Q. How to recall colour of BMW disposal bins inside Hospital ?

Coloured BioMedical Waste(BMW) bag disposal as per indian Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016.

• R-Red Bin- Recyclable waste(R-R)- Red blood soaked (used) Rubber gloves, Rubber & Plastic tubes & IV sets.

• Y-Yellow Bin- pus(Yellow) soaked Cotton Gauze pieces & dressing, Microbiology Waste (infected pus(Yellow) producing Bacteria), Human anatomical waste (tissues, organs, fetal parts)- infected (pus filled -Yellow), Animal waste, Empty Blood bags, soiled (Yellow) linen & Contaminated Bedsheets, discarded cytotoxic drugs for Burning infective waste in Yellow fire during inceration.

• W- White Puncture-proof bin – Whole (unbroken) metallic (White) needles, blades & sharp waste.

• Brown Cardboard Box with Blue Marking- Unbroken Broken glass (Nukila Glass in Neela (Blue lining Brown Box)) & Body implants(metallic).
• Black- Black & white paper(non-infectious) waste.

Q. Why BMW disposal is Important?
80% non-infectious,(kitchen waste, paper)
15% is infectious (dressings, anatomical wastes, blood bags)
5% is non infectious but hazardous,(chemicals, drugs and mercury)
When this 20% of the hospital infectious material is mixed with 80%
Then all the 100% waste becomes hazardous and infectious, hence segregation should be at source.

Q. What is definition of BMW?
Bio-medical Waste(BMW) means any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities or in production or testing of biological or in health camps.

Q. Which institutions need to follow BMW rules?
Hospitals, Medical or surgical camps, Nursing homes, Vaccination camps, Clinics, dispensaries, Blood donation camps, Veterinary institutions, First aid rooms of schools, Animal houses, Forensic laboratories, Pathological laboratories, Research labs, Blood banks, Ayush hospitals, Clinical establishments, Research or educational institutions, Health camps.

Bio-medical Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 notified on March 28, 2016 by MoEFCC, Govt. of India under Environmental Protection Act, 1986.

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