiqui

Dr. Atul Ambekar Dr. Naven Kumar C. Dr. Malay Dave

Dr. Vikas Dr. Bn Menon Gangadhar


Dr. Basudeb Das Dr. Debasish Basu Dr. Rajarshi Neogi

Dr. Alka A. Subramanyam

Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee Dr. M.V. Ashok

Dr. Sailendra Kumar Deuri

Details of activities conducted

• Framed terms of reference of committee detailing the mandate, scope and boundaries of the tasks of the sub-committee.

• Various issues, models, challenges and opportunities discussed

• Shortlisted possible short course topics through several meeting and brainstorming sessions)

• Selected insomnia as the first short course topic

• Applied for WPA accreditation – obtained 18 credit points for the insomnia course

• Launched the first short course titled “Sleep Medicine: Diagnosis and Management of Insomnia” on 01.12.2021 (Course coordinator: Dr Ravi Gupta, Additional Professor of Psychiatry, AIIMS Rishikesh)

Scientific outcome of activities

• Totally, over 240 candidates applied for the insomnia course


Indian Psychiatric Society

COURSE & CERTIFICATION – Sub Committee (Contd.)

• 32 candidates were selected after verification of credentials

• Course officially started with the first contact session on 04.12.2021

• Planned as a weekly course on Saturdays 4pm to 5pm as per preference of participants

• Currently, the course is ongoing. Two weekly contact sessions of the course are over and the course is scheduled to run till end February

Plans for sending article for publication to IJP

• At least 3 articles on following topics are planned to be submitted to Indian Journal of Psychiatry based on data generated from the course:

• Prevalence and correlates of insomnia in psychiatry

• Study of factors associated with chronic insomnia

• Factors affecting patient preference for treatment of insomnia Future activities planned

• Future short courses are planned on the following topics:

– Psychosexual medicine

– Addiction

– Child Psychiatry

– Geriatric Psychiatry

– Yoga in mental health


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Sandeep Dr. Vikas Thanvi Dr. Era Dutta Dr. Manilal Dr. Sudhir Bhave Vohra Gada

Activities during the year as follows :

IPS -GAPIO collaborative mental health helpline for healthcare workers (July 2021)

A formal MOU was signed between IPS & GAPIO Collaborative for Mental Health Helpline for healthcare workers to address Covid-19 related mental health issues on 21st May and then the helpline was launched on 10th July with GAPIO(Global association of physiciansofIndianorigin) Collaborativewhichconsistsof-theAmericanAssociationof Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO), the Canada India Network Society (CINS) Canadian Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (CAPIH), Australian Indian Medical Graduates Association (AIMGA) &British Indian Psychiatric Association (BIPA) with digital platform support jointly from Chennai United and Health Net Global (HNG).

The whole process was executed as under :

1) A group of 70 IPS members volunteered from all 5 IPS zones for this noble cause & subsequently Live zoom interaction

for all volunteers with the IT team

of GAPIO was arranged for digital


2) The Mental Health Support web platform was created( courtesy GAPIO)for Recipients/ Healthcare Workers and Volunteers to seek support from Peer Support Provider/ Counsellor to cope with the anxiousness and stress created by COVID-19 pandemic.

3) The recipients needed to login and answer questions on the web application and were then informed of available peer support providers at that time.

4) A two way link for video interaction was established with the available peer support provider for a 10-minute session.





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

DIGITAL MENTAL HEALTH – Sub Committee (Contd.)

5)This interaction being of sensitive nature, all such interactions between the recipient and the provider were kept confidential and were not divulged to any third party.

6) All recipients were to log out of the platform after the completion of the interaction.

Recipients / Healthcare workers could also dial helpline number +91- 7292018816 to register request to seek support from Peer Support Providers/ Counsellors. The telecallers could speak and understand English, Hindi and Tamil.

A step by step guide for using the specially build software interface was sent to all volunteers as under ( first page screenshot of the pdf):

The poster in right side was used to spread awareness.

We got positive feedback from all over with good press coverage. Two of such Press coverage screenshots are shown: 1. Outlook. 2. Financial Express

GAPIO is now open for any similar collaboration with IPS in future through the Digital Mental health Subcommittee


YEARBOOK 2021-22

DIGITAL MENTAL HEALTH – Sub Committee (Contd.)

Digital Screening & Counselling – pilot with Health Department of Haryana Govt

(Sept -Oct 2021)

With the help of Dr Brahmdeep Sindhu (Psychiatrist& CMO Haryana Government), 50 general physicians working in Haryana were approached for the study in the month of Sept & Oct.

The digital screening questionnaire ( named Stress-o-meter ) was sent to 50 general physician, out of which 29 responded to the digital questionnaire & the result (Emotional wellness Index) was shared on personal email and subsequently ,based on individual’s stress levels , Counselling services were provided through e-sanjeevni platform which is a national telemedicine platform by the Ministry of health & Family Welfare under Ayushman Bharat Scheme of the Government of India for medical advice.

This digital initiative was hugely appreciated by all the beneficiary physicians and we plan to take it further through Digital Mental Health subcommittee next year subject to approval by Haryana Govt .


Indian Psychiatric Society






EC Coordinator

Dr. (Col) Rk Dr. (Group Cap- Dr. (Col) Vinay Saini tain) Ak Gupta Singh Chauhan

Activities conducted during the year

CME on Behavioural Addictions

Continued Medical Education (CME) on “Behavioural Addictions: Challenges & Strategies for the days ahead” at Base Hospital Delhi Cantt-10 on 24-25 Sep 2021

• IPSPresidentDrGautamSahawasGuest of honour & delivered inaugural address

Dr. Sunil Goyal

Dr. Kaushik Chatterjee

• Faculty from NIMHANS, PGI, Chandigarh and stalwarts from Military Psychiatry delivered lectures on virtual platform

• CMEwasattendedbyabout100delegates.

Digital Mental Wellness” app- based module

Digital Mental Wellness” app- based module (Mental Health And Normalcy Augmenting System (MANAS) for young adults under the aegis of Office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India

– Module developed

– User testing of the App completed

– Modification of the app by (Center for Development of Advance Computing) is being done


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Venkatsub- Dr. Debasish Dr. Pallabi Sahu Dr. Santosh Kr Dr. Bhaveshku- ramanium Iyer Sanyal Chaturvedi mar Lakdawala

Report of Biological Psychiatry Specialty Section

Proposed activities were not done due to unavoidable fall out of a burgeoning and devastating 2nd wave of COVID which has affected each one of us in some way or the other.

Proposed plan of action for the year 2021-22:

One (1) day CME/Symposium having following topics ( Initial Plan):-

• Teratogenicity and psychotropics, valid concept?

• Neuroscience of Somatisation

• Metabolic syndrome and psychotropics and psychiatric symptoms- what’s the connection?

• Malignancy and psychotropics- what to do and what not to do.

• Transporter and receptor pharmacogenetics in pharmacotherapy- the next stage of pharmacogenetics

• Anhedonia – trans diagnostic views.

• Rumination and autobiographical processes (memory, logic, learning) and their trans diagnostic view

Workshops of 1 day duration, with following topics:

• Introduction to methods used in Biological Psychiatry research

• Hands on introduction to various new genetic, electrophysiological, imaging methods for Psychiatrist and PGT working outside highly equiped centres

• Need for more research in biological research– how low resource centres can collaborate other centres.





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Sharmila Dr. Santosh Dr. Bheemsain Dr. UC Garg Dr. Bharat Singh Sarkar Kumar V. Tekkalaki Shekhawat

Report of Preventive Psychiatry Specialty Section

National CME on Preventive Psychiatry was held on 10th August 2021 online with around 200 delegates participated.

Articles in print and electronic media focussing on mental health issues during pandemic





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

PREVENTIVE PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Workshop on mental health awareness to the university students by Dr. Bheemsain Tekkalaki


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Jay Shastri Dr. Jayaprakash Dr. Subir Dr. Abhay Dr. Sudhir Bhave Rusell Ravan Bhattacharjee Matkar

Activities during the year

Cyberpsychiatry & Mental Health speciality section had set the ball rolling in the field, the previous year (2021) by coming up with booklet on screen use, a book on cyberpsychiatry & 1st national conference of cyberpsychiatry which was held in Mumbai.

Current year the team consisted of Dr Jay Shastri (Chairman), Dr Jayaprakash Rusell Ravan (Co-chair), Dr Subir Bhattacharjee (Convener), Dr Abhay Matkar (Advisor) & Dr Sudhir Bhave (EC Coordinator). The draft of booklet on screen use with latest amendments were prepared along with draft of the same booklet was prepared in various languages like Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati. The final version of the booklet on screen use along with its translations is in the pipeline. There was an online public awareness program conducted by Dr Jay Shastri in association with Rotaract Lokhandwala, Mumbai on the topic of “Mental Health & role of cyberpsychiatry” on 25th October 2021. The program was conducted over Instagram and was attended by around 40 participants. We thank the office of Indian Psychiatry society for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to cater this specialty section. Looking forward to many such opportunity in the future.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

CHILD PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section

Dr. Abir Dr. Chhitij Dr. Debadatta Dr. Kishor Gujar Dr. Alka A. Mukherjee Srivastava Mohapatra Subramanyam

Activities during the year

We as a team, Chairperson Dr Abir Mukherjee, Co-chairperson, Dr Chhitij Srivastava and Convener Dr Debadatta Mohapatra started working for the child psychiatry specialty section from March 2021 under the active leadership of EC Coordinator Dr Alka A Subramanyam and kind guidance of Advisor Dr Kishore Gujar. Although COVID19 pandemic came back with a vengeance with the 2nd wave, but thanks to technology we could conduct series of webinar and provide opportunity for young psychiatrists to get the benefit of training in child psychiatry.

During our initial meetings we found the major lacuna was lack of proper practical training in child psychiatry. Most of the centres in India, barring a few, don’t even have a child guidance clinic and residents are not exposed to structured training in this area,





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

CHILD PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

although there are no dearth of cases. There is also a scarcity of trained child psychiatrists in many centres. Keeping in view these facts, we thought of providing residents a platform to learn the nuances of this specialty from renowned child psychiatrists practising all over India. Hence, we started a series of webinars, where residents were provided the opportunity to present their cases and get inputs from the learned professionals from all over India with expertise in this discipline.

These case-based discussion webinars every month also helped to develop core competencies in clinical aspects of child psychiatry including newer methods of assessment, diagnosis & symptom-based management. The series of webinars has been named as ‘Child Clinics of India’. The webinars were conducted third Friday of every month during the evening hour. Till now we have conducted 6 case series and 7th one is scheduled on 17th December. We used to invite child psychiatrists from various institutes as moderators who have very aptly moderated the sessions. Invited moderators for the series were Dr Jai Ranjan Ram, Consultant psychiatrist Kolkata, for case series 1, Dr Philip John from Kochi for case series 2, Dr Prabhat Shitoley for case series 3, Prof Dr John Vijaysagar Kommu from NIMHANS for case series 4, Dr Soumitra S Dutta from Kolkata for case series 5, Dr Henal Shah from Nair hospital, Mumbai for case series 6 and Dr Kavita Arora for case series 7. Dr. Chhitij Srivastava, Dr. Kishore Gujjar and Dr. Debadatta Mohapatra also were internal moderators for the first 3 sessions respectively. Each series were attended by 100 to 300 participants approximately from all over India. We hope that this endeavour would continue

in the future.

Impact of COVID on children’s mental health is quite huge not only in terms of academics but also their physical growth, development and also social development. Children were deprived of their basic rights of education. Though in some urban areas only academical gap was bridged by online education, however their social learning is definitely compromised along with the physical and mental health adverse effects of online education. Understanding the need for reopening school, we the team of child psychiatry specialty section, IPS along with the department of child and adolescent psychiatry, NIMHANS published a document highlighting the emotional, social and physical health impacts of school closure and online


YEARBOOK 2021-22

CHILD PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

education along with the possible ways of phased school reopening. In the document the strategies for school reopening was described in terms of role of parents, role of schools, bridging the academic gaps, and achieving the curricular equivalence along with adequate importance of extracurricular activities. There was also special mention of how children should be encouraged to come forward to school on asking few simple questions to them by teachers.

In the Pipeline:

• Webinars/physical CMEs on newer developments in the areas of assessment, management and service provision and delivery.

Review of child psychiatry training in post graduate & undergraduate curriculum

o To revisit the minimum required standards

o Liaise with PG and UG psychiatric education subcommittees

o Recommend changes as deemed appropriate.

o Write guidelines on how to set up a multidisciplinary Child guidance/mental health service


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Madeshia Dr. Shubrata Ks Dr. Satish Dr. Shashi Rai Dr. Sanjay Chandrabhushan Rasaily Gupta

Activities during the year

Webinar on “ Community Matters: Exploring community Psychiatry in India & Australia”

A Webinar on “Community Matters: Exploring community Psychiatry in India & Australia” conducted by Community Psychiatry- Specialty Section of Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS) on 28 Apr 2021.

The Community Psychiatry of

IPS kicked started webinar series

by hosting Indo- Australian

symposium through zoom platform

on 28th April 2021. Resource

person’s Professor (Dr) Mohan

Isaac ( University of Australia) and

Professor (Dr) Jagadisha Thirthalli

(NIMHANS, India) deliberated a

very informative, thought provoking

and stimulating presentation

highlighting different aspects of mental health services, challenges and opportunities in India & Australia. The IPS bearers President Dr Gautam Saha, Vice President Dr NN Raju, Hon. Secretary Dr TSS Rao, Hon. treasurer Dr KK Mishra, and Hon.Editor Dr Om Prakash Singh also shared their personal clinical experience and valuable insights regarding promotion of community psychiatry education and awareness to take mental health services in their respective State of India. It was stressed that stigma, lack of education, ignorance and local prevalent myths surrounding mental health are deeply engraved in both rural and urban population including western countries. The webinar was very interactive and attended by more than 200 participants.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

COMMUNITY PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Best Research Paper in Community Psychiatry


Initiative of community psychiatry specialty of Indian Psychiatry Society in association with Kshema Trust. Oct 2021.

Esteemed judges Prof (Dr) Om Prakash Singh, Dr Nitin Gupta & Dr Janardhanan C Narayanaswamy evaluated 25 research papers and selected 6 quality research papers for the final competition to be held on 13th October 2021 via online mode in zoom platform. Each finalists were allowed to present their research papers ( 10 minutes presentation) followed by 5 mins of discussion and

evaluation by esteemed judges for selection of winners.

1st Prize- Dr T Shivakumara- Impact of Community based rehabilitation for mental illnesses on out of pocket expenditure in rural South India.

2nd Prize- Dr Johnson Pradeep R et al – Risk Factor for severity of depression in participants with chronic medical conditions in rural primary health care settings in India.

3rd Prize- Dr Prateek Varshney: Qualitative perspective of stakeholders on the role of ASHA in Indian Public mental healthcare.

Cash prizes for the competition was sponsored by President Kshema Trust. Dr K.R Shridhar shared his personal experiences in working in the field of community since more than 2 decades highlighting stigma surrounding mental illnesses. The programme was attended by Dr Gautam Saha (IPS President), Dr NN Raju (Vice President), Dr TSS Rao ( Honorary Secretary), Dr Om Prakash Singh ( Honorary Editor), and Dr KK Mishra (Hon. Tresurer) who appreciated the efforts of community psychiatry speciality team for organizing the said event and congratulated all the participants and finalists.

Community Psychiatry team comprising of Dr Sanjay Gupta, Dr Shashi Rai and Dr Chandra Bhushan Madesia empasised on the importance of promotion of community psychiatry to destigmatise mental illness to enable individuals, families and communities to seek early help without hesitation and fear of discrimination. It was also stressed that greater and innovative investments may need to be done to educate general health care workers, peripheral grassroots levels health (PHC, PHSC, ASHA) to integrate mental healthcare in primary health care system to reach out to rural population.

Suggestions for future

• Promoteresearchactivitiesandpublicationinthefieldofcommunitypsychiatry

• Conduct workshop/ symposium on community psychiatry at regional, national and

SAARC psychiatry conference

• Conduct training programs for Primary health centers medical officers, and DMHP

counselors/ psychologists to strengthen community psychiatry.


