‘Safe medical practice’ –

 you heard it only as a philosophical sentence till now, we are presenting a case from a gynaecologist to tell you how serious this sentence is.
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-Few days back a normal healthy pregnant woman came to my clinic for delivery. She got admitted as a normal delivery patient.

Everything was going on fine, she was in labour pain and was taking brisk walk like everyone else. That the unexpected and unpredictable thing happened. 
The sister came running to me that the lady is having fits and has become cyanosed(could not breath). I ran to pre-labor room and assessed the lady and found her pulse going down, in fits and has become unconscious.
My assessment indicated that most probably she has had amniotic fluid embolism, with very few options at my clinic to cater to that.
Only way out to handle the situation was to try the caesarean section immediately and try to deliver the baby. But I knew that chances of survival are very minimal. In a big setup, in such condition chances of survival are 50-50 for the baby and even lesser for the mother, if caesarean is done within 5-10min time. But there are equally high chances that even if we try to deliver, still both of them might not survive.
It was the choice I had to make and had to make very fast. 

But then past experiences hound you. Just few days back I took a serious patient , who later died and her relatives assaulted our clinic.
I was in a dilemma what to do, fearing that if I go for caesarean and if none of them survive, I might have to face the same wrath again. Can I face that again? And I decided against it. 
Explaining the seriousness of the condition I referred the patient to a bigger center, knowing well that by doing this their survival chances are getting even lesser.
But I didn’t had the strength to face the violent behaviour of the relatives again for no mistake of mine. When you do your best and assault is what you get in return that your motivation to do good goes down.
Next day I came to know that the lady and the baby couldn’t make it. I felt bad for them and wished, only if the society could understand the nuances of medical profession and trust us that I could have tried to save them, may be ONE of them. 
Request to the society:

Probably now you can understand the meaning of ‘safe medical practice’. That lady could be you, your sister, your wife and you loose the very minimal chances of your survival when you assault doctors even if they try their best. Even if you are not assaulting by yourself, still you should condemn and raise your voice against those who do it. Only if your doctor feels motivated to save you that he/she will fight for you till your last breath.

Help us in building a healthy doctor-patient relationship – detcare !

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