Dear Members,

Greetings from IMA Nagpur.

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, we have witnessed a massive surge of cases. The biggest challenge to fight against Covid-19 is – the population, the attitude and action of the people and the existing healthcare structure.

Recent guidelines by MOHFW-GOI (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare – Government of India) suggest that large number of Asymptomatic cases and very mild symptomatic and Presymptomatic cases of Covid-19 can be treated as Home Isolation patients. IMA Nagpur has compiled this booklet with all necessary information, guidelines and protocols to be followed by the patients and the care takers in Home Isolation. It also contains FAQS, helpline numbers of NMC, Covid Hospitals with phone numbers Ambulance services available, list of Covid testing centres and MOHFW-GOI Guidelines.

We are thankful to Dr. Ashok Adhao, Patron IMA-MS for his guidance. We are thankful to all past presidents, senior members for their valuable advice. We are immensely thankful to Task force members Dr. Prakash Deo, Dr. Milind Bhrushundi and Dr. Ravindra Sarnaik for sharing the protocols and guidelines. Thanks to NMC officials for their help. Thanks to all the Office Bearer of Team 2020-21 for their support in compiling this booklet. Special Thanks to IMA members who have consented to provide Teleconsultation.

Covid-19 – BE CAREFUL Not Fearful.
Follow cough etiquettes, hand hygiene and personal care. Spread awareness through your share !!

With regards

Dr. Archana Kothari

President, IMA Nagpur

Dr. Rajesh Sawarbandhe

Hon Secretary, IMA Nagpur




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a Clinically assigned as very mild / pre symptomatic /asymptomatic case by treating medical officer with information to local administrative authority.

a Should have requisite facility at their residence for self isolation and quarantine for family.

a Immunocompromised states (HIV, Transplant recipients, cancer chemotherepy, etc.) not eligible.

a Elderly (> 60) and with co morbidities – allowed only after proper evaluation by medical officer.

a Patient to agree to monitor his / her health regularly and inform health officer.

a Written undertaking by patient on home isolation and should follow all the guidelines.

a Care giver to be available 24 by 7 basis. Communication link between caregiver and hospital a prerequisite during the whole period of home isolation.


A separate well-ventilated room and a separate toilet should preferably be available for Corona patient at your home.

A caregiver / attendant should be available 24 x 7 for the care of the patient.

If anybody in your house is above 55 years of age, is pregnant or has any severe medical condition like cancer, severe asthma, respiratory disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, renal disease etc please shift them to another house till the patient recovers. In such situations, it is not safe to keep home quarantine for a Corona patient in your house, as it can be dangerous for anyone with a compromised health condition.

Arogya Sethu App should be downloaded and internet and bluetooth should be on to enable the app to work.

Our health officials will call to check everyday. Full cooperation should be provided to them by providing all the requisite information.


Should stay in a separate well ventilated room. It is preferable to have a separate toilet.

Keep yourselves hydrated. Drink atleast 2 liters of water per day. Use boiled and cooled water for drinking.

Maintain isolation. Always wear a mask, should you step out of your room in unavoidable circumstances.

Always use handkerchief / tissue and cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. The used handkerchief should be stored in airtight polythene cover till washing. Used tissue shall be disposed along with used masks in a closed dustbin with secure lid. Burn the used masks & tissues to ashes outside your home. Do not dispose it with other household trash.

Always use a handkerchief or tissue. If the handkerchief becomes wet or soiled, put it in a polythene cover. If you use tissue papers dispose them in a trash can that has a lid.

Always wash your hands with soap and water for 40 to 60 seconds before using the toilet. Do not use cloth for wiping wetness. It is advisable to raise your hand and allow it to air dry.

After using the toilet, clean all the surfaces that you have touched and wash your hands with soap and water.


The patient should clean the isolation room himself / herself. If that is not possible the person who is cleaning should take all necessary precautions like wearing triple layer medical mask, gloves, face shield / goggles. The room should be cleaned with disinfectants (as per manufacture guidelines) or bleaching powder mixed with water (3 spoons per liter) twice a day.

Always maintain a distance of 2 meters (i.e. 6 feet) with senior citizens, pregnant women, children and comorbid patients at home.

Avoid smoking as the virus primarily impacts respiratory system. Smoking may affect your recovery.

Do not share personal items like utensils, towels, etc. with the other family members. Keep them separate.