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Neelanjana Dr. Shubrata KS Dr. Satish Dr. Shashi Rai Dr. Sanjay Paul Rasaily Gupta

Activities during the year

Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) Geriatric Psychiatry sub-section had organised a virtual mini-CME on 9th January, 2022 entitled ‘Human Rights Considerations for Mental Health Services of Older People’. Considering the rising Covid-19 cases this CME was held on a virtual platform and was attended by all the esteemed office bearers of the IPS. The organising committee comprised of Dr Nilanajana Paul (Chairperson, Geriatirc Psychiatry sub-section), Dr S. Balasubramaniam (Co-Chairperson), Dr A. Q. Gilani (Convenor), Dr Parshotam Dass Garg (EC Coordinator) and Dr S C Tiwari (Advisor). The CME co-ordinator was Dr Debanjan Banerjee. The programme consisted of greeting and introduction by the IPS office bearers, welcome address by Dr Nilanajana Paul, an invited lecture and a panel discussion. The special attraction of the programme was the invited lecture by Dr kiran Rabheru (Professor of Psychiatry & Geriatric Psychiatrist, University of Ottawa; Chair of the Board, ILC Canada) which was chaired by Dr Gautam Saha and Dr S. C. Tiwari. Dr Rabheru spoke on ‘Need for an UN Convention on Human Rights of Older People’. He aptly referred to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global report on ageism published in March 2021 which states that one in every two people bear ageist attitude towards older adults. Covid-19 combined with extensive societal ageism has created a dual pandemic of human rights violations and elder abuse. Dr Rabheru argued that the UN Convention for the rights of older people is expected to help combat ageism and ableism, guide policy making, improve accountability, educate and empower senior citizens and form a legally binding protection framework under an anti-discriminatory international law. He further stressed that the UN Convention is expected to increase ethical, moral and legal surveillance, obliging states to adopt laws sensitive to rights of older persons. Finally, Dr. Rabheru raised a global call among all nations to support and work towards making this UN Convention a reality. The ensuing discussion generated, found Dr Rabheru’s points were very relevant for the Indian context which is facing a rapid population aging. The Chairpersons concurred that this timely discussion on human rights of older people will be very encouraging and eye-opening for the Indian Psychiatric Associations to work along the same line and communicate with policy






EC Coordinator

YEARBOOK 2021-22

GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

makers. Dr Rabhenru concluded by mentioning that the UN Convention, such as this

could potentially form a basis for policy, programming, public awareness and education.

The second part of the programme was panel discussion entitled ‘Rights Based Care and Ethical Considerations in Dementia Management’. It was chaired by Dr T. S. S. Rao and Dr K. K. Mishra, moderated by Dr Debanjan Banerjee. Dr G. Prasad Rao, Dr N. N. Raju and Dr O. P. Singh participated in the Pannell. Individuals living with dementia are on the rise in India and they face unique vulnerabilities and human rights violations. Dr Debanjan Banerjee set the stage by highlighting data from the Dementia India Report, 2018 and the LASI. The actionable areas include dementia friendly environments and considering dementia problem as a national priority. Dr. Prasad Rao started the discussion by highlighting capacity assessment in individuals living with dementia, the legal conundrums associated with end-of-life-care in them and the road-map of the Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health (IAGMH) for working on their rights. Dr Raju emphasized on the need to modify the IPS tele-psychiatry guidelines for suiting dementia care and training authorities and staff in nursing homes for safeguarding the rights of institutionalised individuals living with dementia. Finally, Dr O. P. Singh highlighted the need for increased research in this area, and evidenced based recommendations to discus with policy makers. All the panellists agreed that there needs to be translation of rights and dignity-based dementia care in clinics and psychiatric training. Dr Banerjee along with the Chairpersons concluded the chair by making a note that such discussions will lay the ground for clinical and policy recommendations from the IPS and IAGMH.

Dr Nilanajana Paul delivered the vote of thanks to all the participating faculty and organising committee, All the faculty unanimously acknowledged that this rich discussion on human rights in older people will enhance international collaboration to work towards a common goal where older adults are dealt with dignity, autonomy, respect and equality. Special thanks was given to Dr Debanjan Banerjee for organising this programme.


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Ivan S Netto Dr. Pankaj Dr. Alakananda Dr. Siva Nambi Dr. Suresh Ku- Kumar Dutt mar Gunapalli

Activities during the year

Forensic Psychiatry & Law Specialty Section organised a webinar in collaboration with B J Govt. Medical College & Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health on 24th August 2021.

The topics were “COVID-19 & Psychiatry Medicolegal Aspects”, Medicolegal aspectsof Suicide”.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

PRIVATE PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section

Dr. Anukant Dr. Venugopal Dr. Manoj Dr. G. Prasad Dr. Vishal Indla





EC Coordinator

Mittal Jhanwar Sahoo

Report of Private Psychiatry Specialty Section


We planned following activity on behalf of private psychiatry speciality section:

• To do online workshop to popularise practice of telepsychiatry and address issues related to it.

• To survey various issues faced by private psychiatrists during covid times and mitigate action plan accordingly.

• To identify private psychiatrist who are still not member of IPS and motivate them to be member of IPS.


Indian Psychiatric Society






EC Coordinator

Dr. R K Lenin Dr. Ashwin Dr. Parth Singh Mohan Vaishnav

Activities during the year

Dr. R.K. Chadda

Dr. Adarsh Tripathi


Live talk on Drug Addiction

Addictive Disorders Speciality

Section committee under

leadership of Dr R K Lenin Singh and

national presidential leadership of

Dr Gautam Saha (Indian Psychiatric

Society) organized a novel FACEBOOK LIVE awareness session.

“QUIT DRUGS….NOT LIFE” was the clear message which we decided to deliver on 26th June 2021, 7 pm onwards which was International Day Against DRUGS and illicit trafficking.

The webinar was addressed by imminent expert public speakers of Indian Psychiatric society Dr Mrugesh Vaishnav from Ahmedabad and Dr Harish Shetty from Mumbai

The webinar was moderated by Dr Ashwin Mohan, Co – Chair Person of ADSS committee.

After opening address from Dr R K Lenin Singh, the Chairperson of the committee, Dr Gautam Saha delivered the presidential address. Dr Mrugesh Vaishnav discussed

about the drug menace in the country, why youth is addicted and how addiction should be considered a brain disease rather than social or moral problem.

Dr Harish Shetty in his own lucid manner explained the role of family in managing the disorder providing a support system for the patients suffering from addictive disorders.

The panellists for the session were Dr Gautam Saha, Dr N N Raju, Dr TSS Rao, Dr R K Chaddha, Dr Kshirod Mishra and Dr Gojendra Singh. The last part of webinar which was


YEARBOOK 2021-22

ADDICTIVE DISORDERS – Specialty Section (Contd.)

open discussion among faculty members incited interesting discussion about addictive disorders in Eastern part of India between Dr R K Lenin Singh, Dr TSS Rao and Dr Harish Shetty. In all the live event was attended by more than 300 viewers and the video is watched mote than 1800 times on Facebook page of IPS. This webinar was a trend setter for many moire webinars for public on the Face book page of Indian Psychiatric society.

National Webinar on Addiction

The Addictive Disorders Speciality Section (ADSS) of IPS conducted a national webinar on Addiction on Tuesday, 5th

October 2021 starting at 6:30 pm.

The theme was “Promoting Addiction psychiatry among Young Psychiatrists”.

We fixed up some unconventional

but interesting topics to stimulate interest in Addiction for young psychiatrists and students. Dr Ashwin Mohan was the moderator for the session and Dr Parth Vaishnav was the event coordinator.

Dr R K Lenin Singh in his opening address explained the addiction problem, the burden on health care and required measures. These were amplified by Dr Gautam Saha in his presidential address. Dr R K Chaddha highlighted the addiction situation and role of psychiatrists to deal with it.

The first session was first hand experience of two DM in Addiction Medicine Dr Narsimha Rao and Dr Gayatri Bhatia who explained why they chose this specialization after MD Psychiatry. Various aspects about what a student can expect to learn in this field and how the course can be pursued in which institutions across India was discussed.

The panellists for this session Dr Protima Murthy, Director NIMHANS cleared the doubts about addictive disorders and the long term treatment outcomes, Dr Debasish Basu (PGI Chandigarh) discussed about how students of this field can let other specialities in medicine understand addiction as a multi modal illness of brain. Dr Atul Ambekar explained the role of NDDTC, AIIMS and encouraged students to embrace the concept of super speciality in psychiatry.

In session 2 Dr Ravindra Rao explained about Cannabis as a propriety medicine and detailed discussion of current status of Cannabis as a treatment option in Psychiatry was discussed. Dr Bhaskar Mukherji in his own demeanour stormed the 3rd session about history of drugs and the war against drugs.

The last session was a novel interactive most appreciated by all viewers between Dr Bhaskar Mukhejri and Dr Malay Dave moderated by Dr Ashwin Mohan about Addiction as an evolutionary trait of brain.


Indian Psychiatric Society

ADDICTIVE DISORDERS – Specialty Section (Contd.)

The various sessions were chaired by senior psychiatrists Dr Suresh Kumar, Dr TN N

Raju, Dr T SS Rao, Dr Kshirod Mishra & Dr O P Singh The webinar was attended by 260 participants. Future Directions of the Sub committee

• To Form a task force for adolescent addictive disorders

• Community out reach programs to spread awareness about addiction.

• The IPS ADSS had flagged some concerns regarding the availability of important and life saving medicines due to the irrational restrictions imposed by telemedicine guidelines, we would continue our efforts to get the right prescription freedom to treat patients with addiction disorders via tele medicine considering the pandemic will affect in person consultation even in the year to come by.

• Conduct CME by webinar/Hybrid Module/Off Line CMEs to demystify addiction medicine for the fraternity

• Prioritizing addiction medicine among undergraduate medical courses.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

SEXUAL DISORDERS – Specialty Section





EC Coordinator

Dr. Suparna Dr. Neena Telang Sawant

Activities during the year

Dr. Sumesh Khanna

Dr. Rajiv Anand Dr. Adarsh Tripathi

Sexual Disorders Specialty Section Report

23rd April 2021:

A Webinar on The Basics of Sexual History Taking was organised

Speakers were Dr TSSRao and Dr Rajiv Anand.

Chairperson was Dr Gautam Saha. Moderator was Dr Neena Sawant.

More than 220 delegates attended the webinar.

4th June 2021:

Brain the sex organ

An excellent talk by Dr Joy Desai

sensitising to the neuroscience

of sexual behaviours with an

elaborate talk on the areas of the

brain, neurocircuitry hormones

and neurotransmitters and their

impact on sexual behaviours . He explained attraction reward excitatory inhibitory areas of brain explaining which areas of brain are responsible.

239 delegates were participated.

Dr Rajiv Anand was the Chairperson and Dr Adarsh Tripathi was the Moderator. 2nd July 2021:

Webinar on “Endocrines its effects on Sexual functioning and Dysfunctions” was organised where 190 delegates attended. It was an excellent session taken by both the speakers.


Indian Psychiatric Society

SEXUAL DISORDERS – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Dr Telang Chaired the session. Dr Khadilkar and Dr .Phadke were the speakers

Dr Sumesh Khanna moderated the webinar.

6th August 2021:

Webinar on “Pharmacotherapy of sexual disorders” was organised. 186 delegates attended the webinar.

Dr C Andrade was the eminent speaker who gave valuable insights about various medications and their use in sexual dysfunctions.

Dr NN Raju chaired the session and Dr Tripathi moderated. Dr TSS Rao supported in answering queries.

4th September 2021:

An webinar on Sex sexuality and Ghazals was organised. Dr Prakash Kothari was the speaker and Dr TSS Rao was the Chairperson.

Moderator of the program was Dr Neena Sawant. 90 delegates attended the session.

Dr Kothari explained in very lucid terms about the relationship between sex and sexuality.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

WOMEN & MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section

Dr. Sarmishtha Dr. Ruksheda Dr. Tanmaini Dr. Savita Dr. Rajni Chakrabarti Nazli Syeda Das Malhotra Chatterji

Activities during the year

Overview –

1. 7th March International Women’s Day

2. 23rd May Grand Rounds Webinar Case Presentation Competition for PGs & SRs (supported by IPS Young Psychiatry Sub Comm)

3. 4th Aug CME PCOD Psychiatry Connection (in collaboration with Bombay Psychiatric Society & supported by Indian Association of Private Psychiatry Women’s Mental Health committee)

4. 21st Aug Debate Competition “Gender Bias in Diagnosis & Treatment Does Not Exist in Psychiatric Care”

5. “Journey of a Woman” book of poetry, prose & illustrations by Dr Rajashree Ray, Dr Aruna Yadiyal, Dr Monali Deshpande an official publication of IPS by Speciality Section of W&MH

6. 5Th Dec 5th National Symposium, Jaipur. Theme “Women Leading the Mental Health Movement”





EC Coordinator

Report –

1) International Women’s Day 7th March, Kolkata – A hybrid event was organized in

Kolkata, specially curated by Dr Sarmishtha Chakrabarti bridging science and society was conducted in Kolkata. Women achievers, national & international, from different


Indian Psychiatric Society

WOMEN & MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section (Contd.)

fields, who’ve inspired us with their leadership & resilience, were felicitated – Prof Helen Herrman, Dr Lakshmi Vijaykumar, Ms Alokananda Roy, Dr Indrani Lodh, Prof Jharna Basu, and Dr Kanika Mehta. The program had law makers ans social workers, who spoke on Women’s Rights, Domestic Violence and impact on mental health.

2)Grand Rounds Case

Competition 23rd May,

online – Due to the demands

of the covid pandemic PG

student training in psychiatry

wards suffered. Keeping this

in mind the WMH section

organized a case competition

for JRs and SRs. Dr Caroline D’Souza (Mangalore) & Dr Prajakta Patkar (Mumbai) played the crucial role of coordinators. 5 cases were selected from an impressive 60 entries, painstakingly combed through by a three member jury of Dr Samir Praharaj (Manipal), Dr Niska Sinha (Patna), Dr Wilona Annunciation (Mumbai). Each case had two expert faculty – Dr Henal Shah (Mumbai), Dr Smita Deshpande (Delhi), Dr Prabha Chandra (Bengaluru) Dr Rashmin Cholrea (Mumbai), Dr Simi Waraich (Mohali), Dr Hema Tharoor (Chennai), Dr Johnson Pradeep (Bengaluru), Dr Shoba Nair (Mumbai), Dr Ranjan Bhattacharya (Kolkata). The three secret judges, Dr Om Prakash (Delhi), Dr Bindoo Jadhav (Mumbai), Dr Supriya Hegde (Mangalore), worked with a scoring rubric and the winners, at first place Dr Manisha Murugesan, in second Dr Hannah S and third place Dr Sagar Garag, were given a cash prize of Rs 9000, Rs 7000, Rs 5000 respectively (supported by Sun Pharma Symenta Division). This was a great success with more than 500 delegates.

3) CME on PCOD 4th Aug 2021, online

– A webinar CME in collaboration with Bombay Psychiatric Society & supported by IAPP Women’s MH Committee was organized. A gynecologist Dr Sejal Ajmera spoke on “PCOS – an OBGYN perspective”, a dermatologist Dr Sama Rais on “Skin and Hair markers in PCOS” & Dr Ruksheda Syeda tied it up with “Interplay of PCOS and Psychiatry” The CME was chaired by Dr Sarmishtha Chakrabarti & Dr Heena Pandit. More than 100 delegates on zoom and live telecast.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

WOMEN & MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section (Contd.)

4)Debate Competition

21st Aug 2021, online

– Dr Rajni Chatterjee

initiated this program.

The topic of “Gender

Bias in Diagnosis &

Treatment Does not exist

in Psychiatric Care” was selected & Dr Monali Desphande was invited to moderate. Each team had a young consultant and a junior resident. Dr Surbhi Dubey (Raipur), Dr Shazia Kausar (GMC SriNagar) spoke for the motion and the winning team with Dr Abha Soni (Nagpur) & Dr Shradha Khatri (INHS Mumbai) debated against the motion. There were three secret judges Dr Siddhika (Chennai) Dr Debdatta (Bhubneshwar) and Dr Jagjot (Ludhiana) who marked the teams on Clarity & organization of point; evidence; style; rebuttal; timing. The winners were given a cash prize of five thousand rupees each contributed by Samvad Se Samadhaan (Lupin ). 160 plus people logged in for this debate.

