2034 may 1

2034, May 1  Woke early morning due to chilly weather in the room even though it was quiet hot outside in Mumbai . Since govenment had made use of cow dung ( Gober) compulsory to be used as plastering material and biweekly reapplication , rooms were getting astonishingly cold . use of air conditioners were banned since year 2020 due to their ill effects on environment. Whole world was surprised by this ingenious invention by India . Gober export due to visionary policy of leader had made India richest country in world with surplus dollar reserves. Gober plastering had eradicated infective illnesses like malaria , Dengue from India and same model was replicated all over world . 

      But , that was my worry today as my clinic was falling short of supplies. Medical tourism was at its peak . With compulsory yoga , use of gangajal and gomutra for as many as 42 illnessess had resulted almost eradication of lifestyle diseases from India. Clinic was mainly filled with patients from all over world from allergic illnesses and lifestyle diseases. Huge demand supply gap was resulting in shortage of gomutra and gober all over world . 

         I was tense due to long list of patients who needed Gober visarjan and gomutra samarjan therapy( cow dung dip and cow urine wash) . My supplies were falling short.CNBC at breakfast table was showing Cow Dung Of RD brand at its 52 week high . RD cow dung is most famous and most pure brand all over world . RD Baba of this brand is richest person in the world. There were some 800 brands of Gober and Gomutra. After finishing breakfast with cow milk and fresh fruits , I rushed to clinic. 

      Many sales representatives were in que . I always preferred RD brand as it was most pure and used cause least skin problems to foreigners. Other company cow dung had lot of impurities and used to cause lots of skin rashes. These other brands were cheap and used offer lot of incentives like free gomutra or free can of Cow milik . Still i used to prefer best brand as my clientele were A class from all over world . Short supplies of this brand was my worry. Cost of these therapies had gone to roof and many patients from poor countries had tough time getting these. Insurance companies were hiking premiums due to same . Luckily for Indians , govt hospitals were providing these therapies free under Gober Samaj Kalyan Yojana . In fact most of media was speculating third world war will be due to Gober and Gomutra supplies. 

      Most of poor countries had appealed to UNO against India for holding huge reserves of Gober. Media was crying foul by huge profiteering by RD brand. Other brands were hugely spending on advertising and in claiming there brands are as good as RD brand . Govt was under pressure to take decision on this matter . And today was the day of that press meet while whole world was watching .  
12.00 Press Meet 
 PM was tense due to intense international pressure . This was going to be most important event in the world history. He was likely to be next Nobel Laureate after the announcement. And the moment arrived , whole world was listening to most powerful world leader – Indian PM . 

  History was made that day — all brands of gober and gomutra were abolished , only generic Gober and Gomutra was allowed and price was capped to Rs 10000 /- per KG of Gober and 5000/- per liter for Gomutra . Whole world started clapping with this decision . I also started clapping and shouting generic gober , generic gober . 

  Suddenly heard my wife shouting , why are you saying generic gober in sleep? Get up , dont u want to go to hospital?  

 Ohh my god — that was dream but in reality its partially true . 
Dr Shantanu Deshpande — Mumbai

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