Medical students

You know u are a Medical student when….
1. U look at a volume of"Bailey & Love" and think "if this is supposed to be a short practice of surgery then what is long"
2. When the side effects of every drug are nausea, vomitting, diarohhea…
3. U think of Palmaris Longus,
when u see the Nokia "connecting people" hand shake…
4. When every sentence u say
begins wid "
I think" & ends wid "i m not sure"
wid lots of "may be" in the middle…
5. When u try spinal anaesthesia
over a pt and if it hit at right place then its time to party…
6. When FB means…ForeignBody…
7. When u look at people's veins
while in bus & wonder that it wud be easy to stick cannula into this one…
8. U get used to large terms
9. Wake up->. Morning report ->
bed side rounds -> lectures -> seminar ->lunch ->nap -> studying ->sleep… Wid coffee in the place of the arrows…
10. Have palpated or tried to
palpate ur own kidneys while u were studying..
11. When u wake up wid even
slight temperature and say IL-1 & IL-2 is raised..
12. When ur professor say" life is
sexually transmitted disease wid 100% mortality"
and u think true…
13. When u feel little bit like a
parrot after ur oral assessment…
14. When beggers stop approaching u on realizing u r nt really gonna earn fora long time…
15. When ur friend tells u"let me
show u the city" and u understand "let me show u the CT"
16. When u can make real music
by percussion of someone's

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