What is generics. What is Pharmaceutical name. Is it same. No

Drugs with generic name means drugs manufactured by a company who has not invented the drug and does not hold the patent for the same . Because the company has not invested in R &D it is able to sell it at a much lower cost. This can happen after the patent duration has expired and any manufacturer can produce bio equivalent products. Like tab risperdal (Pharma name -risperidone)of Johnson costs INR 35 approximately while generics manufactured by intas Pharma tab risdone (Pharma name risperidone)costs INR Rs 5 approximately . I think the lawmakers are totally confused as to what generics means. It surely does not mean pharmaceuticals name. If it does ,then writing pharmaceutical name followed by company name does not improve the situation. I think IMA Should enquire into what is required of us. If it is writing generics I have never ever written branded.

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