5) Book publication “Journey of a Woman” Dec 2021 – A book with original writings of poetry & prose by Dr Aruna & Dr Monali and illustrations by Dr Rajashree was compiled with love, sincerity, and dedication for women’s mental health. An undertaking of the Women & Mental Health Section, it was published by IPS to be released at the national symposium.

6) 5th National Symposium 5th Dec 2021, Jaipur – Speciality

Section on W&MH and Perinatal Psychiatry Task Force

jointly organized the 5th National Symposium in Jaipur,

supported by Gautam Hospital & Research Center with

Dr Manaswi Gautam as organsing chairperson & Dr Anita Gautam as Organising

Secretary. The theme for this year’s symposium was “Women leading the Mental Health Movement” and the logo was designed by Dr Anita Gautam. The symposium was inaugurated by President IPS Dr Gautam Saha with the watering of a plant, along with


Indian Psychiatric Society

WOMEN & MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Dr NN Raju Vice President, Gen Sec Dr TSS Rao. A book of creative writings and illustrations authored by Dr Rajashree, Dr Monali & Dr Aruna was released by Dr Saha. The IPS WMH Resilience Award was bestowed on Dr Endumathi and Dr Bhaktishree. Their amazing stories were read out & the beautiful scrolls were presented to them in presence of their families.

In keeping with the theme, the keynote on “Impact of Global Women Leadership on Mental Health for All” was delivered by past president of International Association of Women’s Mental Health Dr Florence Thibaut from Paris. A panel discussion with educator, social worker, psychiatrist, on the topic “He for She” moderated by Dr Kersi Chavda was a step towards putting together an action plan for men to improve WMH. A debate on “Reservations for women is a necessary step for social and health reforms” judged by Dr Shashi Rai and Dr Nuvendu Gaur was won by teammates Dr Aruna Yadiyal & Dr Akhilesh Jain. An invited talk by international faculty Dr Soumya Basu on PNP & Infant mental health and a discussion on Perimenopause & Psychopathologies by Dr Savita Malhotra & Dr Purnima Nagaraja were impressive. There were more than 270 delegates, off line & online. There was extensive media coverage with reports in print media and online portals

Preconference workshop on 4th Dec on “Hidden Scars, Perinatal Grief” & “Psychotherapy Orientation” were well received.


YEARBOOK 2021-22







EC Coordinator

Dr. VK Radhakrishnan

Dr. C. Ramasu- Dr. T Sivakumar bramanian

Dr. Amar H. Shinde

Dr. T. Murali

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

The following activities done during the year

Programme on 26th May, 2021

Theme: Impact of the pandemic on Psychosocial Rehabilitation centres

Date & time: 26th May 2021 (Wednesday) 06:30 to 9:00 PM

The speakers were Dr. C Ramasubramanian from Madurai and Dr. Rajesh Nagpal from New Delhi. Ninety-eight participants across the country attended the program.

Programme on 25th August, 2021

Theme: Panel discussion on MHCA 2017 and NGO’s working in Psychosocial rehabilitation

Date & time: 25th August 2021 (Wednesday) 08:30 to 10:50 PM

The panelists for the discussion were Dr. H. Chandrashekar (Bengaluru), Dr. Sanjay Kumawat (Mumbai), Mr. Amrit Bakhshy (Pune), and Mr. Santosh Joseph

(Kottayam). Program attended by nearly 300 participants.

Programme on 2nd December, 2021

Theme: Honoring Stalwarts & Innovations in Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Date & time: 2nd Dec (Thursday) 2021 07:00 to 10:00 PM

100 people attended the program


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Vipul Singh Dr. Pramod Dr. B. J. P. Dr. Rajiv Kumar Dr. Bhaveshku- Gupta Mallika Gupta mar Lakdawala

Activities carried out during the year

• OnlineCMEdoneon18thJune2021,Fridayfrom8-9pm Topic: “Role of General Hospital Psychiatry in Covid crisis” Speaker: Prof P K Joel, President, IPS, Central Zone Branch Chairperson: Prof A K Agarwal

Moderator: Prof O P Singh

• OnlineCMEdoneon10.7.21from7.30-8.30pm

Topic: “Interface of Nephrology & Psychiatry- pertinent to current pandemic” Speakers: Dr A V Venugopal, Consultant Nephrologist

Dr Naresh Valdamani, Consultant Psychiatrist

Chairperson: Prof P K Dalal

Moderator: Prof N N Raju

• Googlesurveydoneonlinefrom15thJune2021to15thAugust2021,toassessthe psychiatry facilities available in general hospitals in our country at present.

Report for google survey


The google survey was conducted online of IPS members, by General Hospital Psychiatry- Speciality Section of IPS from 15th June 2021 to 15th August 2021, to assess the psychiatry facilities available in general hospitals in our country at present. Google survey link was sent to IPS members from official email of IPS twice and link was also shared in various whatt’s app groups of IPS members 3-4 times. In the survey we noted the socio-demographic details of the person filling the form, their educational qualification, designation, type of hospital/clinic, status of psychiatry





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

GENERAL HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.) department and facilities available, details of OPD and IPD, academic/training

courses offered and super-speciality services available.

Out of the total 86 responders there are 16 female doctors and 70 male doctors, 20 are IPS Life Fellow members and 65 are IPS Life ordinary members. According to their educational qualifications, 4 doctors are DPM+MD+DNB, 5 DNB with MD, 47 responders are M.D in psychiatry, 3 DNB with DPM and 11 have done Diploma (DPM) in psychiatry.

Out of all the responders, 46 are aged between 30-50 years and 40 doctors are between 51-70 years of age. Since it was a nation wide survey those who responded belonged to various states and Union territories of India with 31 from South Zone, 15 from West Zone, 14 from Central Zone, 12 from North Zone and 4 from East Zone.

Of those who participated in the survey, 40 doctors are working in government medical colleges, 30 are working in private medical colleges and 14 doctors have psychiatry hospitals of their own.

Of the 70 psychiatrists working in medical Colleges, 3 have department of Psychiatry under department of Medicine and all 3 are in government colleges while rest 67 have separate department for Psychiatry. As for designation 18 are working as professor, 5 as additional professor, 12 as associate professor, 17 as assistant professor. 29 are working as consulting psychiatrist, out of which 13 have their personal hospitals, 9 are in government hospitals, 7 are working in private hospitals. 1 is working as senior resident.

While reporting the psychiatric facilities available in the hospitals, all the hospitals are having functional psychiatry Outdoor Patient Departments meanwhile 10 hospitals are not having facility for indoor patient admission. Out of all the 86 hospitals represented in survey, 61 are offering ECT facility (modified type) out of which 13 are in government medical colleges/hospitals, 41 are in private medical colleges and 7 are in private setups.

51 hospitals are offering EEG services, out of them 17 are in government medical colleges/hospitals, 28 are in private medical colleges and 6 are in private setups.

5 healthcare facilities are offering rTMS facility to patients and all are in government setups.

42 hospitals are offering Biofeedback, constituted by 17 government medical colleges/ hospitals, 21 Private colleges and 4 private setups.

60 hospitals are having psychological testing available at their place of which 28 are in government medical colleges/hospitals, 24 are in private colleges and 8 are in private setups.


Indian Psychiatric Society

GENERAL HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.) 46 hospitals constituted by 22 government medical colleges/hospitals, 15 private

colleges and 9 private setups are offering psychotherapies to patients.

Lastly 39 hospitals have certification facility available at the hospital with 31 being government hospitals, 4 private colleges and 4 private setups.

The total monthly OPD attendance in the hospital is between 10-10,000 approx in 42 hospitals (13 government hospitals, 13 private hospitals and 6 personal hospitals) out of which on an average 68120 patients were attending psychiatry OPD. For around 20 hospitals (8 government hospitals, 10 private hospitals and 2 personal hospitals) the total patients attending OPD per month was approx. between 10,000 to 100,000 with psychiatry OPD ranging from 32200 to 32300. For 3 hospitals (1 government hospital and 2 private hospitals) with OPD between 100,000 to 200,000 patients monthly, psychiatry patients attending OPD ranged between 22650 to 22700.

For all the data collected from multi-centres on an average 3042 beds are available for psychiatric patients with around 4892 psychiatry patient turnover per month. Though one of the primary concern for psychiatrists who participated in the survey was reduced number of patients admission during COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the number of patients attending OPD and so in turn to IPD as well. 9 hospitals from total are not having facility for patient admission out of which 2 are in government colleges/hospitals, 2 are in private colleges and 5 are in personal setups.

In all the hospitals included in the survey 514 psychiatrists are regularly available either in hospital or via online platform, while 99 clinical psychologists are available in those hospitals offering psychological testing or psychotherapies. The number of psychiatric social workers (PSW) is 69 in total, upto10 in one hospital, 4 PSWs in 1 hospital, 3 in 2 hospitals, 2 PSWs working in 10 hospitals, while 1 PSW is there in 31 hospitals 32 hospitals have no PSWs appointed till date. In total 54 Hospitals had 457 trained psychiatric nurses at their place constituted by 237 nurses who were working in 22 government institutions, 193 nurses working in 26 private colleges and 27 nurses were working at 6 personal setups as reported by participating psychiatrists

42 hospitals i.e. 21 government run hospitals, 19 private colleges and 2 private hospitals are offering either MD or DNB or Diploma in psychiatry. 8 hospitals constituted by 6 governments and 2 privates are offering training for psychiatry social workers.

14 hospitals including 5 government hospitals, 7 private hospitals and 2 personal clinics are giving training to psychiatry nursing staff, 6 hospitals have training for clinical psychologist available at their places out of which 3 are in government and 3 in private setups.

Regarding super speciality facilities 47 hospitals (including 20 government hospitals, 20 private hospitals and 7 personal hospitals) reported to have deaddiction clinics. 39


YEARBOOK 2021-22

GENERAL HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

hospitals including 17 government, 18 private and 4 personal setups are having child/ adolescent psychiatry clinics. 35 hospitals have geriatric/memory clinics out of this 35, 16 are in government 15 are in private and 4 are in personal clinics. 11 are having sleep clinics at their hospitals of which 4 are in government setups, 4 are in private colleges and 3 personal clinics.

14 hospitals are having OCD clinics of which 5 are in government, 5 are in private and 4 are in personal setups. 5 hospitals i.e. 2 in government, 2 in private and 1 in personal setup have psychosexual clinic. 1 hospital is having clinic for eating disorders, 1 hospital is having clinic for suicide prevention and 11 hospitals are offering rehabilitation services out of which 8 are in government, 2 in private and 1 in personal setup.

When reporting for other significant services, 1 private hospital is having tobacco cessation clinic as well as deaddiction clinic, 1government hospital is offering group therapy sessions weekly for deaddiction and psychosexual problems, 1 private hospital is offering yoga therapy, 1 government hospital is offering tele counselling for psychotherapy, certification and medico-legal cases while 1private hospital is offering occupational therapy and speech therapy.


12 from Andhra Pradesh, 3 from Haryana, 5 doctors from Telangana, 6 belonging to Tamil Nadu, 11 from U.P, 8 from Maharashtra, 3 from Rajasthan, 3 from Punjab, 4 from Karnataka, 2 belonging to Delhi, 6 reported from Gujarat, 3 from Kerala, and 1 each from Puducherry, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Chandigarh, MP, WB, Goa and Tripura.


SUICIDE PREVENTION – Specialty Section

Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Malay Dr. Varun S. Dr. Ravindra Dr. Lakshmi Dr. Sujit Sarkhel Kumar Ghosal Mehta Munoli Vijayakumar

Activities during the year

A two-day workshop (offline) on “Suicide Risk Assessment & Management” was held on 16th & 17th August’21. The workshop was held at Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi in collaboration with the Specialty Section & IPS Jharkhand State Branch. The invited faculties were Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar and Dr Sujit Sarkhel. The workshop was attended by the post graduate trainees, faculty from various disciplines of Psychiatry & the members of the IPS Jharkhand State Branch. The program was attended by over 100 participants

A national online CME on Suicide Prevention was organized on 4th September’21 on the theme of WSPD with Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar & Dr O P Singh being the speakers. The program was widely attended by over 200 participants.

The awareness material consisting of two leaflets on suicide prevention from International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP) were chosen for translation after evaluating their appropriateness and obtaining the copyright permissions.

The leaflets have been translated into major regional languages and will be circulated to the various state branches for wider dissemination before ANCIPS 2022.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

TRIBAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section

Dr. Sanjay Dr. S. Gojendra Dr. Surbhi Dr. Nirmal Bera Dr. Bharat Singh Munda Singh Dubey Shekhawat

Report of the National Webinar on Tribal Mental Health, 2021

A National Webinar on Tribal Mental Health was organized on the eve of International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples, (8th August 2021) from 16.00 hours onward by Tribal Psychiatric Speciality Section of Indian Psychiatric Society and Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi. The theme for International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples,

2021 is “Leaving no one behind: Indigenous People and the call for a new social contract.”The webinar comprised of inauguration program, two keynote sessions, one guest speaker session of two talks followed by a stimulating panel discussion.

The webinar was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Cabinet Minister of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, Shri Arjun Munda. Prof. Afzal Javed, the World Psychiatric Association President, was Guest of Honour for the webinar. The other dignitaries who attended the webinar were Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) President, Dr Gautam Saha, President Elect, Dr N. N. Raju, Secretary, Dr T. S. S. Rao, Treasurer, DR K. K. Mishra, Editor, Dr O. P. Singh, Dr. (Brig.) M.S.V.K. Raju, the keynote speaker, Prof. Mohan Isaac from Western University of Australia, Perth, the keynote speaker, Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur, Director XISS, Ranchi as guest speaker and panelists were Dr Tophan Pati from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Dr R. K. Lenin Singh, Manipur,Dr Meenakshi Munda, Ranchi and Dr Sanjay Kumar Munda, Ranchi along with other members of IPS, faculty, residents and students of CIP, Ranchi, Faculty, students and scholars from XISS, Ranchi and many other people.

During the inauguration, Chief Guest and Hon’ble Minister, Shri Arjun Munda and Guest of Honour, Prof. Afzal Javed were welcomed by the IPS President, Dr Gautam Saha, Tribal Psychiatry Speciality Section, Dr Sanjay Kumar Munda and Prof B Das, Director CIP.

In his speech, the hon’ble minister first expressed his concerns over increasing mental health issues due to COVID – 19 and then highlighted the significance of observing the 143





EC Coordinator

Indian Psychiatric Society

TRIBAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

“International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples” and stressed upon the need for having a serious discussion on the issues of tribal people to navigate the solutions. He also said that how our constitution assures that every citizen including scheduled tribes are free from exploitation, and protect their right to life, but despite of this, the socio- economic backwardness of tribal people was overlooked and it took more than 50 years to realize and acknowledge that a dedicated ministry for socio economic development of tribal people was needed and so the Ministry of Tribal Affairs came into existence in 1999. Shri Arjun Munda added that since he has been given the responsibility to serve his tribal fellow through this ministry now, he acknowledges that it is not just an official obligation for him, but he is here to serve sensibly with full emotional involvement and dedication. He also mentioned that when we are about to celebrate 75th Independence Day, that is India@75, it has got special significance in that it gives us an opportunity to prioritize our goals and prepare

ourselves for future endeavors. Shri Arjun Munda also pointed out that how the tribal people are accustomed to their natural lifestyle with distinct ethnic identity and freedom of living and how these have been associated with sense of wellbeing and happiness in them. And his ministry strives to protect the distinct natural lifestyle and ethnicity. In this regard, Government of India, facilitates the self-governance system through traditional Gram Sabhas for people living in the Scheduled Areas of India, as per PESA and Forest Rights Act 2007. He reiterated the initiatives taken by the ministry and added that his ministry is fully committed for the upliftment of tribal people and to provide the fundamental level of functioning with traditional system at village level by asserting their rights on water, forest, and land. He said that we can see various psychological issues like aggression, depression etc. and lifestyle illness among tribal people which can have genetic and other social factors responsible. He also stressed upon preserving the traditional practices of healing including herbal resources used for traditional medicine and even integrating it to modern medicine. Finally, Shri Arjun Munda thanked the Indian Psychiatric Society, Tribal Specialty Section and CIP Ranchi for taking up this initiative and urged that it should be expanded to include more stakeholders like panchayat, gram sabha etc. and in this regard, he believed that IPS, Tribal Specialty Section and CIP, Ranchi have a great role to play.