Soak used bed sheets, clothes, towels / utensils in hot water for 30 minutes before proceeding with normal cleaning / washing. The caretaker should always wear a triple layer medical mask and gloves while handling used items. Cloth masks / handkerchiefs used shall be soaked in 1% hypochlorite solution for 20 – 30 minutes before washing. Wash them separately. Sun-dry the clothes / utensils after washing.

Follow doctors’ prescription medication timely and without fail.

Keenly monitor your health for raise in temperature or other symptoms and if the severity of the symptoms increases, call your doctor.




Do health checks every morning and every night or anytime you feel like you might have a fever or feel abnormal.

Take your temperature with a thermometer. In case of dependent patients, caregivers can monitor the temperature. Use a mask and gloves and wash your hands thoroughly before and after checking Temperature.

Check your pulse rate twice a day.

When you are checking pulse rate, please place your index finger and middle finger on wrist while keeping thumb below. while checking pulse look at watch and follow seconds count pulse rate for minute. Otherwise check pulse rate per 30 seconds, and multiplay the rate by two. This will correspond to pulse rate per minute.

If the temperature is above 1000 Fahrenheit or pulse rate above 100 immediately contact your consultant.

Check your SPO2 Levels with Pulse Oxymeter.



Pulse Rate Morning Evening

Body Temperature Morning Evening

SPO2 Morning Evening


1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day 6th Day 7th Day 8th Day 9th Day 10th Day 11th Day 12th Day 13th Day 14th Day 15th Day 16th Day 17th Day



Patient / Care giver will keep monitoring their health. Immediate medical attention must be sought if serious signs or symptoms develop. These could include

a Established clinical test to look for cardiopulmonary exercise tolerance.

a Used to unmask hypoxia.
a Walk in confines of room with pulse oximeter attached to finger

for 6 mins.
a Drop < 94% or absolute drop > 3% or feeling unwell (light headed,

short of breath) – significant.4admit.
a May be cut short to 3min in > 60 years old.







Wear a triple layer medical mask appropriately when in the same room with the patient. The front of the mask should not be touched or handled during use. If the mask gets wet or dirty with secretions, it must be changed immediately. After use, discard the mask by using the appropriate technique that is, do not touch the front, but instead untie it from behind and wash your hands thoroughly after disposal of the mask. Disinfect the mask in 1% hypochlorite solution before disposing off in a closed dustbin.

Avoid touching your face, nose or mouth.

Ensure hand hygiene after coming in contact with the patient or the patient’s immediate environment. Wash your hands with soap and water for 40-60 seconds as often as possible.

Wash your hands before and after preparing food, before eating, after using the toilet, and whenever your hands look dirty.

Use soap and water for washing your hands and wash at least for 40 – 60 seconds. Alcohol-based hand rubs or sanitizers can be used, if hands are not visibly Soiled. Always air dry the hands by raising up. Do not whipe with cloth.

Do not touch any objects in the patient’s room.


Towels, bed sheets, utensils and dishes used by the patient should be kept separately and cleaned with soap / detergent and water, while wearing gloves. The utensils and dishes may be reused. Always wash hands after taking off gloves or handling used items.

Always keep any items used by patient in hot water for 30 minutes before regular cleaning.

Food and other items needed by the patient must be provided to them in their room only.

Use triple layer medical mask and disposable gloves while cleaning or handling surfaces, clothing or linen used by the patient.

Ensure that the patient is taking all medication as per the doctors advice.

If there is aggravation of fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, mental confusion, Fatigue and other symptoms immediately your doctor or health surveillance teams.




R If there are any Corona patients in your building under Home Isolation, do not panic. Follow basics self hygiene measures and precautions to keep yourselves safe.

R Keep your surroundings clean.

R Ensure that the common spaces of your apartment building / flat such as lifts or stairs are sanitized twice a day with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution.

R Remember, the fight is against the disease, not the sick. Do not cause any kind of trouble for the patient or their family members.

R If any person, stamped for isolation, is seen stepping out, call 0712-2567021 / 0712-2551866 / 18002333764 immediately.

R Wash your hands with soap and water for 40 to 60 seconds everytime you come from outside.

R Please takecare of COVID-19 Patient. Do not hurt him / her because he / she is symptomatic. Your positive support can prevent further infection.

R Help the patient until they get cured. If they need any essential items like medicine, ration, vegetables, etc., help them by leaving them outside the door of their house. Avoid exchange of currency until the patient has recovered.

