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Eye opener for Doctors

WHY ONLY DOCTORS ARE SOFT TARGET FOR PUBLIC, MEDIA AND GOVERMENT?Dear colleaguesRecent incidence in Fortis Gurugram, I would like to tell you few facts regarding patient care in cooperate/Private hospital.ONCE YOU ENTER COOPERATE/ PRIVATE HOSPITALFrom the very beginning meter startsRegistration fee + file charge (No share of Doctors)Room rent+ Nursing Care Charges + RMO charges […]


Doctors being called chors, private nursing homes and hospitals branded looteras, is this the way those who provide 75-80 percent of care to the needy are going to be treated. Threats of jail terms, cases of stone pelting and beating up of doctors and nurses is now an established norm. Is this Mera Bharat Mahan!Till […]


11/23/17, 6:37:49 AM: Dr. Vivek Jawali: I was not surprised to see this ‘ tragic story of yet another gullible Patient -wronged by the unscrupulous Private Hospital’ hogging the headlines of the TOI , because bashing the private healthcare sector is the new norm nowadays .But what made me certainly curious is , how the […]