Next, the Guest of Honour, Prof. Afzal Javed, President, World Psychiatric Association from UK, in his opening remark said that it is a great achievement of IPS to take up Tribal Psychiatry as an area of focus. He congratulated the Hon’ble Minister for carrying on


YEARBOOK 2021-22

TRIBAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

with an exclusive and dedicated ministry of tribal affairs in India as not many country in the world have such a focused ministry for tribal affairs. He requested the Hon’ble Minister to prioritize and publicize widely the achievements about the work done by his ministry. He hoped that we will continue to having patronage of Hon’ble Minister and will go a long way and it will be a great job if the Hon’ble Minister continue working on spreading awareness and increasing happiness in this particular section and while doing that the health and mental health of tribal people becomes more important. Finally, Prof. Afzal Javed highlighted that Indian Psychiatric Society is the largest member of World Psychiatric Association not just in terms of number but also in the kind of work done in a developing country. He urged Indian Psychiatric Society through its Tribal Psychiatry Section to work on including tribal psychiatry in undergraduate and post graduate training and to organize an International Conference on Tribal Psychiatry at Ranchi as Ranchi is well known throughout the world for its contributions to the field of psychiatry.

The inauguration was concluded with the vote of thank proposed by Dr Surabhi Dubey, Raipur India.

Dr. (Brig.) MSVK Raju in his keynote address on “Cultural Diversity, Cultural Competency, and prospects for Tribal Mental Health in India” narrated beautifully how India has the largest concentration of tribals (one third) in the world and how tribals are the most disadvantaged segment of our population on human development indices including health and mental health. He discussed the Government’s effort in detail especially the initiatives taken by Ministry of Tribal Affairs including programs for promotion of education, “Tribal Health in India Bridging the Gap and Road Map for Future 2018” and “Action Plan for Tribal Health 2019”.

In the second keynote address, Dr Mohan Isaac, Professor of Psychiatry, Western University of Australia & Visiting Professor, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India, gave a lucid deliberation on “Mental health issues/research in tribal/indigenous people: A global overview of opportunity within complexities. He highlighted that the universal similarities are more striking than the differences among diverse group indigenous population. He presented the global overview of cultural issues (mostly oppression, systematic suppression, displacement, marginalization and cultural change) health and socioeconomic aspects (high poverty and unemployment, huge gap in life expectancy and high burden of diseases) and mental health (significance of social origin, higher mental health problems and greater unmet needs and treatment gap) of indigenous people. And for opportunities he suggested rethinking the health promotion strategies and mental health service delivery strategies and research to identify factors that contribute or promote resilience and wellness.

Guest speaker Dr. Joseph Marianus Kujur, Director, Xavier Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi very eloquently narrated the sociopolitical and psychological nature of experience of tribal people associated with continued systematic suppression and assault in their


Indian Psychiatric Society

TRIBAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

land and social and cultural system.

There was a recorded talk from Dr Allister C. Bush, from Child and Adoloscent Mental Health Services, New Zealand on “Partnerships between psychiatrists and indigenous healers: an example from Aotearoa/New Zealand Partnership between psychiatrists and indigenous healers: an example from Aotearoa/New Zealand”.

The last scientific session was panel discussion on the topic “Contextualizing Tribal Mental Health” and panelists included were Dr. Tophan Pati, HOD, Deptt. of Psychiatry, Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar, India, Dr R. K. Lenin Singh, HOD, Deptt. of Psychiatry, RIMS Imphal Manipur, Dr. Meenakshi Munda, President, Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network, Philippines and Guest Faculty Central University of Jharkhand Ranchi, and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Munda, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Incharge, Center for Addiction Psychiatry, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, India. There was an enriching and engaging panel discussion which was moderated by Dr S. Gojendra Singh, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, RIMS, Imphal, Manipur India.

The webinar was concluded by vote of thanks by Dr. Tophan Pati.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Jayanta Das Dr. Sanjiba Dr. Mahesh Dr. A Jagadish Dr. Ranjan Bhat- Dutta Hembram tacharyya

Activities carried out during the year

• MOU with other speciality associations.

• Organizing symposium, workshops, awareness programs with other specialities. • Collaborative research work.

• Formulation/Publicationof guidelines/newsletter.

• UG/PG teaching with horizontal & vertical integration as per Competency Based Medical Education (CBME).





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section

Dr. Debjani Dr. Dhananjay Dr. Surjit Dr. Shanti Bandyopadhyay Chaudhari Prasad Nambi

Activities carried out during the year

Several webinars for college students of Madhya Pradesh on youth mental health awareness was done by Dr. Ruma Bhattacharya. Also more than two dozen TV and Radio programs on youth mental health awareness.

Dr. Ruma Bhattacharya





EC Coordinator

Dr. Debjani Bandyopadhyay has done the following program:

• Recognitionandprimarymanagementofmentalhealthissuesinstudents-Aprogram for college teachers of Burdwan University.

• Mental health awareness program for girl’s of Government Women’s College,


Other activities:

CME Programme on Neuropsychiatric complications of COVID 19 which was Chaired by Dr. O P Singh, Hony. Editor, Indian Psychiatric Society.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Activity on World Suicide Prevention day

On the eve of World Mental Health Day, celebrations at the Auditorium, GSVM Medical College Kanpur. Motivational talk delivered by District Magistrate Shri Vishak G Iyer with Dr. Sanjay Kala, Principal & Dean, GSVM. Dr. J S Kushwaha was felicitated.

Conducted first time hybrid mode CME in IMACGP, Kanpur Sub faculty as Prog. Director. Talk delivered by Prof. Om Prakash Singh Sir on Neuropsychiatric Manifestation of COVID-19 with Co-Program Director was Rohan Kumar, and chaired by Ganesh Shankar on 5th September, 2021.

Debate on Telepsychiatry: The Dept of Psychiatry, Savitha Medical College & Hospital hosted a debate on Telepsychiatry under the guidance of Dr. Shanti Nambi on 28th August.


Indian Psychiatric Society

YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Several newspaper articles, columns and Radio Programs regarding mental health awareness during COVID19 pandemic by different members of the subspeciality section.

The Convenor, Co-chairperson, Chairperson and Advisor of the IPS Youth Mental Health specialty section conducted various educational and training activities in individual capacity towards increasing mental health awareness among youth.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

SCHOOL MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section

Dr. Avinash De Dr. Sanjay Garg Dr. Anweshak Dr. Kersi Sousa Das Chavda

Dr Ruma Bhattacharya, EC Co-ordinator

• Multiple TV Talk Shows on Handling: Stress and depression in kids during pandemic.

• Program at Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering & Research

• June 20th: Jamia Dental Association of India on Covid & Students: A Psychological Links

• Oct 10th: Interactive Workshop observing World Mental Health Day





EC Coordinator

• Multiple Awareness videos

• Regular write ups in media and

Dr. Ruma Bhattacharya

• May 9th: Triumph organization: pandemic and mental health of children

• April 28, April 30, June 1: Beacon School: Dealing with pandemic parents of grade 1 to 4, grade 5 -10

Dr Kersi Chavda, Advisor

• April 24: Class 10-12 Unlocking your potential

• Multiple TV Talk Shows

• Regular write ups in media and print Dr Avinash Desousa, Chairperson

• April 12: School and new frontiers of mental health. Parents and teachers workshop of Oakbridges school Mohali.

• Multiple TV Talk Shows

• Regular write ups in media and print


Indian Psychiatric Society

SCHOOL MENTAL HEALTH – Specialty Section (Contd.) Dr Sanjay Garg, Co-Chairperson

• March 24th : Impact of mental health on physical health: an interactive session with young minds

• June 27: COVID 19 & Mental Health, An interactive workshop for teachers, students and parents

• Multiple TV Talk Shows

• Regular write ups in media and print

Dr Anweshak Das, Convener

• April 10th : Teachers and Principal workshop on improving attitudes and personality of school students

• Multiple TV Talk Shows

• Regular write ups in media and print

• July 10th, 17th and 24th : Children & Pandemic, a series of virtual interactive talks jointly with IAPP School Mental Health Subcommittee

• July 21st: Impact of Online Classes on School Students, Debate and Panel Discussion

World mental health day was celebrated in association with School mental Health Sub Committee IPS at School Of Excellence In Bhopal


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Laxmi Kant Dr. Prosenjit Dr. Sonal Dr. Jai Ranjan Dr. Parag S. Rathi Ghosh Shukla Ram Shah

Activities during the year

20th March 2021, Orientation programme of college teachers on Mental Health needs of college students was organized in association with NHM Cachar at Silchar, Cachar, Assam. Almost 25 college teachers from 6 colleges attended the programme.

19th March 2021, Social Media post on Depression in College Students and use of MoodGYM online programme to improve mood.

On 16th July 2021 IPS College Mental Health Specialty Section Organized a Webinar in association with Sri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology (SSIPMT), Raipur on “Mental Health of College Students During COVID Times”. The speaker Dr Avinash De Sousa eloquently talked about the stress

and coping skills required during this Pandemic. The programme was chaired by Dr Nilesh Shah and Dr Arabinda Brahma and was moderated by Dr Sonal Shukla. Approximately 200 participants attended the webinar.

On 15th September 2021 Orientation

programme of college teachers on

Mental Health needs of college

students was organized in association

with NHM Cachar at Silchar, Cachar,

Assam. Almost 20 college teachers from 5 colleges attended the programme.





EC Coordinator


SOCIAL MEDIA – Specialty Section Indian Psychiatric Society Dr. Dhananjay Dr. Ganesh Dr. Jigyansa Dr. Rajesh Dr. Samrat Kar

V. Ashturkar Shankar Ipsita Pattnaik Rastogi Activities during the year

National CME of the Social Media Specialty Section, IPS on the Theme “Embracing the Inevitable: Digital Hygiene towards Mental Health”

The First National CME of the Social Media Specialty Section, IPS on the Theme “Embracing the Inevitable: Digital

Hygiene towards Mental Health” on

30th June 2021 on the occasion of

“International Social Media Day”.

It was conducted on the digital platform. Two Scientific Sessions:

A. Impact of Social Media on Mental Health B. Social Media and Its Legal Implications

Speakers: Dr Shree Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS, Bhubaneswar and Dr Raveesh BN, Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, Mysore Medical College and Research Institute. Chairpersons:

Dr Vivek Agarwal, Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, King’s George Medical College (KGMC), Lucknow

Dr Suresh Badamath, Professor and Head,

Department of Forensic Psychiatry

Unit and Head of Telemedicine Centre, NIMHANS, Bengaluru. Short film on “Impact of social media on mental health”

JOGAJOG An independent effort by cinephiles that was given wings by Indian Psychiatric Society, Social Media Speciality Section.

The year 2020 was something unfathomable, and the challenges that it put forward to the medical community were monumental. The COVID-19 pandemic affected all spheres of the society and along with it came in a plethora of mental health issues. It became very important that these issues be discussed and awareness was created so that there






EC Coordinator

YEARBOOK 2021-22

SOCIAL MEDIA – Specialty Section (Contd.) effects on the society could be minimalized.

For this purpose we decided to do

something big and mainstream so that we

could reach the masses with our message,

the idea for “JOGAJOG” was born. The

message had to be loud and clear. In

recent times Social media has become

part of people’s daily activities; many of

them spend hours each day on Messenger,

Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. Social media has it’s benefits but if not kept in check it might end up effecting our mental health.

We wanted to send out this message but we wanted to do so in such a way by which the public could relate to it. In this movie Jogajog we have tried to put forward the harmful effects that the social media has on the society. We have taken stories from daily lives of common people and we have stringed our messages across the screenplay. A team led by Dr. Ganesh Shankar (Co – Chairperson IPS Social Media Speciality Section) under the supervision of Samman Roy (Writer & Director) and Aritra Saha (Executive Producer & Associate Director) started constructing the story.

The story came to life on the camera lens during the post covid times of the first wave. The post production of the movie took a toll as the second wave hit us soon after but the team kept up their persistence and the movie took shape into it’s final form. The

trailer of the movie was launched on 17th December, in the then on-going 12th SAARC International Psychiatry Conference 2021, Kolkata. That particular day also marked a very auspicious event as our beloved Dr. Gautam Saha took oath as the new President of the SAARC Psychiatric Federation. He has been closely associated with this project and it was under his guidance that this film was born.

The trailer launch was very successful as our fellow doctors and compatriots lauded our effort. The trailer created a sense of euphoria and everyone who witnessed it are eagerly awaiting the release of the film. The film will be released soon and we are trying really hard to showcase it on one of the biggest digital platforms of India, so that our message reaches maximum number of people and IPS becomes a household name. We the members of Social Media Speciality Section are always searching for new ways of


Indian Psychiatric Society

SOCIAL MEDIA – Specialty Section (Contd.)

spreading awareness and reaching the masses and we look forward to bringing more

such works in near future so stay tuned.

Scientific Outcome of the activities

Received more than 230 registrations and had an excellent participation from the audience. Also Received good feedback from all the participants and audience

The important of the close interplay between the mental health, social media use and legal implications was highlighted.

An article from the Sub-Committee/Specialty Section/Task Force (if approved by the Editorial Board of IJP, then can be published in IJP) – Write-up in Progress

Suggestions and advice from your Sub-Committee/Specialty Section/Task Force for future direction of IPS in your field.

• Collaboration with all the 77 subcommittees, specialty section and task forces of IPS for showcasing more and more activities on social media.

• Collaborative research with premier institutions and other organizations working in Social Media Use and Mental Health Implications

• Provide key insights and recommendations for Social Media Use

Awareness video-song on depression released on 7.1.2022, IPS Foundation Day


YEARBOOK 2021-22

SOCIAL MEDIA – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Educational and promotional videos on Frequent connection with digital Schizophrenia in local language media and sharing with Social Media

Sharing IPS activities on social media COVID-19, Mental Health & social media interface


Indian Psychiatric Society

SOCIAL MEDIA – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Public discussion on various psycho-social issues

Social media Social media activity on activity on World International Autism Day

Schizophrenia Day


YEARBOOK 2021-22

SOCIAL MEDIA – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Miscellaneous social media activities

Discussing various psychological issues during COVID


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Monali Dr. Sanchari Dr. Niska Sinha Dr. Rajesh Dr. Parag S. Deshpande Roy Dhume Shah

Activity report for the year 2021-22

Two days inperson workshops was conducted at 5 major cities all over India on Transactional Analysis by resourse person Dr Monali Deshpande and team members. The details are:

At Aurangabad on 5 th-6 th June,21

At Nasik on 3 rd-4 th July,21

At Vadodara on 4 th-5 th September,21

At Kolkata on 17 th-18 th October,21

At Goa on 27 th-28 th November,21

The resource person Faculty: Dr Monali Deshpande, Chairperson, Transactional Analysis Sub-committee, Indian Psychiatric Society.

A brief report of the workshops are:





EC Coordinator

FIRST: It was two days on site training programme held at Aurangabad, Maharashtra on 5th and 6th June, 2021 (9 am to 6 pm). We are truly encouraged and inspired by the feedback we received from the participants. 11 participants including consultant Psychiatrists and post graduate trainee of Psychiatry attended. Certificate was handed over to the participants by Dr Arun Marwale, Vice President, Western Zonal Branch, Indian Psychiatric Society

Name of the Participants and some of the short testimonials from their feedback pages: Professor Prasad Deshpande, Dr Sanjeev Saoji, Dr Ashish Mohide, Dr Sadiq Qureshi, Dr


YEARBOOK 2021-22

TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.) Rupesh Bansod, Dr Tejas Hankare, Dr Anik Pal, Dr Pankaj Pawar, Dr Nikunj Gokani, Dr

Riya Gupta, Dr Siddhant Mathur.