R For any assistance, call the Corona Helpline Service 0712-2567021 / 0712-2551866 / 18002333764


Left-over food, empty juice bottles or tetra packs, empty water bottles, packaging material, and any other items, generated or handled by Covid-19 patient should be collected along with other general solid waste in bags securely tied for handing over to waste collectors engaged by ULBs. Yellow colored bag should not be used for general solid waste.

Only the used masks, gloves and tissues or swabs contaminated with blood / body fluids of Covid-19 patients, including used syringes, medicines, etc. if any generated should be treated as biomedical waste and collect the same in yellow bag.

Masks and gloves used by persons other than Covid-19 patients should be kept in paper bag for a minimum of 72 hours prior to disposal of the same as general waste after cutting the same to prevent reuse.


A person should stay in self-isolation for 17 days from the date of onset of symptoms. He or should not have had temperature for atleast 10 days to end self-isolation.

Role of Repeat Testing – There is No Need of Repeat RTPCR Testing after your isolation period is over.


Q.1 IsolationandQuarantine,Whatisthedifference?

– Isolation – is separation of people infected with Covid-19 from others. People in isolation should stay at home, separate themselves from others in separate room, sharing foods, utensils, bathroom facility as well as contact with others and also with pets should be avoided.

Quarantine – is used to keep away from others, to someone who might have been exposed to Covid-19.

Quarantine is for people who may have been exposed to Covid-19, because they were in closed contact with some one Covid-19. These people may or may not get sick people in quarantine should stay at home as much as possible for 14 days, limit there contact with other people and monitor themselves closely for development of any symptoms of Covid-19.

Q. 2. What counts as close contact?

– 1.

You are within 6 feet of someone who has given Covid-19 for a total of 15 min or more.

2. Provided care to someone who is Covid positive without appropriate precautions.

3. Direct physical contact with Covid positive patient hugged / kissed.

4. Shouldeatingordrinkingutensils.

5. Covid-19 person coughed, sneezed or somehow got respiratory droplets on you.


Q. 3. What steps should be taken by close contacts?

– 1. Stay at home separately for 14 days after your last contact with Covid-19 positive person.

2. Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breaths, myalgia or other symptoms of Covid-19.

Q. 4. When is it safe to resume normal activities after I have been in quarantine?

– If you remain symptom-free, it is usually safe to resume normal activities when 14 days have passed since your last contact with someone with COVID-19.

Q. 5. I just tested positive for Covid-19. What do I do?

– Follow your healthcare provider’s guidance. You need not worry as most people can recover at home. It is important that you stay home isolated and take care of yourself. Stay away, or isolate, from others as much as you can. Do not have visitors, unless they are caring for you.

Q. 6. Duration of Isolation of Covid-19 Positive Patient?

– a Isolation for 10 days – from the day of symptom onset and no fever for 3 days.

a 7daysisolationafterthisisneeded.
So total duration of Isolation is 10 + 7 = 17 days.

Q.7.What is the Role of Repeat Testing – RTPCR to discontinue Isolation Precautions?

– A test based strategy is no longer recommend. There is No Need of Repeat RTPCR Testing after your isolation period is over.




Q. 8. When is it safe to resume normal activities after I have been in isolation?

– A person can return to work after 17 days (10 + 7). A test based strategy is no longer recommended, because in the majority of cases, the positive patient continue to shed detectable SARS – COV – 2 RNA but is no longer infectious.

When around others, remember to stay six feet apart and wear a 3 layered mask and follow all safety precautions.

Q.9.What symptoms require medical attention / When to seek Medical Advice?

– 1. DifficultyinBreathing.
2. DipinO2Saturation(SPO2<94%).
3. PersistentPainorPressureintheChest. 4. MentalConfusionorIrritability.
5. SlurredSpeech.
6. Seizures.
7. Weakness/NumbnessinanyLimb/Face. 8. BluishdiscolorationofLips/Face.

Q. 10.How can I protect my family or caregivers while recovering from Covid-19 at home?

– Try to stay away from others as much as possible. Try to stay in one room and, if you can, don’t use the same bathroom as them. When around others, wear a 3 layered mask covering your nose & mouth and have them wear one too. Everyone should wash their hands often. Avoid sharing anything like dishes, towels, or bedding. Make sure all high touch areas are disinfected every day.




