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Medical Humanities: The Rx for Uncertainty?

by Danielle OfriAcademic MedicineIt was just one nonfiction manuscript out of hundreds that were being considered for the Bellevue Literary Review. The essay was ragged at the edges, and it almost didn’t make the first cut. The narrator was a college kid on spring break in Florida. She was dancing at a disco, trying to […]

Ten testaments

Ten Testaments to Run Stress Free Private Practice*.This is more relevant today in view of the Newer Hippocratic Oath being adopted by New Zealand Medical council with self health of Doctor himself being given the top priority over that of anything else. In view of adoption of new Hippocratic Oath for doctors here are few […]


These are the common conversations that take place during Reunions post our graduation which reflect the different phases of life and it’s priorities..I- Graduation Party:-1- What are you planning to specialize in?2- Planning to settle in India or abroad?3- Did you propose to that girl you were moving around with all the time? Oh I […]