Daily Archives: 24/06/2020

Did anyone ever realize how the Chinese did their wars in last 80 years?

All they did were border wars with Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, India. They may have lots of weaponry. Have they ever done any significant bombing using a fighter plane? NO. They have a simple methodology when it comes to war. Irrespective of the faction or leader at the top, the war has to be just […]

Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19

The revised discharge policy is aligned with the guidelines on the 3 tier COVID facilities and the categorization of the patients based on clinical severity (Available at: https://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/FinalGuidanceonMangaementofCovidcasesversion2.pdf) 1. Mild/very mild/pre-symptomatic cases Mild/very mild/pre-symptomatic cases admitted to a COVID Care Facility will undergo regular temperature and pulse oximetry monitoring. The patient can be discharged after […]