Yesterday in the health summit we were told by a doyen of Corporate Health Hospitals that MBBS doctors are no better than a housewife. He further said that unless the number of specialists in the country is increased several fold the health status of the country is not likely to improve. I strongly objected to his assertions immediately. MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. An MBBS is a full and complete doctor, legally authorized to provide full medical care to his/her patients. In the UK everyone is required to first visit their GP and only if the GP feels that specialist consultation is necessary the GP will refer the patient to a specialist. In our country we call MBBS doctors Plain MBBS. Why lawyers with LLB degree not called plain LLB or engineers with a BE degree Plain BE. Do we expect that LLB lawyers will only fight small theft cases in court and for bigger cases like murder cases LLM degree should be necessary? Do we say that a BE engineer can only make a 100 ft bridge and for a bigger bridge an engineer with ME or MTech degree is needed? Why do we denigrate MBBS? As one of the leading doctors in Raipur – a wonderful Cardiologist said latter on a whatsapp group, the remark about comparison of MBBS with housewives was not only derogatory to MBBS doctors but also to Housewives. I would say that this remark was highly insensitive. I announced in the conference that I am starting a campaign today – Empower the MBBS doctor. Please join in. I will write more on this soon.

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