The Great Covid fiasco……

Now , it’s almost certain that lock down is going to be extended. Role of private Drs and Nursing homes continues to be in confusion. Clear cut policy and directions are clearly lacking.

I haven’t been able to understand till now ….what’s my role.

I should be doing my work as stated by government. Well , yes , it’s my duty in this hour of crisis. I am doing it well.

Hospital will be sealed if anyone found Corona positive. Practically happened at so many places in India. …I will be labelled as Corona spreader.

These official actions are self contradictory.

I see 10 to 15 pts a day. I don’t know who is Corona positive ( Asymptomatic cases account for 80 to 85 % of total ).

It’s not only a possibility, but almost a certainty that one of my pt whom I have seen 4 to 5 days back may subsequently be turned out to be covid +. He was Asymptomatic carrier when he consulted me for his Diabetes ( for example). I might have been exposed to the virus.

Now, during this 4 to 5 days , I may have on the infection to at least 50 pts of mine. They will in turn spread it into the community.

The very purpose of lock down is defeated.

Who is at fault ? No body….

Asymptomatic carrier don’t know about his infection, I as treating physician don’t know about his status.

But virus spread continues…..

Further… today only I read ..

Hospitals will not be sealed if covid case is found..

Covid testing not mandatory before treating a pt for another disease. …

Put it in other words .. community spread has happened. Corona should be equated with HIV , HCV , Swine flu etc…. ( there is no point in testing till the time pt is symptomatic).

Now , the biggest social stigma, … the Quarntine …

Presently if I come in contact with covid + case , I ll be home quarantined. A red colored notice named Ikantvas will be pasted in front of my house. I ll be socially stigmatized as if I have committed some crime. All the 50 odd pt whom I had treated will be traced and treated similarly.

If I came positive.. I ll be sent in isolation ward. …

And all my house hold contacts will be tested , if positive, will be sent in isolation at government designated centers. All my contacts similarly found positive will be treated in the same way.

Well, does it make sense ? Keeping healthy Asymptomatic carriers , feeding them, traumatising them … for what.?

If community spread has happened, accept it , keep the Asymptomatic positive cases in the comforts of there own homes.

And if they deteriorate, allow them to visit any private / government center of his choice.

Treatment at government centers is anyway free. In private centers, ( on voluntary basis ), daily expenses may be partially compensated by the government ., rest pt can bear.

Ayushman scheme can be suspended for next 6 months to one year , and money saved can be diverted to provide quality care to covid + cases in private set ups.

There are no universal guidelines regarding Corona management, . Treatment varies from case to case depending upon the organ involved. Hence , it should be kept out of the preview of Consumer protection act ,

Because, in serious ICU needing cases , mortality is very high.., to treat it effectively and without any proper treatment guidelines, drs and treating staff needs to be fearless at least.

All the above scenario which are anyway happening, is a sure sign of community spread. Its almost certain that in next 12 months all of us ll be infected. If we discard this practice of keeping Asymptomatic carriers under isolation, a huge burden will automatically be lifted .,

strict preventive guidelines are the only answer that needs to be adhered to. Only effective strategy is self education.

Stigma attached to virus can only be removed if we stop giving undue importance to it in media , yet , maintaining strict precautions.

Without media glare and big fanfare daily on TV , we all together can manage the covid crisis without stretching our resources., and without disastrous economic consequences for the country.

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