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Medical ethics.

Medical ethics is a path illuminated by principles to guide members of the medical profession in their dealings with each other and with their patients. Here, I concern myself with the doctor-doctor relationship, which is under severe stress. I refer to negative professional criticism of one’s colleagues, a practice which damages the profession and its […]

Only Dreamers can be Doctors

If there is one thing I regret in life, it is not studying to be a doctor. I am not usually the regretting kind –but I have enormous respect for those that heeded the calling and chose this profession.  There are a number of reasons I could possibly give for my not choosing to be […]


Let’s take a look at how the Clinical Establishment Act has “helped” the health set-up:Incident 1:A critical patient is admitted to the ICU of a private hospital. The patient progressively worsens and unfortunately, dies. The patient party ransacks the hospital, threatening everybody on duty with, “Dekhe nebo, joto shob chorer dol.” (We’ll see through this, […]


15/11/17, 10:03:30 AM: Dr Jagat Lal Nimhans: Karnataka:(CEA) KPMEA Bill passed in lower house. *All private hospitals in Karnataka to go for total voluntary shutdown from tomorrow*..All services including emergencies shut down..All small clinics to large corporate hospitals shut down.may last for minimum one week.15/11/17, 10:03:32 AM: Dr Jagat Lal Nimhans: The end of private […]