Q. 11.Caregiver T ips :

– a Washhandsoften.

a Avoidtouchingyoureyes,nose,andmouth.

a Shared spaces in the home should have good air flow. If you can, open a window or use a fan. This will help remove COVID- 19 respiratory droplets from the air.

a Wear a disposable facemask and gloves when you touch or have contact with the patient, especially when you have contact with their blood, stool, or body fluids, such as saliva, sputum, nasal mucus, vomit, urine.

a Washclothesorbeddingthathaveblood,stool,orbodyfluids on them. Keep soiled items away from your body. Wash laundry thoroughly.

a When removing gloves and mask, first remove and dispose of gloves. Then, wash your hands right away. Next, remove and dispose of facemask, and wash your hands again.

a Throw out disposable face masks and gloves after using them. Do not reuse.

a Place all used disposable gloves, facemasks, and other contaminated items in a lined trash can. Wash your hands at once after handling these items.

a Clean all “high-touch” surfaces, such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and bedside tables, every day. Also, clean any surfaces that may have blood, stool, or body fluids on them.

a Householdmembersshouldcareforanypetsinthehome.Do not handle pets or other animals while sick. For more information, see COVID-19 and Animals.




Q. 12. What is the new discharge policy from hospital for Covid-19 patients?

-a For Mild / Very Mild / Pre-symptomatic Cases –

1. Patient can be discharged after 10 days of symptom onset
and no fever for 3 days.

2. No need for testing prior to discharge.

3. Patient will be advised to isolate himself / herself at home &
self-monitor his / her health for further 7 days.

4. Patient can be discharged (a) if asymptomatic for 3 days & (b)
after 10 days of symptom onset

a ForModerateCases-

1. Patient can be discharged (a) if asymptomatic for 3 days & (b)
after 10 days of symptom onset

2. No need for testing prior to discharge.

3. Patient will be advised to isolate himself / herself at home &
self-monitor his / her health for further 7 days.

a Forseverecases-
1. Clinical recovery.
2. Patient tested negative once by RT-PCR (after resolution of





Stage & Group

Stage I (Mild)

Group A

Group B


but positive for Covid-19

Symptomatic / URTI without comorbidity

a Anosmia
a Fever
a Dry cough a Shortness of

breath a Myalgia

a Diarrhea
a Loss of taste


1. Resting tachycardia

2. SpO2 below 94% on room air

3. 6 min exercise Induced
Dexoygenation (see below)

4. Neutrophil Lymphocyte
Ratio > 3.5

5. P:F ratio less than 300



CBC, RFT, RBS, LFT CXR, ECG SpO2 monitoring

Site of Admission

Isolation ward / Home Isolation (as per availability)

Isolation ward


T. Vit C 1000 mg per day +
T. Zink 50 mg per day
+ Vitamin D 60000 IU stat

T. Favipiravir 200 mg
9 tablets twice daily on Day 1 followed by 4 tablets twice daily for 6 days or TabHCQ400 mg BD for day 1, followed by 200 mg BD for 4 days (*QT interval needed and below55 years of age

T. Vit C 1000 mg per day +
T. Zink 50 mg per day
V itamin D 60000 IU stat


Monitor symptoms and body temperature 12 hourly and Oxygen Saturation every 12 hours

Baseline ECG forQTc Monitor symptoms and body temperature 12 hourly and Oxygen Saturation every12hours


Group C

Symptomatic / URTI with comorbidity

a > 60 yrs
a DM
a COPD / Chronic lung

a Immunocompromised

a Immunosupperessive

drugs a CKD

a Obesity


1. Neutrophil Lymphocyte
Ratio > 3.5

2. P:F ratio less than 300

3. 6 min exercise Induced
Dexoygenation (see below)

4. Resting tachycardia

5. Raised CRP / Ferttin / D-dimer
/LDH/ Triglycerides


S. Ferrtin D-dimer LDH
S. Triglycerides

IfQTc prolongation then Daily S. electrolytes, ionic calcium & magnesium

Isolation ward

T. Favipiravir 200 mg
9 tablets twice daily on Day 1 followed by 4 tablets twice daily for 6 days (may be extended upto 14 days)


T. Vit C 1000 mg per day +
T. Zink 50 mg per day
+ Vitamin D 60000 IU stat

if raised D-dimer / Ferritin then add Inj. LMWH

T. Cefixime 200 mg BD or T. Coamxoyclav 625 mg TDS (as per local antibiotic policy)

ECG – baseline & daily to look for QTc prolongation




NMC Covid-19 Helpline Numbers

0712-2567021 / 0712-2551866 / 18002333764

NMC Covid Number for Bed Availability

0712-2545473 / 0712-2567021 / 0712-2532474

Govt. Medical College Number for Bed Availability


Indira Gandhi Medical College Number for Bed Availability 8308492168

For knowing Bed Availability for COVID patients at Nagpur


Sr. No.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Zone No.

