Doctor bashing 

Doctor bashing both physically and metaphorically seems to be a favourite pastime. Patients and relatives assaulting doctors are becoming frequent if the outcome is not what they expected. Politicians (read Namo) also speaks disparaging about doctors, casting aspersions on their integrity saying they are looting and overcharging patients, writing branded drugs. Every body wants the best treatment and best outcome at the cheapest price. Meanwhile MPs like Ravindra Gaikwad travel by business class and bash up staff if they are made to travel in economy class in air India. Namo a prolific tweeter did not say word about Gaikwad, the parliament closed ranks and like a gang of thieves supported Gaikwad. Extremely disappointed with this playing to galleries and indulging in cheap politics. This will make doctors more defensive and increase the cost of treatment like in developed countries. Be ready for that. Doctors are low hanging fruits and everybody is throwing stones at them. Yes as in all walks of there some blacks sheep among us, but not as much as the black sheeps sitting in parliament 😎 

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