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Drug and cosmetic act

(TobepublishedinPartI,Section3,Sub-section(i)oftheGazeteofIndia, Extraordinary,datedthe….) GovernmentofIndia MinistryofHealthandFamilyWelfare (DepartmentofHealthandFamilyWelfare) NewDelhi,the…………,2018 Notification. G.S.R._(E).-WHEREASthedraftoftheNew DrugsandClinicaltrialsRules, 2018 was published,in supersession ofPartXA and Schedule Y ofthe Drugs and CosmeticsRules,1945,andinexerciseofthepowersconferedbysection12andsection 33 of the Drugs and Cosm etics Act, 1940 (23 of 1940), in the Gazet te of India, Extraordinary,PartI,section3,sub-section(i),videnotificationnumberG.S.R.104(E), st datedthe1 February,2018,bytheCentralGovernment,afterconsultationwiththeDrugs TechnicalAdvisoryBoard,invitingobjectionsandsuggestionsfrom alpersonslikelytobe afectedthereby,beforetheexpiryofaperiodoffortyfivedaysfrom thedateonwhich copiesofthesaidGazetecontainingthesaidnotificationweremadeavailabletothe public; ANDWHEREAS,copiesoftheGazetecontainingthesaidnotificationweremade availabletothepubliconthe1stFebruary,2018; AND WHEREAS,alobjectionsandsuggestionsreceivedinresponsetothesaid draftnotificationhavebeendulyconsideredbytheCentralGovernment; N […]


  INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH 2017 Published by: Director-General Indian Council of Medical Research New Delhi 110 029 http://www.icmr.nic.in ISBN: 978-81-910091-94 October, 2017 Price: ₹ 500.00 © Copyright Indian Council of Medical Research The use of content from this book is permitted for all non-commercial purposes like education, training and dissemination of information, […]

Changing portrayal of doctors in Bollywood films: 1940 – 2020; time for introspection.

1  Satyendra Tyagi, MD Introduction  changing portrayal of doctors in Bollywood films in the last eighty years to see if it has been influenced by the ongoing changes in The Indian film industry is one of the largest cinema hubs in the world. Indian cinema, popularly referred to as Bollywood, is renowned not […]


. The RxISK post on Medications Compromising Covid Infections resonated with many. Its basic premise that many of the drugs we are on might compromise our ability to fight the infection seems close to self-evident. It made a call to the powers that be to ensure that data was collected on the meds that people […]