Laxmi Nagar Zone No. 01

Dharampeth Zone No. 02

Hanuman Nagar Zone No. 03

Dhantoli Zone No. 04

Nehru Nagar Zone No. 05

Gandhibag Zone No. 06

Satranjipura Zone No 07

Lakadganj Zone No. 08

Ashi Nagar Zone No. 09

Zonal Medical Officer & Mobile No.

Dr. Shital Wandile (94228 40562)

Dr. Mangala Puri (94230 67672)

Dr. Bakul Pande (96233 69116)

Dr. Jaishree Channe (99220 92546)

Dr. Gajanan Pawane (96730 04083)

Dr. Khwaja Moinuddin (98236 20749)

Dr. Minakshi Mane (99220 91717)

Dr. R. Bhaisre (98228 92364)

Dr. Dipankar Bhivgade (96730 04082)

Dr. Atiq Khan (98233 98301)

Asst. Commissioner & Mobile No.

Shri Raju Bhivgade (98230 59357)

Shri Prakash Warade (98233 30937)

Smt. Sushma Mandge (92847 11512)

Smt. Kiran Bagade (99236 21374)

Shri Harish Raut (97655 59842)

Shri Ashok Patil (98231 59373)

Shri Vijay Humane (96730 09102)

Smt. Sadhana Patil (72769 28597)

Shri Ganesh Rathod (98231 59373)

Shri Harish Raut (97655 59842)

10 Mangalwari Zone No. 10


Sr. No.

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8


Zone No.

Laxmi Nagar Zone No. 01

Dharampeth Zone No. 02

Hanuman Nagar Zone No. 03

Dhantoli Zone No. 04

Nehru Nagar Zone No. 05

Gandhibag Zone No. 06

Satranjipura Zone No 07

Lakadganj Zone No. 08

Ashi Nagar Zone No. 09

Zonal Medical Officer & Mobile No.

Dr. Varsha Deostahle (98608 56756)

Dr. Mangala Puri (94230 67672)

Dr. Bakul Pande (97644 44820)

Dr. Jaishree Channe (99220 92546)

Dr. Gajanan Pawane (96730 04083)

Dr. Shende (94049 51136)

Dr. Minakshi Mane (99220 91717)

Dr. Rashmi Waghmare (98228 92364)

Dr. Dipankar Bhivgade (96730 04082)

Dr. Atiq Khan (98233 98301)

Ambulance Driver & Mobile No.

Shri Wankhede (88060 62859)

Shri Dhananjay Bonde (99704 54481)

(93252 90676)

Shri Vijay Patankar (93075 75731) (98235 50613)

Shri Sanjay Kakde (98605 47773)

Shri Mahesh (88559 46670)

Shri Kunal (95116 07824)

Shri Sikandar (Morn.) (73878 68787) Shri Nilesh (Night) (98502 59178)

Shri Rajkumar (98504 28398)

Shri Amit Vishwakarma (74481 19207)

10 Mangalwari Zone No. 10


Sr. No.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Zone Name

Laxmi Nagar Dharampeth Hanuman Nagar Dhantoli Nehru Nagar Gandhibag Satranjipura Lakadganj Ashi Nagar Mangalwari

Zone No.

Zone No. 01 Zone No. 02 Zone No. 03 Zone No. 04 Zone No. 05 Zone No. 06 Zone No 07 Zone No. 08 Zone No. 09 Zone No. 10

Contact No.

0712 – 2245053 0712 – 2567056 0712 – 2755589 0712 – 2465599 0712 – 2702126 0712 – 2739832 7030577650 0712 – 2737599 0712 – 2655605 0712 – 2599905


Sr. No.


