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My experience with COVID 19 infection and cytokine storm

Good morning to everyone Myself Dr. Ram Bihade. I have been treated for covid 19 pneumonia with cytokine storm. Today I have been discharged to home after 22 days. I intend to use this platform for sharing my experience. I became symptomatic on 23 may evening, I had high grade fever and severe headache. 5 […]

Indian Medical Association Healthcare under the ambit of MSME

 Benefits of MSME Registration Proof of Legal Existence Any MSME having Udyog Aadhar Registration is treated as a registered business entity in India. This is beneficial for Proprietorship Firms which otherwise do not have any other proof of existence in the name of proprietorship firms. Credit Facilities through Financial Institutions at lower rate of […]

Shedding of infectious virus in hospitalized patients with coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID- 19): duration and key determinants

medRxiv preprint doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.06.08.20125310.this version posted June 9, 2020. The copyright holder for this preprint (which was not certified by peer review) is the author/funder, who has granted medRxiv a license to display the preprint in perpetuity. All rights reserved. No reuse allowed without permission. Jeroen J.A. van Kampen M.D., Ph.D.1, David A.M.C. van de […]

radiation in covid

Human medical trials have begun on severely ill COVID-19 patients using low-doses of radiation. The first results on a very small group were published this week in a non-peer-reviewed journal that exists to get critical results out quickly to the scientific and medical community. The results were quite extraordinary. Researchers at Emory University Hospital, led […]