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ready to make plasma donation

From a group of people ready to make plasma donation: We are ready to help For blood donate pls share to u r friends,collegus,relation etc 1.Srikanth O+ ,9700655144. 2.Mani O+ ,7401535415 3.Sriram B+ ,8056051072 4.Ramesh B+ , 9884727286 5.Suresh B+, 8148916988 6.Murali A+. 7299399392 7.PRABHU. O+ 9884641396 8.Vijay. AB-ve. 9790954376 9.Jai. B- 99623610622 10.Raja A1+ […]


I GOT VACCINACTED AGAINST COVID19 ! Dr Ramesh Gulla, MS  The China born novel Corona virus is devastating the world by killing people in thousands and ruining the the world economies like never before. We still do not have an effective medicine nor do we have a novel vaccine. The medical world was not […]