“Initially I was there with the goal to build my professional competence. I completed the workshop with a new goal for my own psychological growth, actually”- Prof Prasad Deshpande

“It seemed amazingly structured and I am glad it was an in-person experience workshop and not a virtual one”- Dr Nikunj Satish Gokani

“The workshop was beyond words… Hope this is not a single event and we get many more booster doses so that finer things can be learnt and application in our own life and later application in patients’ behaviour can be accomplished”- Dr Sadeq Qureshi

“And fact is I am attending this for the second time…still I will love to attend this again… so different…difficult to put in words… Just attend in person and feel it. Thanks, IPS for organising this”- Dr Ashish Mohide.

SECOND WORKSHOP: It was a two day on site training programme held at Nashik, Maharashtra on 3rd and 4th July 2021. 10 participants including consultant Psychiatrists and post graduate trainee. A special thanks to Dr Nilesh Jejurkar for his help in organising and conducting the workshop and to the Team Sarathya Rehabilitation Centre for their hospitality. Some of the short testimonials from the participants’ feedback pages:

“TA workshop with Dr Monali Madam…. These are the best two days in my life in last two years”-Dr Nilesh Jejurkar, Psychiatrist, Civil Hospital Nashik

“Definitely feeling more empowered to analyse, interpret and solve the conflicts aroused secondary to faulty communication style. Thanks a lot once again to such an insightful and experiential learning”

“Will definitely identify self and others appropriate ego states in interpersonal communications. Thanks, Monali Madam, IPS and NPS, looking forward to many more follow up sessions and advanced courses too.”- Dr Anup Bharati, Consultant Psychiatrist

“The two days’ workshop on TA was an eye-opening moment for me. It helped me get a new perspective about my life”- Dr Manas Sule, Consultant Psychiatrist


Indian Psychiatric Society

TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

THIRD: It was held at Vadodara. It was a two-days on site training programme organised by the Transactional Analysis speciality section on 4th and 5th September, 2021. 11 participants including postgraduate trainee, consultant psychiatrists, convenor of TA speciality section Dr. Niska Sinha and the EC coordinator of TA subcommittee Dr. Parag S Shah attended.

Name of the participants and some of the testimonials from their feedback pages:

Dr Devashish Palkar, Dr. Tanvi Sheikh, Dr. Chintan Savani, Dr. Kosha Throat, Dr. Viven Solanki, Dr. Nimisha Desai, Dr. Lubna Nerli, Dr. Anusha Garg, Dr. Farheen Fatma, Dr. Parag s Shah, Dr Niska Sinha.

“There was not one dull moment during these two days and at the end we were all left with ‘Yeh dil maange more’ which is a credit to Monali madam’s interactive teaching style.” -Dr. Devashish Palkar

‘As I started with a blank slate, learned a lot of new things to apply in practice as well as in my life” – Dr. Chintan Savani

“It was really a great experiential learning along with understanding the vastness of TA, for me it was such an insightful journey through unfolding myself” – Dr Anusha Garg.

FOURTH: At Kolkata, West Bengal on 17th and 18th October, 2021. Inauguration: The Program was inaugurated by the honorable President of Indian Psychiatric Society Dr. Gautam Saha and the honorable editor Dr Om Prakash Singh. Participants: 12 participants including postgraduate trainee, consultant psychiatrists, convenor of TA speciality section Dr. Niska Sinha, co-chairperson Dr Sanchari Roy and clinical psychologists. Certificate distribution- By the one of the renowned Psychiatrists of the city, Dr Sharmila


YEARBOOK 2021-22

TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

Sarkar, Associate Professor, Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata

Name of the participants and some of the testimonials from their feedback pages:

Dr. Saswati Nath, Dr. Samarjit Biswas, Dr. Rita Ray, Dr. Shubham Sabherwal, Dr. Niska Sinha, Dr. Sikha Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Archana Singh, Dr. Paramita Ray, Dr. Sanchari Roy, Sugato Ghosh, Samadrita Bhattacharya, Subhra Banerjee.

“The TA workshop was a unique learning experience. I am amazed at how simply it explains the root cause of human behavior. It has enriched me as a clinician and as a person” – Dr Rita R

“I think it was the best workshop I had ever attended. Your way of teaching is so nice that I never felt bored or tired even after so long hours of sessions…. I will surely live a better life now”- Dr. Saswati Nath

“Your teaching of TA has made my life easy for myself. Thank you, Ma’am, for teaching us the most practical theory of psychology in such a lucid manner.”- Dr Paramita Roy

“It was a wonderful learning experience for me. Definitely it’s going to affect my life in a positive way. I think it would not be the same if you were not the facilitator”- Dr. Samarjit Biswas.

FIFTH: It was organised at Goa:

It was a two-days in person training programme organised jointly by the Transactional Analysis speciality section of Indian Psychiatric Society and the Psychiatric Society of Goa on 27thth and 28thth November, 2021. Inauguration: The President of IPS addressed the participants online and inaugurated the workshop. Faculty present: Dr Sanchari Roy, Co-Chairperson of TA subcommittee, Dr Niska Sinha, Convenor of TA Subcommittee, Dr Rajesh Dhume, Advisor and the EC coordinator Dr Parag S Shah. Participants: 23 participants including postgraduate trainee, consultant psychiatrists and all the members of TA subspeciality. Certificate distribution- By Dr Abhijit Nadkarni, President Psychiatric Society of Goa. Some of the testimonials from the participants’ feedback pages:

“My experience was overwhelming, learned a lot about myself and about behaviours in general. I will cherish the moments of learning that I received via Monali Ma’am”- Dr Anusha Garg, Resident


Indian Psychiatric Society

TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

“It was one of those rare occasions in medical teaching where facts were pegged to pleasant emotions to form lasting memories. The workshop was application based, interactive and structured well. Roll plays and activities ensured effective learning”- Dr Priyanka Sahasrabhojanee, Consultant psychiatrist

“I would say the two-day workshop was an excellent induction to the lifelong learning of the art and science of TA. I would highly recommend that this workshop be incorporated as a part of mandatory PG training.”- Dr Pallavi Dhakne, Consultant Psychiatrist.

“It felt more like experiencing an artist share her masterpiece than an academic session and needless to say we were enthralled and awestruck”- Dr Colin, Resident

Besides these workshops on a Basic orientation workshop on Transactional Analysis in relevance to women mental health was successfully conducted by Dr Niska Sinha as speaker and chaired by Dr Monali Deshpande in 5 th National Symposium of Women and Mental Health Speciality Section and Perinatal Psychiatry taskforce, IPS at Jaipur on 4 th December,21 and another one was conducted on “Transactional Analysis- A toolkit for the workshop of life” on 17 th December,21 in 12 th SAARC International Psychiatry Conference at Kolkata with basic themes, role play for concepts and case presentation. Next we plan to conduct a similar workshop at Annual National Conference for which a proposal has been submitted to scientific committee, ANCIPS 2O22 to be held at Vishakapatnam.

Feedback is a gift and ideas are the currency of our next success: few from our treasure of feedback gifts from participants

“Initially I was there with the goal to build my professional competence. I completed the workshop with a new goal for my own psychological growth, actually”

“It seemed amazingly structured and I am glad it was an in-person experience workshop and not a virtual one”

“The workshop was beyond words… Hope this is not a single event and we get many more booster doses so that finer things can be learnt and application in our own life and later application in patients’ behaviour can be accomplished”

“And fact is I am attending this for the second time…still I will love to attend this again… so different…difficult to put in words… Just attend in person and feel it. Thanks, IPS for organising this”

“TA workshop with Dr Monali Madam…. These are the best two days in my life in last two years”

“Definitely feeling more empowered to analyse, interpret and solve the conflicts aroused secondary to faulty communication style. Thanks a lot once again to such an insightful and experiential learning”


YEARBOOK 2021-22

TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

“Will definitely identify self and others appropriate ego states in interpersonal communications. Thanks, Monali Madam, IPS and NPS, looking forward to many more follow up sessions and advanced courses too.”

“The two days’ workshop on TA was an eye-opening moment for me. It helped me get a new perspective about my life”

“There was not one dull moment during these two days and at the end we were all left with ‘Yeh dil maange more’ which is a credit to Monali madam’s interactive teaching style and her team mates.”

‘As I started with a blank slate, learned a lot of new things to apply in practice as well as in my life”

“It was really a great experiential learning along with understanding the vastness of TA, for me it was such an insightful journey through unfolding myself”

“The TA workshop was a unique learning experience. I am amazed at how simply it explains the root cause of human behavior. It has enriched me as a clinician and as a person”

“I think it was the best workshop I had ever attended. Your way of teaching is so nice that I never felt bored or tired even after so long hours of sessions…. I will surely live a better life now”

“Your teaching of TA has made my life easy for myself. Thank you, Ma’am, for teaching us the most practical theory of psychology in such a lucid manner.”

“It was a wonderful learning experience for me. Definitely it’s going to affect my life in a positive way. I think it would not be the same if you were not the facilitator” “My experience was overwhelming, learned a lot about myself and about behaviours in general. I will cherish the moments of learning that I received via Monali Ma’am”

“It was one of those rare occasions in medical teaching where facts were pegged to pleasant emotions to form lasting memories. The workshop was application based, interactive and structured well. Roll plays and activities ensured effective learning”

“I would say the two-day workshop was an excellent induction to the lifelong learning of the art and science of TA. I would highly recommend that this workshop be incorporated as a part of mandatory PG training.”

“It felt more like experiencing an artist share her masterpiece than an academic session and needless to say we were enthralled and awestruck”

Orientation workshop at Jaipur

A basic orientation workshop on Transactional Analysis was successfully conducted by Dr Niska Sinha as speaker and chaired by Dr Monali Deshpande in 5 th National Symposium of Women and Mental Health Speciality Section and Perinatal Psychiatry taskforce, IPS at Jaipur on 4 th December,21.


Indian Psychiatric Society

TRANSACTIONAL PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.) Workshop at SAARC International Psychiatry Conference

Conducted a workshop on “Transactional Analysis- A toolkit for the workshop of life” on 17 th December,21 in 12 th SAARC International Psychiatry Conference at Kolkata with basic themes, role play for concepts and case presentation.

Next Plan

• NextweplantoconductasimilarworkshopatAnnualNationalConferenceforwhich a proposal has been submitted to scientific committee, ANCIPS 2O22 to be held at Vishakapatnam

• To conduct 2 days workshop with around 20 participants all zones all over India

• To conduct symposium and workshops on “Transactional Analysis” on various platforms, conferences to sensitize people to themes of transactional analysis and its clinical utility different settings

• To submit a proposal to introduce a short introduction to Transactional Analysis in post graduate curriculum for PG residents Psychiatry

• To carry out research on the impact of Transactional Analysis knowledge and its application in clinical settings

• To bring out modules for advanced courses in Transactional Analysis in different clinical settings.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Parmod Dr. Darpan Kaur Dr. Seema Dr. Dinesh Dr. Sudhir Bhave Kumar Parija Narayanan

Actitivies during the year

2nd National Symposium Expanding Horizons in Technology and Psychiatry on 4th December 2021 at 7.00 pm to 8.30pm IST Online

Scientific material of the program: The committee designed flyers and circulated on social media for awareness for this program.

• Technology for Patient Engagement Services in Psychiatry

• Social Media Technologies and Psychiatry Practice, Training and Research Perspectives

Panel Discussion was on Regulatory and Medico- legal aspects of Technology and Psychiatry Practice

Scientific Outcome: 200 registrations received.

Excellent feedback received and well appreciated by all participants and IPS office bearers. Congratulations wishes and excellent initiative compliments from WPA president Dr Afzal Javed

and Dean, Royal college of Psychiatrists, UK Prof Subodh Dave.





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

TECHNOLOGY & PSYCHIATRY – Specialty Section (Contd.)

It was concluded that there is a need for training of Psychiatrists on application of Technology for Psychiatry Practice and to understand regulatory and medicolegal aspects of Digital Psychiatric Practice.

Report submitted to Global Mental Health and Psychiatry Review

Invited to submit brief report of IPS Technology and Psychiatry Specialty Section Initiatives on to Global Mental Health and Psychiatry Review by the esteemed editorial board. Submitted activity report to the Editor in Chief GMHPR. Brief highlights of the IPS Technology and Psychiatry Specialty Section shared in the winter 2022 session of GMHPR

Survey on “Digital Practice pattern among Psychiatrists across India”

Survey Questionnaire and Protocol submitted to IPS, under process.

Workshop on Skill Development in Technology and Psychiatry Practice

2nd National Workshop on Skill Development in Technology and Psychiatry Practice Submitted to ANCIPS 2022. This workshop shall be conducted at ANCIPS 2022.

Conducted symposium at SAARC Psychiatry

IPS Technology and Psychiatry Specialty Section Chairperson Dr Parmod Kumar and Co- chairperson Dr Darpan Kaur are invited to conduct symposium on Digital Psychiatry in

everyday practice at SAARC Psychiatry.

IPS Technology and Psychiatry Specialty Section Co- chairperson Dr Darpan invited and submitted article on “Widening horizons in technology, eMental health and Digital Psychiatry” for SAARC Psychiatry Souvenir.

Online courses on mental health

IPS Technology and Psychiatry Specialty Section Convener, Dr Seema Parija collaborated with NIMHANS Digital academy for imparting online courses on mental health for doctors, nurses, counsellors and developing short training courses and modules on mental health as part of Odisha Digital Academy for Mental Health.

Suggestions for future

• Collaboration with regional, SAARC, Asian and International sections on Technology and Psychiatry for collaborative symposia, workshops

• Programs focused on early career psychiatrists and PG trainees

• Publish relevant paper on Technology and Psychiatry

• Collaborative research with premier institutions and other organizations working in

Technology and Psychiatry

• Develop short training courses and modules on Technology and Psychiatry

• Provide key insights and recommendations for Technology and Psychiatry Practice.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Gorav Gupta Dr. K. Dr. Sanjay Dr. VG Watve Dr. Vishal Indla Shantibala Devi Kumar Saha

Report of Mental Health Care Act Task Force

We conducted several meeting among us regarding Mental Health Care Acts among the member of the Task force. Resolution of the meeting regarding any modification of the Mental Health Care Act 2017 will be conveyed by the Chairperson Dr Gourav Gupta of the Task Force with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. We need to develop more understanding between the IPS with IAPP regarding implementation of the MHC Acts 2017. In person meeting cannot be arranged due to on going Covid 19 pandemic. Hope we able address the mental health Care Acts 2017 much better way once the pandemic is over.


EC Coordinator





Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Abdul Majid Dr. Manu Arora Dr. Nikhiles Dr. Junaid Nabi Dr. Mushtaq Dr. Rajni Mandal Ahmed Margoob Chatterji

Report of Disaster Management Task Force

As we are bracing for 3nd wave of COVID -19, Disaster Management Task force of Indian Psychiatric Society has been active in interactive, awareness cum training programs aimed at updating the knowledge of fellow psychiatrist colleagues in the regions. The emphasis has been also given to training the manpower who are working / studying in educational institutions.

One major program was

organized in collaboration with

COVID-19 Task Force of IPS

in the form of a webinar for

SAARC member countries titled

“Mental Health Perspective of

COVID-19: “Our experience

& Lessons Learnt” on 18th April 2021 in the afternoon. Senior psychiatrist and leaders from respective countries deliberated upon the relevant topics and exchanged their knowledge and experience for better mental health assessment and service delivery. Prof. Afzal Javed, President WPA, Dr. Gautam Saha, President IPS graced the occasion.

As a pilot project, Disaster Management Task force of Indian Psychiatric Society, the universities, colleges and schools of Kashmir region of J&K were involved in Psychological First Aid (PFA, an awareness and training program meant for faculty and students. More than 50 online and offline sessions were held in due course of time to understand the sources, symptoms and solutions of mental health issues arising during disaster situations with special emphasis on COVID_19 and its psychosocial sequelae.

