The NMC Bill 2019 approved on 22nd July in the Lok Sabha has brought to itself a Nationwide Protest by Doctors and Medical students. A continued Hunger strike has been called by the students of medical colleges in front of AIIMS, Delhi. Doctors and Medical students staged a protest against the newly approved NMC Bill 2019 outside AIIMS, on Tuesday following which various other institutes have joined hands in the Nationwide protest. The students called the bill to be “Anti-student” and “Anti -poor”, and they said that it is a big disaster in the Medical Education System. Earlier on Tuesday, in the protest called by the Gujarat branch of Medical students (a network of the IMA), the students protested against the NMC bill by burning the Bill copies stating that the bill is ‘against the autonomy’. Furthermore, medical students have joined hands for a hunger strike to be started from Wednesday 24th July, which will continue till 25th July. All the Local branches of the IMA have been appealed by the IMA headquarter to join the Protest March to ‘Nirman Bhawan’ to be held on 29th July. Know Why is the NMC Bill been opposed? The National Medical Commission Bill comprises of a committee of 29 members, headed by the Cabinet Secretary, is to replace the MCI. The IMA has been protesting against the changes in the NMC bill since 2016 and yet the core concerns are not been addressed. The addition of section 32 that legalizes the quackery, has been the biggest threat to the medical field. The single exit exam (NEXT) for the screening of foreign medical graduates as well as an entrance test for PG admissions. Additionally, the bill proposes to regulate fees of 50% of the total seats in Private Medical Colleges and Deemed Universities. No annual renewal and there will be one-time permission for establishment and recognition. Private medical colleges can increase the number of seats on their own, start PG courses on their own. Major Changes in the 2019 Bill Elimination of the separate exit examination Elimination of the provision for Crosspathy Why the New NMC Bill can be a Jackpot for Private Medical colleges? The New NMC Bill passed has a provision for private medical colleges to fix the fees for 50% seats in deemed and private medical colleges. If this clause works out, one cannot imagine the scale of malfunctioning and auctioning off the seats. According to the Director of AIIMS, this provision would result in a decline of merit and will create an economic reservation based on the financial ability of the students rather than Merit. These all pros and cons of the National Medical Council have resulted in the agitation by doctors and medical students. Though the bill can be favorable to the other economic and professional reforms, the major sufferer in this is the student. Also, the so-called favorable reforms will only deteriorate the Medical education system.

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