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Pharma market

Total Pharma Market: 1,10,574 CrsTotal Pharma Company in India: 4228Total Brands in India: 55,682Total Medical Reps in India: 3,05,000Total Doctors in India: 10,22,000Total Chemist in India: 7,58,000Total Stockists in India: 1,80,000Total Area Managers in India: 60,838Total Regional Managers in India: 26,800 What an Incredible Market Community we areInformation courtesy : India Pharma 2017

The hue and cry about huge bill of fortis hospital in a dengue case

This patient of dengue was covered under insurance upto 10 lac . It is well known that in corporate hospitals the billing takes entirely different hues when you declare that you are insured . This explains the huge bill. So where do we go from here. The facts are that The government wants to increase […]