This all was possible by team effort of Dr. Manu Arora, Dr. Nikhlesh Mondal, Dr. Junaid nabi and mentorship of Prof. Mushtaq A Margoob and Prof. Rajni Chatterji.

EC Coordinator

EC Coordinator






YEARBOOK 2021-22

LGBT – Task Force

Dr. Nimesh C. Dr. M T Harish Dr. Aruna Parikh Yadiyal

Activities during the year

Dr. Debashis Chatterjee

Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi





EC Coordinator

The LGBT Task Force, IPS, conducted a

webinar on 4th September 2021, from

6.30-7.30pm,on the topic “ Times to

be spontaneous:Frameworks about

celebratory sexuality” with Dr Shekar

Sheshadri as speaker.We also have a

webinar tentatively scheduled to be

held at end of this month on the topic

‘ Psychiatrist’s certification for LGBT

Community” with Dr Suresh Badamath

as speaker.We were handicapped by

some miscommunication at the start of

the year where in , instead of the chairman all mails were sent to spouse of the chairman by IPS. Also the Co-Chair assigned to the task force , Dr Harish did not accept his post due to personal reasons , and no replacement was done for that post. We have been approached by an NGO and Indian Express, Pune to issue a position statement regarding

marriages among homosexuals, regarding which the chairman has been informed , and it has been decided that after a discussion with the President, IPS , Dr Gautham Saha, further needful action will be done .

I am hereby enclosing flyers of the two programs along with photo slide of the LGBT Task Force of IPS. Hope this suffices . Thanking you , Yours sincerely , Dr Aruna Yadiyal, Convener , LGBT Task Force, IPS.


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. KS Pavitra Dr. Kamleshku- Dr. Suddhendu Dr. Debasis Dr. Bhaveshku- mar Dave Chakraborty Bhattacharya mar Lakdawala

The Annual activities of IPS Creativity and Mental Health Task force

Solo and group performances on Kannada literature with an ode to Lord Ganesha with Rashtrakavi Kuvempu’s Ganesh Gatha telecast on DD under supervision of Dr.KS Pavitra on 10th September 2021.

Book on anxiety and fear authored by Dr.KS Pavitra awarded ‘best book of the year’ in science category by Karnataka Sahitya Academy after 17 long years.

Kavyakannika choreographed for the Ministry of Culture in 2013 based on women’s mental health and Poetry in Kannada poetesses by Dr.KS Pavitra.A part from this was recently telecast on DD.Poems by Roopa Hasan,Pratibha Nandakumar were presented.

On the occasion of world mental health day,mental health care history in Karnataka. Article in birama suppliment of Vishwavani on 10th October 2021.This completed the seven day mental health week activity remembering NIMHANS and DIMHANS under the organising instructions of Dr.KS Pavitra.

Observation of *World Mental Health Day was organised by IMA Bengal, IPS West Bengal & IAPP West Bengal State Branch and IPS task force for Creativity and Mental Health in hybrid ITC Royal; Bengal State Room on10th October evening. Welcome Address to the programme was given by Dr Kaustav Chakraborty.Topic of the session was “Insight on Mental Health – An artist’s perspective” by Dr Suddhendu Chakraborty.The session was chaired by Dr Sujit Sarkhel & Dr Sanjay Garg.The topic for the Panel discussion was “Media & Mental illnesses: past, present & future”.As panelists,there were Prof (Dr) Sukumar Mukherjee,Dr Santanu Sen,Dr Sabyasachi Mitra,Shri Shiboprosad Mukherjee,RJ NilamThe program was moderated by Dr Ranjan Bhattacharyya.Program was chaired by Dr Gautam Saha.Vote of thanks given by Dr Arabinda Brahma.People attended in person maintained strict COVID protocol.

An unprecedented historical event , where 7 psychiatrists of this city, Kolkata exhibitted their art- works in Academy of Fine Arts(North Gallery) relating to “Echoes of Inner minds” in collaboration with the IPS Creativity and Mental Health Task Force and SAARC annual psychiatry conference from 5th December 2021.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22

CREATIVITY AND MENTAL HEALTH – Task Force (Contd.) The news of the art exhibition bridging mental health and creativity appeared in Sangbad Pratidin on 13.12.2021.

76th Foundation Day of Indian Psychiatric Society celebrated with Radio Mirchi Jingle played in 4 national radio channels and the IPS theme song with 19 Psychiatrists in 17 languages released on 7th January 2021.

15th March, 2021: Female jail betterment centre at Shimoga performing group performing Akka for the inmates of Akka Mahadevi University with the honoured presence of Prof Tulasimala and Prof Vijayadevi and other administrative officers of prison connecting dance and life.An initiative supervised by Dr.KS Pavitra on behalf of IPS task force on Creativity and Mental Health(IPSTFCMH).

19th March, 2021: First Creativity and Mental Health Task Force presentation of proposed plans and future thoughts on IPS platform.

9th April, 2021: Different aspects of Mental Health and creativity discussed and aired at 12 noon in All India Radio Mangalore,Karnataka by Dr.KS Pavitra.

Songi Hok Sur-An initiative taken by eminent music maestro Debojyoti Mishra to bridge music with pandemic angst of which IPSTFCMH becomesca part under supervision of Dr.Suddhendu Chakraborty.

29th April, 2021: An article published in Prajavani with a plea to save art fraternity amidst Covid crisis on behalf of IPSTFMCH by Dr.KS Pavitra.

1st May, 2021: Corona Samvad Helpline started by Ahmedabad Rural SP Office with special mentioning of psychological counselling under the supervision of Dr.Bhabesh Kumar as a representative of IPSTFCMH.

5th May, 2021: A column in Bengali online portal started by Dr.Suddhendu Chakraborty on behalf of IPSTFCMH with special emphasis on creativity and mental health.

10th May, 2021: An interview on how creativity can be used for mental health awareness and education at by Dr.KS Pavitra on behalf of IPSTFCMH.

13th May, 2021: Mann Geeth-poster launched on behalf of IPSTFCMH on creativity and mental health in association with Srivijaya Kalanikethana,Shimoga,Karnataka targetted for aspiring vocalists between the age group 18 to 25 years in attempt to bridge Music and Mental Health.

13th May, 2021: Seeing the suffering-poster launched on behalf of IPSTFCMH targetted for post graduate medical students bridging probable avenues between art,creative literature and suffering.

13th May, 2021: Art with Impact-A contest for undergraduate medical students.Poster launched on behalf of IPSTFCMH.An initiative on writing review for a movie in Hindi or English.


Indian Psychiatric Society


15th May, 2021: IPS Booklet on Mental health awareness recircu- lated under the banner of IPSTF- CMH in Bengali vernacular under joint initiative of Dr.Abhiruchi Chatterjee(art) and Dr. Suddhen- du Chakraborty (poetry).


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. G.V. Ramana Dr. Saugata Dr. Abha Bang Dr. Nikhil Gord- Dr. Kaushik Rao Bandyopadhyay Soni hanbhai Patel Chatterjee

Activities during the year

The International Day of Yoga and Conference on Spirituality and wellbeing 2021 on

Sunday, 20th June 2021

The Conference was organized in collaboration with Task Force on Spirituality & Mental Health and the theme of the conference was “Application of Spiritual Practices in Mental Health Services. The conference was co sponsored by the World Psychiatry Association’s Section on “Religion, spirituality & Psychiatry; The Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations and the American Academy of Yoga & Meditation.

The conference started with a practical session on Yogasana, Pranayama & Dhyana conducted by Dr. Sivarama Varambally & Dr. Hemant Bhargava from NIMHANS. This was followed by the Inaugural function where Dr. G. V. Ramana Rao, Organizing Chairperson gave the welcome address which was followed by some pearls of wisdom





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

YOGA AND MEDITATION – Task Force (Contd.)

shared by Swami Atmapriyanandaji, Belur Math along with the other diginataries. The first Keynote lecture was delivered by Padmashri Prof. B. N. Gangadhar Applications of Yoga & Connectedness. Following this Dr. Karri Rama Reddy bursts some common myths about Yoga & Psychiatry. Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani spoke about the various spiritual practices useful for mind management.

Dr. Indranil Basu Ray deliberated on the Mechanisms of Yoga from Bedside to Genetics.

While Dr. Avdesh Sharma spoke about using Meditation as a Tool for Well Being. Padmashri Prof. B. N. Gangadhar, Dr. P K Dalal, Dr. P K Singh and DR. R Sagar were the panelist for the discussion on the theme of the conference “ Application of Spiritual Practices in Mental Health Services”, moderated by Dr. O P Singh. The 2nd Keynote Lecture was delivered by WPA President, Dr. Afzal Javed, on Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga for Addictio Recovery.

Dr. G Prasad Rao spoke about Spirituality, Wellbeing and Positive Psychology. The 2nd panel discussion on “ Yoga & Meditation in the Prevention of Lifestyle Disorders at Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Levels” was moderated by Dr. Subodh Dave, Chair Royal College of Psychiatry and included Dr. Ranjan Bhattacharya, Dr. S Bandyopadgyay, Dr. Praveer Waradkar, Dr, Abha Bang Soni and Dr. Abhay Dey. Dr. Alan Fung talked about the use of mindfulness practices in promoting mental health in North America. Dr. R Padmavati threw light on the Yoga modules in the rehabilitation of Psychotic Disorders.

The 3rd panel discussion on “ Spirituality & Meditation for Resilience Building & Crisis Management” was ably moderated by DR, Paul Summergrad and deliberated by Dr. Malcolm Hopwood, Dr. Sarah Eagger, Dr. Bruno Masqueiro and Dr. Naresh Valdamani. Concluding remarks were made by Dr. T S S Rao, Hon. General secretary, IPS Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr. Rajshree Bandyopadhya, Organizing Secretary of the conference. The knowledge sharing partner for the event was the Avanta Division of Intas pharmaceuticals.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Rajashree Ray Dr. Laxmi Na- Dr. Praveer Dr. Avdesh Dr. Kaushik Bandyopadhayay resh Vadlamani Waradkar Sharma Chatterjee

Report of Spirituality and Mental Health Task Force

Spirituality and Mental Health Task Force IPS 2021-2022 was formed in April 2021 under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Gautam Saha, President, IPS.

The S&MHTF was ably guided by Dr. Avdesh Sharma and Dr. G. Prasada Rao.

Programs by S&MHTF in 2021-2022

1. AWAKENING BY SCRIPTURES: This is a WHATSAPP group maintained by more than a year now. This group is actively involved in spiritual awakening by reading scriptures regularly. Knowledge from Vedas, more than 20 Upanishads including Katha, Kena, Aitreya, Chandogya, Mundaka, etc, Bhagwad Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Avadhoota Gita, Brahma Sutras, Patanjali’s yoga Sutras, Gautama’s Nyaya Sutras, Kanada’s Vaisheshika Sutras have been deliberated, discussed, opinions shared in a twice-a- week regular zoom meeting.

2. IDY – International Day of Yoga

and Conference on Spirituality

and Wellbeing 2021 – A One

day international conference was

organized by the S&MHTF and

Yoga, Meditation and Mental

Task force of IPS on 20th June

2021 at Kolkata in collaboration

with WPA, AFPA, AAYM and SAARC psychiatric organisations. More than 2000

delegates from all over the world registered and attended the conference in Hybrid mode. The topics were well chosen, and the deliberations were well received by the delegates from all over the world. It was inaugurated by Swami Atmapriyanandaji, the Chief





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society


Guest was Dr. Afzal Javed – President – WPA and the Guest of Honour was Dr. B.N

Rameshji – DGP, West Bengal.

3. ART WITH A HEART WORKSHOP: A workshop on mandala drawing – a type of Spiritual artform was conducted on 3rd July 2021 by the S&MHTF. The amazing aspect of this workshop was that it was conducted during the peak of Covid times and the whole family members of IPS members participated enthusiastically. The Chief Guest was Dr. Debashis Bhattacharya – Advisor of Creativity and Mental Health Task Force.

4. FRIDAY AWAKENINGS – WEBINAR SERIES – SEASON 1: A fortnightly Webinar series was organised by the S&MHTF starting from 9th July 2021. A twice a month 12 episodes webinar series on diverse topics related to Spirituality and Mental Health was organized from July 2021 till 10th December 2021. Topics ranging from role of Spirituality in criminality, application of Spiritual practices, neurobiology, Suicidality, Geriatrics, Sex, etc were spoken by eminent experts from all over India and the world. Eminent Speakers included Dr. B. N. Gangadhar, Dr. Dr. Indraniil, Basu, Dr. E. Mohandas, Dr. Subhangi Parker, Dr. T.S.S. Rao, Dr. S.C. Tiwari, Dr. G. Prasada Rao etc.

Scientific Outcome:

2000 plus registrations received for on International Yoga day International Conference on Spirituality & Well being. Excellent feedback received from WPA (World Psychiatric Association)/Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations (AFPA),& American Association for Yoga and Meditation (AAYM). Well appreciated by all participants and IPS office bearers.

Almost all Friday Awakening webinars (total 12 episodes) have accepted in totality. Its been unanimous agreement to include Spirituality section in UG as well as PG medical curriculum.

5. GITA JAYANTHI WEBINAR: A Special webinar was conducted on 3rd December 2021 to commemorate the Gita Jayanthi Day. Dr. Philip John and Dr. M. S. Reddy spoken wonderfully on various aspects of influence of Bhagwad Gita on Mental and Practice.

6. Conference on Spirituality in Mental Health and wellness among SAARC Countries

was conducted on 2nd January 2022 at Hyderabad by SAARC Subcommittee and S&MHTF of IPS. The Chief Guest were Dr. Afzal Javed and guest of honours included Dr. B. N. Gangadhar, Dr. G. Prasada Rao and Dr. Sudharshan Pradhan.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


SPIRITUALITY IN MEDICAL CURRICULUM: The S& MHTF also organized a Panel discussion with four eminent academicians from across the country to debate about inclusion of Spirituality as a topic in medical curriculum both in the undergraduate and post graduate levels. The session was well moderated by

Dr. B. N. Gangadhar – President, Medical Ethics Board, NMC.

The Spirituality and Mental Health Task has fulfilled its goals for the current year and has performed its responsibilities to the best of its abilities. IPS objectives have been effectively addressed by this task force. The members of this task force are grateful to the IPS EC, office bearers and the entire IPS fraternity for giving it such a wonderful opportunity to serve the society, enhance its reputation, spread the awareness of Spirituality and its effectiveness in dealing with mental health issues in the society. In our collective opinion, Spirituality and Mental Health Task force of IPS should shoulder more responsibilities in the future to concretise the gains achieved during the past several years and lay a path to the future task force members.

Suggestions for future

• Collaboration with regional ,SAARC, Asian and International sections on

• Spirituality, Yoga and Psychiatry for collaborative symposia, workshops, conferences

• Programs focused on early career psychiatrists and PG trainees and gradually to include undergraduate students.

• Publish relevant papers on Spirituality and Mental Well being.

• Collaborative research with premier institutions and other organizations

• working in Spirituality and its integration in various treatment aspects of Mental Disorders

• Develop short training courses and modules on Spirituality integration & orientation

• Provide key insights and recommendations for Spirituality and Mental Well Being and Mental Health.


Indian Psychiatric Society






EC Coordinator

Dr. Sunita Dr. Alok Sarin Simon Kurpad

Report of the year

Dr. Srilaxmi Pingali

Dr. Ajit Bhide

Dr. Rajni Chatterji

Working towards

completion of Guidelines

on non sexual boundary

guidelines for IPS

A online meeting of the IPS

Task Force and members of The

Bangalore Declaration Group

( which comprises of doctors

across medical and surgical

specialties across India) was

conducted on 27 January 2021.An initial draft created and circulated by Dr Sunita was reviewed and discussed. The scope of the guidelines, format, points of agreement, points which needed further clarification/ elaboration noted.

The Group is working towards revisions and edits of the draft guidelines.

Other Activities

Members of the Task Force have done an online session on “ Let us talk- Managing boundaries in psychotherapy” on 28 November 2021 ( organized by the Psychotherapy Subcommittee of the IPS).

