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एक चिकित्सक की आप बीती

🌹कोरोना से मुलाक़ात 🌹 लोकडौन शुरू हुए दो महीने बीत चुके थे और मैं अपने क्लिनिक नहीं जा रहा था ।लेकिन धीरे धीरे कुछ ढील मिलने पर और अपने मरीज़ों के बार बार आग्रह पर मैंने क्लिनिक जाने का निर्णय ले लिया ।हालाँकि मेरा परिवार ये बिल्कुल नहीं चाहता था ।उनका मानना था की मैं […]

Can death in Covid patients be prevented if trigger/s can be identified?

1. Timely detection of hypoxia can prevent death The first trigger is silent hypoxia or “happy hypoxia”. It appears more when fever subsides (between Day 7 to 9). It may occur in patients who have no comorbid conditions. Normally, in hypoxia, carbon dioxide levels are raised and the person is irritable. In hypoxia in Covid […]

Improving the mental health of Indian workers

        Feature Gajal Gupta With research from the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative suggesting that as many as one in seven Indians may be a ected by mental health problems, there is a pressing need to focus on ways of supporting and improving the mental wellbeing of the […]


  MOLECULAR AND BEHAVIORAL ASPECTS Edited by ALON CHEN  Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier 125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AS, United Kingdom 525 B Street, Suite 1650, San Diego, CA 92101, United States 50 Hampshire Street, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1GB, […]