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Islam and Psychosis

Posted on 1. March 2015 by Roya Azal “I once read about a Muslim man who was locked up in a Psychiatric hospital by his family. He begged a young Psychiatrist for help and repeated the Fatihah over and over again. What really got to me was the response of the Psychiatrist. He brushed the […]

  What is Islamic Psychology?

• MEANHA BEGUM • 3 APR 2016Islamic Psychology (Ilm Ul Nafs) is the study of the “self” (nafs) or the “psyche” from an Islamic Perspective with concepts that are not included in western forms of studying the field i.e the unseen influences, the impact of destiny, the sway of the shaytaan and the inclusion of […]


Once there was a company called Ranbaxy Labs. It had a wonderful reputation: it was profitable, it was pioneering. In fact, its reputation could even be called saintly: after all, did it not manufacture generic drugs, all manner of life-saving medicines? Was it not curing AIDS in Africa? Are not such companies deserving of admiration, […]