Members of the Task Force ( with others), did on online symposium on Boundary Guidelines at the 12th SAARC International psychiatry Conference on 18 December 2021. Working towards completion of Guidelines on non sexual boundary guidelines for IPS

Activities to be completed…proposed timelines

Once the final draft is ready ( by April/ May 2022), we plan to upload on IPS website for feedback from members. Based on this feedback, the final version to be completed and submitted to the IPS EC by August / September 2022.



YEARBOOK 2021-22


As there is a need to ensure that readers have an understanding of the rationale for these guidelines and the Task Force online meeting raised a lot of useful material for discussion, we are also working on support document to the guidelines. We would like to submit it to Indian Journal of Psychiatry for consideration for publication by middle of 2022.

Next steps…after Guidelines completed

In view of the success of work done on sexual boundary guidelines, we would request the IPS to consider the following:

Consider convening a Press Meet to sensitize the public on the nonsexual guidelines ( as done successfully with the Sexual Boundary Guidelines)

Once the Guidelines are ratified by the IPS, we would like IPS to consider approaching the National Medical Commission/ working with them to sensitize doctors across India on this issue ( again, as done successfully with the sexual boundary guidelines in the past).

We request the IPS to kindly permit the Boundary Guidelines Task Force to continue to work together to complete their mandate by end of 2022


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Dilip Dr. Sagar Dr. Nagaraju Dr. Thomas John Dr. Alka A. Mondal Lavania Suvvari Subramanyam

Repor of PWD Act and Certification Guidelines Task Force

We planned to introduce a session in all Zonal conferences, and that we couldn’t do the same this time. However the plan is to do it next year, subject to pandemic conditions.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Rajeev Jain Dr. Hemant Dr. Manoj Dr. Sudhir Dr. Parshotam Naidu Kumar Sahu Kumar Dass Garg

Repor of Conference Guideline Task Force

The threat of omicron is severe. The state rules regarding corona, applicable that time will be deciding for the Physical presence. The confrence guidelines as adopted may be applicable where feasible. The wisdom of office bearer and organising team to hold it in hybrid mode is welcome. The number of sessions may be reduced to provide enough space to those who attend it physically. The scientific material and discourse may be converted to electronic material and distributed among members in appropriate time.





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Nishant Dr. Deepti Bhat Dr. Bappaditya Dr. MS Reddy Goyal Chowdhury

Report of Combat Depression Task Force

Proposed Plan of Action for the year 2020-21

Short term Activities:

Dr. Parag S. Shah





EC Coordinator

Conducting Webinars/Workshops for Physicians and Other medical professionals, Allied Mental Health Professionals, IPS/IASP members and fellows (Couldn’t be undertaken due to COVID)

Training and Competency Building/Continuing Psychiatric Education: Execution of “ CERTIFICATE COURSE IN “COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT IN DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT” FOR DOCTORS ” consequent to Agreement between IPS, Indian Medical Association (IMA) & IMA AKN Sinha Institute (Pending activity at the level of IPS Administration)

Research under the umbrella of IPS: Online/offline data acquisition on principles and practice of depression in mental health professionals in the country (Couldn’t be undertaken due to COVID)

Development of IEC material/videos (Completed and submitted as asked by IPS-IASP Task Force)


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Krishnan Dr. Bakul Chan- Dr. Abhiruchi Dr. Prabir Paul Dr. Samrat Kar Ramakrishnan drakant Buch Chatterjee

Report of Homeless Persons with Mental Illness Task Force

Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, Chairman of Task Force participated as a panelist for discussion on Schizophrenia & Wandering Mental ill. Co panelists were Dr.Bharat Watwani, Senior Psychiatrist, a Raman Magsaysay awardee, Mrs.Kaviyas Garani, Senior Editor, Deacon Chronicle. This meeting was moderated by Dr.Harish Shetty, Senior Psychiatrist from Mumbai. The meeting was hosted by IPS, Telengana State Branch, as part of awareness on World Schizopherenia day.

DR. K. Ramakrishnan was a guest for inauguration of Subcommittee, task force for Homeless with mental ill, IPS Andhra Pradesh State Branch. Andra Pradesh is the first state branch to start this sub – committee. Helped in establishing a networking of NGOS who are serving homeless person with mental illness in Tamil nadu. We plan to create an All India Network in the coming year.

Dr. Ramakrishnan on behalf of sub-committee honoured Dr.Barat Watwani, Founder Shraddha Psychiatric rehabilitation centre for homeless person with mental illness’ and Raman Magsaysay awardee with Life Time Achievement Award in IPSOCON 2021 @Madurai.

Dr. Abhiruchi Chatterjee, convener of the sub-committee in consultation with Dr. Prabir Paul (Advisor)and Dr. K. Ramakrishnan (chairperson) has prepared a proposal of a project on MENTALLY ILL PERSONS RESIDING IN VARIOUS ‘VAGRANCY HOMES AND SHELTERS’ in our country. Pilot project to start with a handful of government run shelter homes in and around Kolkata. The details are being worked out after which will be submitted to IPS.

Outline of the project:

• Proposal writing (already done)

• Approval from IPS central committee

• Formation of a team (psychiatrists, social worker, psychologists, trainees)

• Liaison with state government for getting access to government run shelter homes. • Need assessment study

• IPS can advice and do hand-holding to spread awareness and improving mental health

care for the shelter residents.

• Up- scaling the project to different parts of the country.





EC Coordinator



Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Sonia Parial Dr. Jyoti Shetty Dr. Pallavi A. Joshi

Activity during the year

Covid-19, pregnancy and mental health

Dr. Prabha S. Chandra

Dr. Ruma Bhat- tacharya

IPS- Perinatal Psychiatry Task

Force, conducted National

Symposium on 15th July, 2pm on

“Covid 19, Pregnancy& Mental

health” in association with Indian

Psychiatric Society, Telangana branch & Psychiatry Department, AIIMS, Hyderabad.

International faculty-Dr Chandini Prakash,New Zealand spoke on “ Global impactof COVID- 19 on women’s mental health. Prof.Prabha Chandra spoke on “COVID-19 & mental health of pregnant women in India”. This program was received very well as it

was much needed In this pandemic time.

Masterclass on PerinatalMental Health

Master class on Perinatal Mental health, was conducted on 14th Augnst, 2021 on virtual platform. Two international faculties – Dr Jayashree Kulkarni and Dr Gertude Seneviratne spoke on “Atypical Antipsychotics in Pregnancy” & “Challenges and rewads of being incharge of Mother-baby unit”

respectively. Dr Shobit Garg, Dr Sundernag Ganjekar, Dr Endumathi & Dr Satya Raj participated in invited discussion about the same talks.

Dr Gautam Saha, President- IPS inaugurated-”Directory of Psychiatrists working in/ interested to work in Perinatal Psychiatry” in the

same event.

5th National Symposium by WMH&Perinatal Psychiatry Task Force

5 th National Symposium with the theme – “Women


YEARBOOK 2021-22


leading the mental health movement” was Conducted jointly by Women and Mental health Speciality section & Perinatal task force on 5/12/2021. A preconference workshop was organized on 4/12/2021 titled “ Hidden Scars Perinatal Grief” by Dr Ashlesha

Bgadia, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist

& Dr Poornima Mahendru, Perinatal Psychologist.

Dr Saumya Basu (Psychiatrist-Australia) delivered a talk on “Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental health- Joining the dots”, this session was virtual. DR P.K.Dalal (Lucknow) and

Dr Satya Raj (Vellore) chaired this session.

The symposium was conducted in Hybrid mode (delegated present physically and virtually) and had more than 300 registrations and 218 delegates attended the symposium.

The recordings of the conference are available at the link – ipswomenmentalhealth.

The program received good

discussions from delegates

and was very well received.

Brief note on Participation in other Programs by Perinatal task force members-

Dr Prabha Chandra & Dr Sonia Parial were faculty invited to speak on Perinatal Mental health at Goa state CME- 6th June 2021

Dr Sonia Parial & Dr Jyoti Shetty were invited to speak on Perinatal Mental Health by Pune Psychiatric Association – 18th June 2021

Perinatal Mental Health – online course was organised for Obstetricians on 26th and 27th June 2021

Dr Sonia Parial and Dr Jyoti Shetty are going to speak on “Perinatal mental health-


Indian Psychiatric Society


Meeting the challenges”in the symposium, organised at SAARC International Psychiatry

Conference, on 16th Dec 2021.

Proposed plan of action for the future

• Conducting a workshop on “Psychological aspects of infertility & ART and role of Psychocounseling” in Jan-2022

• Conducting a workshop on “Mother-Infant bonding” in 2022, in collaboration with Dr Satya Raj, CMC, Vellore

• ANCIPS 2022 – Symposium on prescribing psychotropics in perinatal period

• Planning and executing more research projects in Perinatal mental health

• Revising recom mendations for treatment in Perinatal Psychiatry (ongoing)

• Sensitizing Obstetricians about Perinatal Mental Health by conducting various programs and workshops for them.


YEARBOOK 2021-22






EC Coordinator

Dr. Kazi Md Dr. (Maj) Nand Dr. Shruti Rezaul Karim Kishore Srivastava

Report of Patient Rights Task Force

Dr. Indira Sharma

Dr. Sandeep Grover

Zoom Forum for Mental Health Care Act 2017:

An online Zoom Forum Meeting was organised for PROPOSAL FOR AMENDMENTS on 15th

July 2021, Thursday, at 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Organised by Task Force on Patients Rights, Indian Psychiatric Society, PATIENTS RIGHTS TASK FORCE

Organising Chairperson: Indira Sharma; Organising Secretary: Shruti Srivastava

Dr. Kazi Md Rezaul Karim; Dr (Major) Nand Kishore; Dr Sandeep Grover

INVITATION FOR ZOOM FORUM on Mental Health Care Act,2017: Proposed amendments of on 15th July ,2021, 7.00 to 9.00pm.

‘Draft Proposal’: After deliberate discussions and incorporating the comments of several mental health professionals throughout the length and breadth of the country, a draft of proposed amendments was prepared. ‘Draft proposal’ was presented to the EC of IPS. In the EC it was decided to post the ‘Draft proposal’ on the IPS website and invite suggestions from esteemed members of IPS.

Presentation of ‘Draft proposal’ at CIPCON-2021: The ‘Draft proposal’ was presented at the CIPCON-2021 conference, at Allahabad, by Prof Indira Sharma: “MHA 2017: A Plea for amendment”. Suggestions given were noted.

‘Draft proposal’ posted on the website of IPS on 5.12.2021: Display on Website: Suggestions solicited from IPS Fellows for Suitable amendments

Suggestions from members: Suggestions on the website and also by via email have been received.

Finalisation of the draft: It is in the process.

Future Plan: To submit the final plan to the Government of India (Law Ministry for consideration.)


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Smita N Dr. Manjeet Dr. Pankaj Dr. Daya Ram Dr. Jaisukh Deshpande Singh Bhatia Kumar Maganlal Parmar

Activities during the year

The Sub-Committee members met several times and discussed the current paucity of information on how the MHCA was being implemented all over the country. Anecdotal reports and reports from popular media suggest that implementation has not yet begun in some Indian States while in others it is spotty. The State Mental Health Authority – which are the backbone of the MHCA- have not been constituted in several States.

In this background, the Sub-Committee decided to organize and online panel discussion on the topic: MHCA – Boon or Bane!

The panel discussion was held on June 27th 2021. It was presided over jointly by the two Chairpersons of the sub-committee. Our Chief guest was IPS President Dr. Gautam Saha, who also inaugurated the webinar with his enlightening speech and words of wisdom.

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Pankaj Kumar. Speakers for the motion- MHCA as a boon- Dr. Ravish B.N, Professor & Head at the Department of Psychiatry, Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, Karnataka.

Dr. Varun Mehta, Associate Professor, Central Institute of Psychiatry, ranchi, Jharkhand. Speakers against the motion- MHCA as Bane were:

Dr. MSVK Raju, ex-President IPS

Dr. Prerna Kukreti, Associate Professor psychiatry at Lady Hardinge Medical College. Dr. Daya Ram, Director, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi summarized the debate.

Dr. Vidhyadhar Watve, ex-President IPS updated the audience regarding current status of the lawsuit that IPS has filed in the High Court of Maharashtra Court in the ongoing matter of MHCA.

The event was attended by over 50 IPS members. There were several queries and remarks, and various aspects of MHCA 2017 were discussed in detail. Mcuh still needs to be done for MHCA implementation, and IPS needs to work towards this in a long term manner with a 5-year timeline in mind.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Sanjay Dr. Shivarama Dr. Nischol Dr. I. R. Reddy Phadke Varambally Raval

Report of Mind Body Medicine Task Force

Organization of International Conference and workshop:

Very successful organization of:

Dr. Adarsh Tripathi





EC Coordinator

SYNAPSE 2021 International Conference on Mind-Body Medicine in Endocrinology & Diabetes, March 27-28, 2021, co-organized with Endocrine Society of India and enriched by presentations of IPS knowledge leaders:

Dr. B.N. Gangadhar, Dr. Gautam Saha, Dr. N. N. Raju, Dr. K. K. Mishra, Dr. O. P. Singh, Dr. Ajit Bhide, Dr. Adarsh Tripathi, Dr. Sandeep Grover, Dr. Bhavesh Lakdawala, Dr. Vivek Kirpekar, Dr. Arun Marwale, Dr. Umesh Negapurkar, Dr. Sanjay Phadke, Dr. Shivarama Varamballi, Dr. Nischol Raval, Dr. Vani Kulhalli, Dr. Kalpna Raval, Dr. Jyoti Shetty, Dr. Govind Kulkarni, Dr. Bhushan Shukla, Dr. Arti Behl, Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, Dr. Sharmishtha Deshpande.

SYNAPSE 2021 Post-conference Workshop on 3rd April 2021 – conducted by IPS Task Force on Mind-Body Medicine.

Organization of National workshop on Mind-Body Medicine and Resilience

For Psychiatry Residents, 13th November 2021 at NIMHANS Bangalore

Attended physically by 40 participants from different states of India (observing COVID restrictions) who

gave a very positive feedback

Resource persons: Dr. B. N. Gangadhar, Dr. Sanjay Phadke, Dr. Shivarama Varamballi, Dr. Bharath Holla. Special guidance: Dr. N. N. Raju, Dr. Pratima Murthy, Dr. Arun Marwale, Dr. Henal Shah


Indian Psychiatric Society

MIND BODY MEDICINE – Task Force (Contd.) Organization of Webinars:

Webinar by the IPS Task Force in association with Poona Psychiatrists’ Association on 5th June 2021. Session on Adversity and

Resilience by Dr. Sanjay Phadke and Dr.

Mohan Agashe in International Yogacon

2021 USA on 6th June 2021 and by Dr. Shivarama Varambally.


in Yogastha (IIT Bombay) by Dr. Sanjay Phadke and Dr. Shivarama Varambally on 6-8 August 2021. Presentations by TF in Mind-Body Medicine and Beyond Conference of SKNMC Research Society by Dr. Sanjay Phadke and Dr. Nischol Raval, and in several other webinars.

Suggestion for future activity:

• Continue Mind-Body Medicine/Health and Resilience Training for Residents – focus on Psychiatry Residents, and to be expanded to residents in other specialties.

• To develop and conduct Trainer’s Training for medical faculty so that the training for residents can be strengthened and expanded.

• After successful partnership with Endocrine Society of India, to expand collaboration with other specialty medical associations.

• Reference material and guidelines etc. for academic and practice purposes.

• Promotion of collaborative research – Piloting and promoting collaborative research in Mind-Body and integrative medicine.


YEARBOOK 2021-22






EC Coordinator

Dr. Vidya Dhar Dr. Sanjay Meel Kumar

Activities of the year

Dr. Gautam Dr. Arnab Dr. Ranjan Amin Banerjee Bhattacharyya

Positive Psychiatry Task Force of IPS organised a virtual national webinar on Disease Management from happiness to holistic approach on 28th September, 2021. This was attended by 217 delegates and received overwhelming positive feedback from all.



Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Kishor M. Dr. Shilpa Amit Dr. Amlan Dr. Nilesh Shah Dr. Sujit Adarkar Kusum Jana Sarkhel

Activities Carried Out by Task Force 2021-22

To enhance the interaction a forum for teachers of psychiatry- where they can share their experience and resources for enrichment of their teaching skills, we had Pan India- Sunday Special 60 Minutes Talk By Psychiatry Teachers .

More than dozen programs were conducted and 50 faculty discussed the teaching learning process across the country, covering a dozen states

All proceedings are video recorded are available as free access in YouTube channel under the name “Indian Teachers of Psychiatry”

Task force supported Minds United Trust & Indian Teachers of Psychiatry Forum to Initiate first of its kind in the world of psychiatry education to start exclusive online training scholarship and research grant in education

Publications to support Psychiatry Faculty

Prioritizing teaching Learning for Psychiatry Postgraduates during a pandemic

Indian Journal of Psychiatry 2021

Use of electronic Logbook in Psychiatric Training

Asian Journal of Psychiatry 2021

What to teach and how to teach medical students in Middle of Covid-19? Guidance to psychiatry teachers

Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 2021

Implementing CBME curriculum in UG Psychiatric Training in India –Opportunities and Challenges

Asia Pacific Psychiatry 2021

National CME on Psychiatry Education & Faculty Training

One Day NATIONAL CME in Hybrid Mode along with E-poster Competition on Innovative Teaching Learning Methodologies in Psychiatry


YEARBOOK 2021-22

FACULTY TRAINING – Task Force (Contd.)

Proposed plan of action for the future

• To have a roadmap for periodic teaching learning training for the psychiatric teachers that enables them to update for changes in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum – ( that includes necessary changes in teaching & assessment methods)

• Recommend & support all IPS state and zonal bodies to have dedicated symposium or workshops in their annual conference for psychiatry teachers in undergraduate & postgraduate psychiatry training ( alternating between undergraduate & postgraduate sections)

• Provide resources and recommendation for initiating fellowship in psychiatry medical education.

• Providing resources and recommendation for enabling Psychiatry postgraduates as future teachers in psychiatry ( for incorporating dedicated two-day training in medical education technology – inline with MCI-FDP- by the end of Second year of post graduation)

• Provide guidelines and recommendation for establishing awards for teachers of psychiatry in every state IPS

• Provide outline and resources for establishment of 4 regional centres (including- virtual training) in India for psychiatry medical education

• Provide guidelines and best practices for research in Indian psychiatry education


Indian Psychiatric Society


Dr. Arun Dr. Kota Suresh Dr. Srabani Dr. Pratima Dr. Jaisukh Ma- Kandasamy Kumar Chakrabarti Murthy ganlal Parmar

Report of Activities 2021

A presentation has been made on the topic “Mental health and wellbeing of healthcare workers” in the India- UK webinar series organised by South Asian health foundation and AHSN, UK on 18th May 2021 by Dr Arun Kandasamy.

In the month of May 2021, a notification was sent to all the members of Indian Psychiatric Society for identifying the volunteers to deliver the mental health care for needy doctors of India. More than 150 members have expressed interested to be volunteers for the same. The list has been shared with Indian Medical Association for utilization of the services of these volunteers.

Also, these volunteers have been invited for the Balint’s-UK Psychotherapy groups Introductory training on 12th September 2021. This program was opened to other members too. Among those who attended, interest on further training for running psychotherapy groups was elicited. A list was generated on those who were interested has been generated and they have been contacted currently by the Balint trained leaders. This activity will continue independently in the next few years.





EC Coordinator


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Tushar Dr. Sameer B. Dr. Sachin B.S. Dr. Shyamal Dr. Jaisukh Ma- Jagawat Mangalwedhe Chakraborty ganlal Parmar

Launching of the Final Draft of Professional Protection Scheme

Proposed Activities

We are waiting for the necessary documents from the IPS office required for the registration of the scheme. After the scheme is registered a PAN card can be issued for the scheme and a bank account can be opened.

Once the account is opened we can start enrolling and registering members into the scheme.

Membership drive and promotion of this scheme with the help of zonal representatives and respective state bodies.





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society






EC Coordinator

Dr. Sandeep Dr. Imon Paul Kumar Goyal

Report of Activities 2021

Dr. Sujit Kumar Dr. R. Thara Dr. Sujit



Future plan

• Development of videos depicting psycho- pathology, interviewing skills, challenges in management, early detection of SMI and management.

• Listing the rehab. Centers, NGOs working with schizophrenia, Disability benefits

• Development of Psychoeducational material (Documents, Videos, Interviews with caregivers/experts) and putting it on IPS website

for the reference of patients and their caregivers.

• Providing links to Psychoeducational material developed by NGOs / institutes 198

YEARBOOK 2021-22






EC Coordinator

Dr. Mohan Roy Dr. Fabian Savio Dr. Jitendra Dr. Roop Chand Gopalan Almeida Jeenger Sidana

Dr. Sandeep Grover

Webinar on Reopening of Schools

Chairperson: Dr Roop Sidana, Dr Sandeep Grover Opening Remarks: Dr Gautam Saha, President, IPS

Moderators: Dr Fabian Almeida and Dr Jitender Jeenger

Speakers: Vikram Ahuja,Euro International school Jodhpur, S Ajaykumar, Principal, KV Pattom Kerala, Bharat Malik Mumbai, Dr Reeta Sonawat Early Education, Mumbai Parent/Teacher: Mrs Vartika, Master Amey Grover, std 5th, Ms Dhruvi Jeenger, std 7th std, Master Akul, std 10th, Bharat Wadhvani, stationary dealer, Mumbai

Pediatrician: Dr Prashant Mitharwal Hope Children Hospital, Jaipur Vote of thanks: Dr.Mohan Roy



Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Subhangi Dr. Rupali Dr. Aninda Parkar Shivalkar Sidana

Report of Human Rights Task Force

Webinar on human rights

On 22nd may 2021, webinar on human rights was organised.

Two eminent lawyers from Delhi spoke about:

Dr. Prakash B. Behere

Dr. Parshotam Dass Garg

Prioritization of vaccination of persons with mental illness

Dr Shubhangi Parker, our chairperson advocated regarding prioritization of vaccination of persons with mental illness in the state of Maharashtra and was the key person in

working toward rights of PMI .

Another Webinar on conducted on human rights and elderly abuse

On 10th July 2021, webinar was conducted on human rights and elderly abuse .

Dr Hari Subrhamaniam, hon. Senior

Mr. Ashish Arun : why human rights are important

Ms. Mrinal kanwar : human rights of persons with mental illness

Around 200 people participated in the webinar. Key points regarding human rights o persons with mental illness were discussed.

lecturer University of leceister, UK, consultant psychiatrist for elderly UK, spoke abut the rising incidences of elderly abuse and need to make elderly people aware about the human rights.

It was also discussed regarding old age home and rights of elderly.


YEARBOOK 2021-22

HUMAN RIGHTS – Task Force (Contd.)

are important”

On 28th sept webinar was conducted on why human rights are important.

Dr N G Desai and Dr. Shubhangi

discussed regarding relevant and key points for human rights and everyone should be aware of this.

Around 100 participants attended the webinar.

World Human Rights Day

On 10th dec , world human rights day was celebrated in collaboration with IPS and Bombay psychiatric society on the key theme : equality , reducimg inequalities : advancing human rights

Key speakers : Mr. Amit Deshpande , eminent lawyer from Karnataka spoke about need for human rights and its importance.

Prof Sarsau Thomas ether gave elaborate talk regarding various laws and regulations of human rights

Proposed plan of action for the year 2021-22

TARGET POPULATION : persons with mental illness , vulnerable / marginalized

• population , persons with disability , caregivers

• protection of rights of the persons during hospital stay , half way home and home stay

• Prioritization of PMI to get covid-19 vaccination

• Inclusion of persons with disability in Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan yojana

• Provision of free legal aid services to persons with mental illness

• Legal aid services to be available in mental health institutions

SENSITISATION & AWARENESS : plan to do awareness activities in various institutions and also conduct talks and webinars on rights of persons with mental illness and to educate , make caregivers aware of these basic rights

Collaboration with NHRC to provide awareness and IEC material on human rights Make contact person in each zone


• Compilation of all resources and research data on the human rights

• Focus on human rights of persons with mental illness in PG and UG curriculum.

Webinar on “why human rights



Indian Psychiatric Society





EC Coordinator

Dr. Shobit Garg Dr. Tirthankar Dr. Sai Krishna Dr. V. S. Dr. Amrit Dasgupta Tikka Subbarao Ryali Pattojoshi

Actitivies during the year

May 2021: A detailed proposal for starting a national helpline prepared and submitted. Funding sources identified

10 October 2021: IPS National Suicide Helpline Launched in a beta mode 04 November’ 2021: IPS National Suicide Helpline officially Launched

Academic activity

As of early December’ 2021, there were more than 500 calls. It receives a high traffic between 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. After auditing calls of suicidal nature, the average time for any first response is 31 minutes and 7 seconds. Some call may take more than 90 minutes as well.

95% of callers choose Hindi as preferred language. So far 11 suicide plans have been dismantled.

A symposium titled “IPS National Suicide Helpline” was presented by the taskforce members at the 12th SAARC International Psychiatry Conference, Kolkata on 17.12.2021

A proposal to conduct “A qualitative survey of providers of existing suicide helplines on effectiveness” has been planned and proposal prepared. It is awaiting IEC approval.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Mrugesh Dr. Deepanjali Dr. Pritam O. Dr. Arvind Dr. Sanjay Vaishnav Medhi Chandak Barad Gupta

Actitivies during the year

Symposium “Stigma and Mental illness”

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav (Chairman Taskforce) moderated a Symposium “Stigma and Mental illness” at 12th SAARC Psychiatric Conference 16th to 18th December at Kolkata. Panellists of Symposium were Prof. Afzal Javed (President World Psychiatric Association) Dr. Sudarshan Narsing Pradhan (President SAARC Psychiatric Federation), Prof. MD. Muhammad Waziul Alam Chaudhary (President Bangladesh Psychiatric Association), Prof. Harischandra Gambhira (Past President Srilanka Psychiatric Federation), Prof. Iqbal Afridi (Past President Pakistan Psychiatric Society), Prof. Hakimullah Salih (President Afghanistan National Psychiatric Association), Dr. Gautam Saha (President Indian Psychiatric Society), Brig. Dr. MSVK Raju (Ex-President Indian Psychiatric Society) and Prof Shiv Gautam [Emeritous Professor of Psychiatry (NAMS)]

A PUBLIC SEMINAR “Journey from Dreams to Destiny”

A PUBLIC SEMINAR “Journey from Dreams to Destiny” was organised at Gujarat University Senate hall on 8th December, 2021. It was first huge public meeting conducted offline by any taskforce. The Seminar was jointly organized by Indian Psychiatric Society Stigma and Mental health taskforce & Department of Psychology, Gujarat University.

Dr. Mrs. Nimaben Acharya – Hon. Speaker Gujarat Legislative Assembly inaugurated the event. Among the dignataries present were Dr Himanshu Pandya – Vice Chancellor,





EC Coordinator


Indian Psychiatric Society

STIGMA & MENTAL HEALTH – Task Force (Contd.)

Gujarat University, Dr. Jagdish Bhavsar – Pro Vice Chancellor Gujarat University, Dr. Gautam Saha – President Indian Psychiatric Society, Dr. NN Raju – Vice President Indian Psychiatric Society, Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav – Chairman Stigma and Mental health section Indian psychiatric Society – Ex. President Indian Psychiatric Society, Dr. Gaurang

Thanki – President Indian Psychiatric Society Gujarat State Branch, Dr Kamayani Mathur – Prof. & Head Department of Psychology Gujarat University. Dr. Parth Vaishnav – City based Young Psychiatrist addressed the august gathering of around 400 Students and citizens.

Public awareness activity

Dr.Pritam Chandak (Convener taskforce) conducted – Public awareness – (anti-stigma campaign activities at various levels (national, zonal, district ) through different medias eg. Newspaper articles, street plays, radio shows, Tv talks, IEC materials)

Awareness through Social Media

Effective use of Social media – Facebook page – “EVERYMIND MATTERS”(500+ followers) was created to the fullest for creating awareness about mental health, running special weekly campaign,celebrating various days , awareness/informative videos of our esteemed members.

Facebook live program

“Mental Health Carnival” – aFacebook live program featuring various national & international speakers on creating awareness about various mental health disorders was conducted during the mental health week in October 2021.

Many more programs conducted

Dr.Deepanjali Medhi (Co-Chairperson) & Dr. Arvind Barad

(Co-Convener)conducted various awareness activities like newspaper articles,public talks,role plays etc during this period.


YEARBOOK 2021-22


Dr. Abhijeet Dr. Chethan B. Dr. Baidyanath Dr. Gautam Kr. Faye Ghosh Dastidar Bandyopadhyay

Actitivies during the year

Audio calling services

Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi





EC Coordinator

To provide the psychiatric/psychological services to the sufferers of COVID 19, a list of volunteers from each state was created. It has 600 volunteers from most of the states across the country.

The plan was to have a direct talk with the volunteer at specific time slot, the display of contact details was provided to the beneficiary after press release/display on IPS website

Services considered were Counselling, psycho-education, brief psychotherapy (preferably no prescription) and referral to the nearest psychiatrist

Telepsychiatry helpline

Telepsychiatry helpline number was made available 24/7. It was a toll free number with a facility to talk in all the major languages spoken across the India. The toll free number – ‘18005320807’

The service was available for around two months during which hundreds of people across the India benefited. Later, after lifting of lockdown, patients utilized the services at hospitals in their locality. During same time, the suicide attempts were found increasing, so the same helpline is utilized as ‘Suicide prevention helpline’ and is still in use for the same.

Future plan

To improve and amend the services provided through the helpline.

To develop a Telepsychiatry App that will be equipped with all the aspects as per the Telepsychiatry guidelines in a user friendly way.

To organize the group psycho-educational programs on Zoom/Google meet platform (e.g. Live online video sessions on psychiatric disorders with chat box to answer the queries of patients/FM) which can be operated through IPS website.

Local bodies/volunteers for deeper and wider reach (remote areas) • Rotary club • Psychologists

• Social workers • General practitioners

• PHCs and RHs


ELECTION Commission

Indian Psychiatric Society


Returning Officer

Election Officer

Dr. Kaushik Dr. Ashok Dr. Asim Gupte Reddy Karredla Mallick

Report of Election Commission

The Election Process for the IPS ELECTION-2022 started as per Election Schedule and every step till now was completed smoothly.

The election was held for One post of VICE PRESIDENT cum PRESIDENT ELECT, One Post of Hon. General Secretary and One Post of Hon. Treasurer. As there was only one valid nomination (received till the last date mentioned in the Election Schedule) for the one post of Hon. Editor, the election was not held for this post.

There were 4 contestants for the one post of Vice President, 2 contestants for one post of Hon. Gen. Secretary and 2 contestants for one Post of Hon. Treasurer.

There was not a single day since E – voting started on 21st November, 2021 when no votes casted, at the end of first week voting was 36%, out of which, 17% voted on first day itself, in the second week voting was 12%, in the third week voting was 7%, in the fourth week the voting was 8% and in last 3 days the voting was 5%. (Got these figures for our records and to know the trend of e-voting)

This year voting percentage is about 68.1%, last year it was about 66%. Number of voters have also increased this year. Last year the number of eligible voters were 3281 and this year it is 3420 (in the final list of Eligible Voters provided to Election Commission from HGS office). It means this year 139 more Eligible Voters of IPS added to the list.

The election result will be declared in the AGBM on 22nd January, 2022 by the Chairperson of Election Commission on the invitation of Chairperson of AGBM.

The Election Commission is an autonomous – constitutional body to supervise and conduct free and fare election in transparent and unbiased manner. I can proudly say that my whole team has performed its duty to the highest standard expected from us.

Here I must mention about the repeated e-mails sent to Election Commission for seeking and granting the extension of last date of submitting the nomination form in a very ridiculous way.

This should not happen in future, even our IPS members should also not support and encourage such acts.


YEARBOOK 2021-22



Indian Psychiatric Society

gratefully extend it’s sincere thanks to:

Mr. Nityananda Datta • Mr. Partha Ghose Mr. Siraj Dey



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