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Colour coding for BMW

Whether or not you’ve been following our other articles about biomedical waste management, you probably know that the disposal of such garbage must be done in a certain manner: without damaging the environment, or endangering the safety of patients or medical staff. The sterilizing and removal methods are also highly dependent on the kind of […]

How is life on the first year of an MBBS?

“Mom, I won’t go to school today. Would you please let me sleep, turn off the alarm na !!!” Oh. I’m no longer in a school 😦 So what ?!? I am in a college right, who gives a shit about attendance. Lemme sleep. Anatomy Practical : Sleep kiddo sleep. I am gonna deal with […]

Managing emergencies

Nonischaemic Causes of Chest PainIllness/Condition Differentiating Symptoms and SignsReflux oesophagitis,  No ECG changesoesophageal spasm  No ECG changes Heartburn Worse in recumbent position, and also whilst straining, like anginapectoris The most common cause of chest pain. Be careful to recognize arisk patient who also has ischaemia.Pulmonary embolism  Tachypnoea, hypoxaemia, hypocarbia No pulmonary congestion […]