2 3 4

5 6




10 11

Name of Covid Hospital

GMC, Nagpur

IGGMC, Nagpur AIIMS, Nagpur

Lata Mangeshkar Medical College

Shalini Tai Meghe Medical College

Wockhardt Hospital

Rediance Hospital

Hope Hospital

Seven Star Hospital

Central Hospital

Shree Bhavani Hospital


Medical Square

Central Avenue Mihan Sitabuldi


1643, Rashtrabhasha Sankul North Amazari Road Shankar Nagar Square, Nagpur

268, Central Avenue Near Dr. Ambedkar Square Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur

Plot No. 2, Behind Go Gas Teka Naka, Kamptee Road Nagpur

324/1, Great Nag Road Nagpur

Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

Mouza Punapur Khasra No. 58, Nagpur

Contact No

0712-2740554 96898 81100

93084 92168

98228 02777 98227 13949 0712-2530347 0712-2731693

91460 32883

98233 25991 0712-2244844

98230 39873 93724 04596

93731 11709 84120 20400 84120 30400 0712-2432551

89831 14466 0712-2732266

93712 66664

98239 43247 89569 06329


Sr. No.

Name of Covid Hospital


Contact No



Kingsway Hospital

Plot No. 44, Kingsway Near Kasturchand Park Nagpur

76206 94142 0712-6789100 0712-6789101



Kunal Hospital

Koradi Main Road Mankapur, Nagpur

98230 20409 0712-2591770



East End Hospital

(Managed by New Era Hospital)

1208/737, Central Avenue Deshpande Lay-out Adarsh Nagar, Nagpur

95954 77780



Alexis Multispeciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

1313, Survey No. 232 Manakapur, Chhindwada Road, Nagpur

90499 90153 0712-6627073



Ganga Care Hospital Ltd. (A Unit of Care Hospitals)

H. No. 7/01, 3, Farmland Ground Floor, Panchsheel Square, Wardha Road Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

93701 86120 98230 54646 0712-2451056 0712-3982222



Shri Radhakrishna Hospital & Research Institute

74-A, East Wadhaman Nagar, Nagpur

93269 30308 0712-2680582 0712-2790572



Lata Mangeshkar Hospital

Hingna Road, Hingna

90495 52345 0710-4665000



Vidharbha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS)

Kamptee Road, LIC Square Mohan Nagar, Nagpur

98230 92208 80073 55123 99230 84612



CIIMS Hospital & Medical Research Centre

88/2, Bajaj Nagar Nagpur

80557 06033 0712-2233381 0712-2236441


Viveka Super Speciality Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No. 1-A, Naik Lay-out Subhash Nagar, Nagpur

98230 58449



Sr. No.

Name of Covid Hospital


226, Dighori Uddan Pul Square Ring Road, Nagpur

30-A, Central Bazar Road Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

Contact No



Meditrina Institute of Medical Science

Plot No. 278, Lendra Park Central Bazar Road Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

86684 58637 84088 86281



Cure It Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

73500 08411 97641 66600



Shatayu Hospital

Wardha Road
Near Hitavada Press, Nagpur

98225 65161



Getwell Hospital

20/1, Dr. Khare Marg Dhantoli, Nagpur

0712-6632200 98230 56544



Sushrut Institute of Medical Science

94221 03435 98222 22000 0712-2424062



Ramdeobaba Rukhminidevi Memorial Multi- Speciality Hospital

Plot No. 61/62, Small Factory Area, Opp. Bhandara Road Power House, Lakadganj Nagpur

3, Gurunankpura
Dr. Ambedkar Road, Nagpur

96653 39997 0712-2732292 0712-2772960



Wockhardt Hospital (New)

Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur

84461 78322 91588 83188



Shraman Multi- Speciality Hospital & Critical Care Centre

93732 13797 0712-2640088



Venus Critical Care Hospital

Plot No. 607, Keshav Apartment 3rd & 4th Floor, 10 No. Pulia Kamptee Road, Nagpur

98222 33167 0712-2651651


Shushrut Hospital

30-A, Central Bazar Road Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

94221 03435 98222 22000 0712-2424062


Ayushman Hospital

4th Floor, Shreewardhan Complex, Ramdaspeth Wardha Road, Nagpur

70309 74619



Sr. No.

Name of Covid Hospital


Contact No



Respira Hospital

5th Floor, Plot No. 5 Shri Radheya Health Heights Centra Bazar Road Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

95610 98334 99237 01980 91588 37555



Central Avenue Critical Care Hospital

Mahalaxmi Complex Darodkar Sq., Central Avenue Gandhibag, Nagpur

0712-2763292 94230 54094 98227 22886



Dande Hospital

69-A, Hill Road Ram Nagar, Nagpur

98230 45533 98503 74341



Avanti Institute of Cardiology Pvt. Ltd.

