What is unethical…

After GBM I realised.. everyone is unhappy.. 
Physicians are unhappy about Surgeons treating DM, HT, thyroid diseses themselves ..
Surgeons are unhappy about Physicians developing Medical ICUs and treating surgical diseases..
Gynacs are as such frustrated with PCPNDT and cutthroat competition, surgeons doing hysterectomies..
Opthalmologists are frustrated with optimetrists and Free NGO cataract camps…
Radiologists are in scare due to PCPNDT and unhappy with Orthos buying their own Digital Radiology units.. also they are frustrated with clinicians sending their pts to illegal Nonmedico Digital Xray units. Clinicians asking them to do their patients in less rate for no reason.
Psychiatrists and Physicians are irritated with Neurosurgeons for treating psychiatry cases for months together for no reason..
Neurosurgeons are unhappy about every Medical ICU admitting headinjury cases..
Orthos are accusing RGJAY for stealing their bread and butter.. also they accuse Physiotherapists for treating patients on their own..
Plastics Sx are not happy about orthos operating burn contractures and surgeons for referring patients only after complicating it for no reason..
Pathologists are unhappy about illegal DMLT labs and their own colleagues signing reports in sidelabs..
Anaesthetists are accusing surgeons of giving calls from illegal OTs.. also they expect surgeons to be more considerate about basic OT facilities, timings and charges..
Likewise..every branch has its own issues..
Juniors are grumbling about seniors charging less and seniors accusing juniors about flouting all practice ethics…
Private practitioners are complaining that Govt service people are doing duties and operating in private set ups for extra money sake..
Superspecialists are accusing broad specialists for not referring patients… and vuse a versa Broad specialists are accusing Superspecialists about operating hernia and appendix…
Members accuse IMA or their association for being inactive.. Association office bearers blame it’s members for lethargy…
Every Association, has only few members who attend meetings and show interest in the happenings.. 

Real culprits neither attend any meetings nor bothered about the decisions taken. They continue doing what they think is beneficial to them..
Now what.?
Anything which you can not stand for in court of law is unethical illegal..
Why you did not refer patient to particular specialist.?
Are u best person in town to treat this patient ?
You should be able to justify that in Court of Law..
Unethical practice does not only mean cut practice.. it has many facets.. If you really want to get out of this mess, we all need to think about this.

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