5, Abhyankar Road Dhantoli, Nagpur

0712-2422408 99224 27812 99229 28016



Orange City Hospital

19, Pande Lay-out
Veer Sawarkar Square, Nagpur

0712-2238431 0712-6634800 93732 83316 98230 12280



Aurius Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No. 16, Wanjari Nagar Medical College Road, Nagpur

84848 00969 0712-6564777



Suretech Hospital Jamtha Branch

Jamtha, Nagpur

99229 65879



Samarpan Hospital

1072/1073, Binaki Lay-out Sujata Nagar
Near Vaishali Nagar T-Point Kamptee Road, Nagpur

98503 12464 93725 92552



Icon Hospital

K-12, Kinkhede Lay-out Bharat Nagar Amravati Road, Nagpur

98222 39277 75177 70066


Sengupta Hospital

Ravi Nagar Square Nagpur

99231 90925 98235 70925



Sr. No.

Name of Covid Hospital


Contact No


Centre Point Hospital

Medical College Square Nagpur

98230 51508 93712 77763 0712-2700302


Neuron Hospital

Plot No. 81/1, 82/2,
CTS No. 38,39, NMC House No. 678, 678A Behind Dhantoli Police Station Dhatoli, Nagpur

98905 32106 93730 57486


Indira Gandhi Rugnalaya (IGR) NMC

Shankar Nagar Square Nagpur

90490 09127 95951 52621 79744 42402


Sunflower Hospital

Maya-3, East High Court Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

98222 00308


Shree Hospital

Om Nagar, Sakkardara Opp. Tajshree Honda, Nagpur

93256 14181


Krims Hospital

Plot No. 275 Central Bazar Road Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

98224 66640 0712-6614565 0712-6614564


Keshav Hospital

117, Manewada Square Ring Road, Nagpur

99756 40310 98904 62713 0712-2701700




NMC Covid Control Room GMC
Dhruv Pathology

Suvishwas Lab Kingsway Hospital



Dr. Sunanda Shrikhande Dr. Sharmila Raut
Dr. Shailendra Mundhada Dr. Vedant Rathi

Dr. Sandhya Saoji
Dr. Anuradha Deshmukh

Dr. Dongre

Dr. Sandeep Choudhary Krishna Khairnar







9604321663 / 9823872559

8999556319 / 9404084333



If you see SARI/ ILI/ Fever patients,
please inform to Dr. Yogendra Sawai on the following email


Sr. Name of Center No.

. 1  Pachpaoli Police Quarter Quarantine Center

. 2  Law College Hostel

. 3  Morris College Hostel

. 4  Ravibhawan

. 5  Raj Nagar PWD Quarantine Centre

. 6  R.P.T.S.

. 7  Phutala U.P.H.C., Galli No. 3
Infront of NMC School, Amravati Road

. 8  Telangkhedi U.P.H.C.
Near Om Sales Corporation, Sudampuri

. 9  Indora U.P.H.C.
Near Benzonbag Ground, Benzonbag

. 10  Mominpura U.P.H.C.
Behind D. Ed. College, Mominpura

. 11  Jaytala U.P.H.C.
Near Hanuman Mandir, NMC School, Jaytala

. 12  Yangalwadi Primary School Near Satranjipura Zone Office

. 13  Zingabai Takli U.P.H.C.
Zenda Square, Juni Basti, Zingabai Takli

. 14  Bhaldarpura U.P.H.C., NMC Fire Brigade Office Near Urdu School, Ganjipeth, Bhaldarpura

. 15  Shanti Nagar U.P.H.C. Mudliyar Square, Shanti Nagar

. 16  Nandanwan U.P.H.C., Darshan Colony Near Gajanan Temple, Nandanwan

Division Name of Zone

7 Ashi Nagar 14 Dharampeth 15 Dharampeth 14 Dharampeth 10 Mangalwari 37 Laxmi Nagar

13 Dharampeth 13 Dharampeth 9 Mangalwari 8 Gandhibag 38 Laxmi Nagar 21 Satranjipura

11 Mangalwari 19 Gandhibag 21 Satranjipura 26 Nehru Nagar


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